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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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BETA testers needed for our software

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Please let me know who would like to be a BETA 1.0 tester.

 Trolls need not apply.

Someone commented about my choice of music videos in my updates. Some say 'oh god no more' :-) well I see this as journey, a self explanatory one, a BOOK will be written and everything I said and you said will be in it, to let the public judge. In the end I dont give a damn what trolls think. I am what I am. I will deliver. Just a little patience please. 

Because you see my software is not just conversational. It answers every question in less than 1 second. Its Apple Siri territory. Now those who get the BETA will hear this and so I am no longer alone. They can write here and shut up the critics.

Sorry here is another video. Its for my gran she is dead now. Whom I loved more than anything in the whole world, but never had the chance to tell her. We had long talks, she was my ear to my mothers somewhat others way, she taught me the lords prayer every night. She said her prayers every night. 

Anyone who can tell what the top graphic is from gets a free Supertoy :-)


A more modern version

To Nan XXX

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    1. Kristy Fowles on

      Nice hieroglyphics, anyway, is the Beta testing still open? :)
      Also, how is that shipping of the product looking?

    2. SaltyBrains

      i cant believe how RUDE and arrogant your updates are! - after telling us backers lies and completely failing to deliver on any single promise you have made to date, you have absolutely no humility and act as if the world owes you something.

      you are completely delusional and i would suggest you seek out help from a mental health professional of some sort. your nuts!

      ps: it doesn't surprise me to see you believe in all this alternate history stuff, ancient aliens, nibiru, annanuki.. lol.. yeah, like i said. your nuts.

    3. Tim Williams on

      If I sign up as a beta tester will I actually get something? If so sign me up.

    4. Brandon Wyles on

      Beta tester would be a fitting role for me, sign me up! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      AlwalienXXI on

      I am IN. Pavel.

    6. Susanne Tardif Ostrander on

      Sumerian cuneiform Yes pls beta tester :)

    7. Evgeni Kogan on

      Everyone - out of interest, have any of you who have written below been contacted about the BETA testing?

      When/if that happens, it be great if you could post your experience on this or the main project comment thread.

    8. chris szablewski on

      "@chris szablewski

      Why are you so angry? just because someone does not give up? because someone keeps trying? "

      why? For starters, you sold off your IP to commonwealth and I'm not sure how much you sold it for but I could only guess you more than doubled your money off selling the IP. On the surface, not a biggy, you achieved your goal..however..

      You offered refunds to people and have since reneged.

      You told us the delay in shipment was due to the Chinese new year, which you admitted was a lie and what actually was happening was that you were going through contractual issues with commonwealth.

      You continue to lead us by the chain by telling us things have shipped, then telling your backers if we dont "play nice" with you we wont get what we backed, which is totally exploiting the Kickstarter agreement by not being liable to fulfill your agreement and you know theres nothing Kickstarter will do about it.

      You continue to compare your day to day issues with people getting upset that theyve been scammed by you to tragedies that took the lives of hundreds of men, women and children, CURRENT tragedies.

      You say you donate to charities without anything to back it up but a girl you dont even know suffering from MS dated in 2013 showing no form of compassion that some of us, myself included, have family members who use charities such as this.

      what else... oh.. nobody has recieved anything from you but grief, email spam and a terrible attitude after taking our money.

      Im sure I left some of the details out, but those are the key points as to why im more dissapointed then mad. Im not mad, I'm just embarassed I supported you with a $65 pledge and I'm even more upset that theres people that pledged even more.

    9. Andrew Nicholls

      I'd like to point out that people should keep saying what the graphic is, as there was no limitation given on the number of free bears to be given out. Not "first to answer correctly", or "limit of 10 free bears"... just a free bear for anyone who can correctly answer ;)

      You know.. while we're still dreaming that we'll get our rewards, we might as well dream about free rewards as well.

    10. Teresa on

      I would enjoy beta testing if you still need more people.

