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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.

We paid the factory

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

You will get your Supertoy in 5-6 weeks.

Its sent by ship to the warehouse in the UK, then posted to you.

Let me be clear, I paid the money OUT OF MY OWN POCKET.

ZERO to do with a certain toy company who wanted to licence my invention.

I cashed in my sons endowment. 

I am broke.

But will deliver.

ps no video this time :-)

pps I hope that Daily Mail reporter reads this

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Ejvegård on

      BOB - bear over board!

    2. Greg Rudisel on

      Almost four weeks into shipping by oceangoing freighter. Any day now we will hear about all bears being lost at sea.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Ejvegård on

      So by now its on its way right?! No sunken ships.. No warzone-pirate taking over the ship? A update on the shipment would be nice, like more info on what date the ship will arrive at UK. Name of the ship? Etc

    4. Missing avatar

      Louise Setchell on

      So let me get this right; the bears are on their way from the factory in China to the UK, then they will be on their way to us. Now, as an ex-pat I know for a fact that if you ship a teddy bear or anything from the UK to Canada you are looking at another 12-15 weeks by boat and about a week by air. Considering it has taken since March for you to sort out the shipping from China to the UK, then I am guessing you have not sorted out the international shipping either then?!

      Ashley, I strongly suggest that if you EVER intend to invest in this kind of venture again you fund and get quotes for all costs, including shipping. I have a feeling you did not do this, the figure you needed to raised was simply "pulled out of your arse" and surprise surprise you raised double your requests, but cannot deliver! I have a very strong feeling that this bear is not going to make you millions, and you will have to work for someone else one day. If ANY company is smart these days they will google your name and see the utter tripe you have been posting on here.

      In the time it has taken you to get this bear sorted I have brought a house, acquired a puppy AND am 5 months pregnant, BUT you don't see me posting video's on here do you? Why? THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK!!!!!!

    5. Alex Johnson on

      Hey Ashley did you also pay for the costumes and backpacks and Fez that people paid extra for? Will we get everything you promised?

    6. Chris Southam on

      Having left it a couple of days, I feel like the 'out of my own pocket' has possibly been misinterpreted. The update clearly says 'WE paid the factory' and I think Ashley was trying to get across that the Kickstarter project had funded the payment rather than any other toy company.
      Cashing in any savings, well that's the nature of following your dream, I'd admire your all or nothing attitude.
      Sadly it does seem like you estimate the project aggressively enough, and the initial assessment of £30k must have been way off.

      If any reporters want to get in touch with me, I'm more than happy to share my thoughts and experiences. Google my name and you'll find me pretty easily.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Nguyen on

      How do I update my address? I have moved since the Kickstarter ended.

    8. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carr on

      @Edmund Harkin & @Evgeni Kogan

      Sorry about that, I just checked this today for any updates and saw both your posts. Ill post the list for you both when I get back to the house, I have it on my home computer.

    9. Mark on

      What's the bet the toy won't talk when arrives. Your a bad bad business person if you budgeted for £30 odd get £60 odd and still screw it up. You deserve to cash out your savings. You took people's money and promised a product. Currently your nothing but a lier and a cheat. Prove us wrong.

    10. Eric Gustafson on

      Of course I am reading this and thought I wonder if he has enough to cover the post charges once he gets the bears in the UK to ship internationally.. (ie. the USA) .. I know other KS have hit all sorts of snafu's when it comes to actually shipping the item and which carrier the creator chooses to use can make a difference .. of course I would hope there is an update about final shipping addresses and how to change (not that I have moved) but I know a large number of people have moved or have different addresses now..

    11. chris szablewski on

      Is that money in your pocket the same money we gave you to fund your project?

      ya..thought so..

    12. Missing avatar on

      This is great news, I am very sorry to read that you have cashed in on your sons endowment and don't feel good about that. Please keep going, I cannot imagine the pressure you have been under but I greatly admire your commitment. Good luck - this could be your breakthrough moment.

    13. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      @Edwin Carr yes please ... list them.

    14. Evgeni Kogan on

      @Edwin Carr - please post the journalists' contacts.

