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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Mark on

      Might be worth falling on that sword!

    2. SaltyBrains

      i can imagine this guy going postal one day - and he has all our addresses, scary!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lowe on

      Is this the bear posting these updates?

    4. Jason Deming on

      Alright!! My kind of update. I challenge your dojo with my itto-ryo sword techniques!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Roberto Ferzola on

      Ashley, all megalomania aside, how do I get a refund from you? I am no longer interested in this bear, your updates, your delusions of grandeur, your past exploits, your martial arts training, your personal beliefs, the music you like, the food you eat, the aliens that abducted you or anything else except my money.
      At first all this was kind of funny. Not anymore. For a while I just thought you were a troll. Now I believe you are mentally challenged and off your medication. I no longer believe you have what is necessary to complete a non AI teddy bear much less the project you promised to deliver. Frankly, I would be happy if the money we all gave you provided you the funds necessary to bring this project to the world. Even if that meant forking over more money to get a finished product. Unfortunately, I no longer believe in your ability, your sincerity, or your word.
      I also believe we are dealing with multiple people or at the very least you are the. Dry proud owner of multiple personalities. Two updates ago we received what seemed to be a well thought out update now here we are with two completely useless and maybe even threatening updates.
      Please, just tell me how to recover my money.

      Thank you

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      We get it. If we don't be nice to you you'll stick us with your sword. You do realise the only "enemies" you have are people who believed in you, but whom you turned against you with shit like this? People whom you've almost straight up admitted to that you've defrauded and you have no moral compass telling you that because your head is so far up your arse the darkness you see is not night time.

      Delusions of adequacy demonstrated here by Alex the Conman.

      Do you even know how to program?

    7. Andrew Nicholls

      This dude has serious delusions of grandeur! Future generations won't give two hoots about you, buddy, except maybe as a case study!

    8. RonF

      Simply insane...

    9. Missing avatar

      Imran Ali on

      This guy has lost touch with reality.

    10. Missing avatar

      Don on

      "This journey, is about me, so future generations, can read. A travelogue". Be sure to include the comments and length of absence of updates so all the people of the future can see the epic journey this is. One truly worth telling to our childrens children.

    11. Greg Rudisel on

      Hang on everyone, the crazy train is back.

    12. Missing avatar

      Harnoor Minhas on

      I already left a complaint with kick starter using the support link at bottom stating that I have concerns with the backer delivering the product as we hardly see any updates. So I have requested a refund. You all please do the same.

    13. KIM on

      crazy.. don't drink anymore and get a sleep. Then you can update a shipping information to us. Thank you crazy robber.

    14. Missing avatar

      Gareth Alston on

      In all seriousness: have Kickstarter taken steps to check up on the (mental) health of this guy, and make sure he is okay; not sure of their duty of care here but something isn't right.

    15. Matt Symons on…

      above is a video of my prancercise instructor. She made me leg warmers out of the hair of baby unicorns and moonbeams, then watched me as I made them into tiny blankets for kittens as tears rolled down my face. Why do I include this information? Because this is a journey of absurdity, a crazy train. Get on board.

    16. Dennis Small on

      Can we get a shipping update?
      Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      TK on

      "Joshua Flowers: Please, for the love of crumb cake, allow for an updated shipping address."


    18. Alex Kalogeropoulos on

      It's official, this guy is on fucking acid or bath salts or a combination of the two.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Flowers on

      Please, for the love of crumb cake, allow for an updated shipping address. This having gone on a year, many people are probably no longer at the address they were when this began.
      In regards to the email "update", please limit them to actual product updates.

    20. Scott Lamb on

      Please, stop these updates that read like drunken facebook posts. This isn't what your updates are meant to be for. I'm really sick and tired of this, now. Stick to the product, for the love of God, PLEASE.

    21. Missing avatar

      Helge Rønning on

      Actually this is quite fun! I´m really looking forward on coming updates:-) I have laughed several times of these updates from you Ashley. No bear, but a lot of fun reading after all, better than nothing:-)

      Can i make a request for the next update: What kind of car du you have, and what to you think about global heating?

    22. Keith Hawksley on

      Stop the updates.
      How about:
      Think. Fraudulent. Thoughts.
      Because that is what you do

    23. Matt Symons on

      Your sword is very big and scary. And your dad can beat up our dad. We get it.
      Except you have no enemies except the ones you create in your mind. Remember, we bet on you to succeed. Imagined being threatened for wanting a teddy bear that you paid for. If I ran my business like this, I'd be out of business.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Tell us about your first day at school...