    11. Gordon Roden on

      I would like to beta test.

    12. Chris Stewart on

      Hey would love a go a beta testing. Never done this before. Sounds exciting.

    13. Chris Stewart on

      Hey would love a go a beta testing. Never done this before. Sounds exciting.

    14. Missing avatar

      David U. on

      Would love the opportunity to test

    15. Bear Silber on

      I'd love to beta test

    16. Missing avatar

      Kalonji Slade on

      Would also like to be considered for beta""""

    17. Chris Osborne on

      I'm a programmer and I would be happy to beta test. I'm particularly good at finding glitches :-)

    18. Wendy Pitblado on

      I would like to be a Beta tester and I'd love a free robot bear for knowing this ancient writing is from the Anunnaki, (said to be extraterrestrials from a planet "beyond Neptune" called Nibiru - and Nibiru just happened to orbit by the earth at the end of 2013 and early 2014)

      can't wait to start the Beta !!

    19. Michael Graham on

      Aztec yes i'll be a tester

    20. Missing avatar

      Christine Williams on

      I would love to Beta test, I am so excited for my super toy.

    21. Jamie Moore on

      I'll Beta Test For You Ashley :)

    22. Missing avatar

      David Baron on

      As stated first off, I would like to beta the software. I do not need the teddy for this if getting that would be a problem. Choose costume category from menu (if still on original paradigm).

      One request, though. Get a lot of often bitter messages, effectively spamming the board. Those of us who take/took you seriously do not need this. The others? Forget 'em...

    23. Missing avatar

      David H on

      Happy to help. Add me in.

    24. Gert-Jan Evers on

      I also like to beta test the software. Best regards.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ralf Hellinger on

      Hi Ashley
      Please add me to Beta test list

    26. Steven Black on

      Happy to beta test Ashley. Looking forward to seeing (hearing) the software in action

    27. Frank Spencer on

      I would be willing to take a look and provide feedback on the software.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Wild on

      One quick question. Are you asking for beta testers for our bears or so that you can sell the product to Commonwealth Toys ?

    29. Henk Kappert on

      i want to be a beta tester! :)

    30. Bogdan Tyka on

      Let me try to support you in this journey and become a beta tester

    31. Missing avatar

      Bob Bryden on

      Sure I'll help out. Add me to the list!

    32. Tom Q on

      Hi Ashley
      Please add me to Beta test list

    33. Jan Cassalette on

      Me, too, please. Thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Barbara Fris on

      Hi Ashley, I've beta-tested software quite often and I would love to be part of this testing-team.

    35. Thandror on

      I would like to be a BETA testes too.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ben Witsch on

      Hi Ashley I would love to be a beta tester

    37. Missing avatar

      CS on

      I want be a Beta Tester :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Geovanny Pelaez on

      I'd love to BETA test this awesome toy!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ray Joe on

      Well, I'm not sure if my answers still qualify since I was not the first, but would also like to add this:

      The text is a list of "gifts from the High and Mighty of Adab to the High Priestess, on the occasion of her election to the temple".

    40. Kaylan Lily on

      I would like to be a beta tester.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ray Joe on

      I would like to add the graphic represents a Sumerian inscription in monumental archaic style pictographic proto-writing, c. 26th center BC - Mesopotamia's Proto-literate period.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I guess i'm too late with the tablet picture, but sign me up for Beta testing!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I guess i'm too late with the tablet picture, but sign me up for Beta testing!

    44. Gerson Monago on

      I'LL DO IT... I've been wanting patiently for Ted. ...and I just can't wait till he arrives. .. you can totally sign me up as a Beta tester... Gerson Monago

    45. David Margolin on

      Please sign me up as a beta tester
      David Margolin

    46. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ray Joe on

      It is a evolved Sumarian cuniform.

      Yes, I would like to be a beta tester.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bridget Brennan on

      I would like to be a beta tester. It would be great to be able to help!