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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

I have been told investigative tourists sorry journalist is trying to dig dirt up about me.  

Anyone can contact me direct email

Sorry against better judgement.

There is no story, but a man who is giving his life and soul. His savings, To make this happen. I have had to start from scratch.

Worlds first natural talking robotic teddy bear, a Siri for kids - Carry able Technology today! • Supertoy is the fist toy that combines both the physical toy a $22 Billion toy market with mobile entertainment a $33 Billion market, a robotic physical Teddy powered by an app running on a Smart phone that powers the toy via Bluetooth or cable connection discreetly concealed in the back of the toy • There is a danger with new digital forms of entertainment such as Smart phones and Tablets in the hands of Children, from seeing or reading unsuitable adult material to being bullied on social networks, Supertoy provides a safe way for children to get all the benefits of knowledge from the Internet and keep in touch with their friends safely • Our company has spent 8 months researching and prototyping the robotic hardware working closely with a toy factory in China, on the software side our programmers have developed a safe Siri for kids that answers questions from Wikipedia and talks naturally to the child • Only Apple with their Adult Siri software is similar to our software, in fact sometimes we are better in answering questions, for example “how heavy is a grizzly bear” our answer comes from Wikipedia while Siri is a hard coded fact and not child friendly • Unique to our software unlike Apple Siri is our hands free technology, no need to touch the Smart Phone to speak, this is critical to the illusion of talking to a robotic toy, you just speak to the phone or teddy bear with its built in microphone like you would a normal person either asking questions or just for in depth real personal conversations, which is significantly better than Siri bland Q&A • Our technology is complex and we require the best, that is scalable to handle 10's thousands of simultaneous users, we are therefore honoured to be accepted on an IBM start-up programme by SoftLayer that provides free hosting and mentoring • Our Beta App for Android is available upon request • Carry-able technology not wearable is the future!

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    1. SaltyBrains

      "Our Beta App for Android is available upon request"

      you have received hundreds of such requests and furnished NONE of them with the supposed "Beta App".

      i call BS on this whole thing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      Please send me the app for testing. Thank you!

    3. Josh Worley

      @B1gdeano: Agreed. I did not back a verbal wikipedia answering machine. I backed a verbal AI. If I am going to receive a bear that has no AI and can only answer questions for entries in the wikipedia database, then I want a refund. What about the role play software and the costumes? That part of the campaign and add ons are now completely worthless if all the bear can do are answer simple questions.

      Per the Kickstarter terms, you are LEGALLY required to send me the product I pledged for or refund my money if you cannot deliver the product. I did not pledge for a SiriBear or WikiBear or whatever the hell you're going to name it. If I am not getting a Supertoy with full AI functionality, then I want my money back. If I get a SiriBear or WikiBear or something else, expect a lawsuit coming your way.

    4. Greg Rudisel on

      By the way, your bear and software has not been demonstrated as being better than Siri.

    5. Greg Rudisel on

      Just send me my bear or refund the money. Keep the rest of your shit to yourself.

    6. Frank Spencer on

      How do we request the App for testing ? Take this as a formal request. When will it be available to download from the Play store ??

    7. B1gdeano on

      Whats all this talk of Siri for kids?

      I DID NOT BACK SIRI BEAR! Nor would I have done if that is how you presented it.

      This project is a massive con - it was supposed to be an experiment in AI, yet you now freely admit it is a shitty Siri copy.

      Answers from wikipedia? Thats not what was presented in this KS

    8. Evgeni Kogan on

      Contact your Credit Card company and get the payment for this Kickstarter REVERSED.

      Conman, did you mean to throw those pesky investigative tourists off your scent by employing the clever tactic of misspelling your email address? Smart, very smart.

    9. Phil With An "F" on

      @Frank Spencer - I'm pretty sure if anyone is investigating, it's most likely a fraud investigation. Especially with the way this project has been handled so far.

    10. Phil With An "F" on

      Ashley, I'm sorry but this is Kickstarter. not Facebook. Nor is it your own personal blog. We would like some more transparency with how you're handling this project. Posting nothing but vague updates, and completely irrelevant posts; that have nothing to do with the project, is going no where. It's only making all of us backers more and more frustrated.

    11. Frank Spencer on

      Dont know why you are surprised that someone wants to write a story about this KS project. You yourself deemed it interesting enough to merit a whole book.

      Quit the stalling and the games Ashley. If you have news then tell us. I think we deserve to know.

    12. Josh Worley

      Well, for a little while there the updates were actual updates again, which was refreshing. Now we're back to the asinine rambles with random YouTube videos. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    13. Jamie Easterman on

      How about responding to my refund question ? Your behaviour on this project is nothing short of shocking.

    14. B1gdeano on

      Looks like we fell off the wagon again!

    15. Missing avatar

      Helge Rønning on

      Please, just give us updates about the supertoy. And then I mean updates that give us new and important information. We don't need all this updates about your personal life.

    16. Denny The Backer on

      what is this rambling? even the email name is wrong ashey..