    15. SaltyBrains

      not just "out of my own pocket" but "OUT OF MY OWN POCKET" lol. the money we put there haha.

      this guy is a nutcase and i don't believe a word of it.

    16. Eric Gustafson on

      @Stan I hope you explained this situation to her so she doesn't have her innocent little heart broken again.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stan chard on

      Thanks for the more positive update . My daughter has mark the date . And is crossing off the days :)

    18. Johan Bortz on

      Im so expecting this turning out to be another lie...!

      And honestly I feel offended by your "out of my own pocket".
      Like people before me asked, where did all of our pocketmoney disappear?

      So beyond tired if this farse!

    19. Missing avatar

      Reza tootoonchian

      Thank you so much for the update and all your hard work. You won't believe but some Kickstarter projects I've back so give ANY updates at all. I won't mention any names.

    20. David Urena on

      Thank GOD for Bank Of America.....why you ask? I was able to file a claim for my money back for this scam after I did not rcvd any responce from my emails nor did Kickstart assist in anyway which is why my funding days are done with this website....

    21. Frank Spencer on

      As asked previously. Will we be getting tracking numbers for the shipments ?

    22. Holger Mack on

      Hi Ashley, thx for that information, hope everything will run now. All the best for you and your courage to start such a project. Money will come back one time!

    23. B1gdeano on

      Hold on - Money from your pocket?

      So where did you spend the £68,121 that we all gave you?

      You were only asking for £30,000 so ended up with double!

      I would have thought your business plan (if you had one) would have budgeted for £30K to both produce & ship the bears WITH software

      So you are saying that you spent double the asking amount? On what? You have NO software. You DIDNT pay the factory until now.

      So where did it all go? Please explain to myself and your all these other people who "donated" money to you - as lets face it, you seem to have done nothing but piss it all up the wall.

    24. Greg Rudisel on

      I bet within five weeks a container ship will sink with all bears lost at sea. In the USA you go to jail for taking your children's money

    25. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Ok but I'll wait till I see it till I believe it!

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Grainger on

      Last time I looked, people on this site had put nearly £70,000 into your pocket.

    27. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carr on

      I've already emailed the local newspapers about this guy, i also am awaiting word back from my State Attorneys Office to see if a Class Action Lawsuit can be brought against this whole thing. People need to know about this person. I'm writing emails to every magazine and news site that does reports on Kickstarter projects. Please everyone, join in if you like. I can even list the sites and email address to their editors here if you like. I have quite many so far. Just let me know here if you would like the list.

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Alter on

      That's great news Ashley. Are you shipping the US bears from the UK?

    29. Antony Remizov on

      Thank you. I know how hard it can be, and I appreciate your desire to get it done. Looking forward to see the new world of children toys.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      That money that came out of your own pocket - is that the same money we put there? After all the lies, deception and broken promises (not the first time you've said this has shipped), you're not going to get any sympathy. But if you've actually shipped it this time then it's a step in the right direction.

      Please don't backslide into your usual pattern of one normal update followed by several "I just blew all your money at the pub so I feel obliged to threaten you all coz I'm blind drunk and want to make you feel miserable about how miserable I am". Thanks.

    31. Jason Archer on

      "Out of my own pocket"... Join the club buddy... I didn't send you money from someone else that came out of MY own pocket. Haha this guy.

    32. Ruth Jones on

      And what of the costumes and backpacks etc? The role playing software?

    33. Denny The Backer on

      its not done until at least 1 backer receive the bear.. Btw, why backer in UK cant get their hand on it.. at least who pledge 5000GBP must get it fast and review..

      I must say cant believe this promises anymore, till there are supertoy review..

    34. Brandon Wyles on

      Thanks for the long awaited shipping update! :-D I think everything will turn around for you once people get their supertoy's, quite a lot of bad publicity has been going around that there isn't going to be a supertoy, I'm sure that will soon change though, good publicity will come from people getting what they pledged for, then new customers will come, keep your head up! I believe :-)

    35. Alex Johnson on

      I don't believe it, and won't until I have the thing in my hands. You told us before it was shipped and that was clearly a lie.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      Alright. . We will wait and see what happens. But please how can I get to test software? You mentioned in previous post.