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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Patrick Kirby on

      Ashley. On April 8th, I sent a direct email as my address has changed in the 6 months since you requested detail confirmation last year. No response.

      In the spirit of musical lyricism, is this En Vogue's -You're Never Gonna Get It?

    2. Frank Spencer on

      Update 24 on the 4th of March. " Supertoys ready for shipping". 13 updates and 6 weeks later and the bears still have not shipped. This is a joke, what are you waitng for Ashley ? If the bears were ready to ship (albeit the hold up with bum tags) whats stopping them shipping now ?

    3. Missing avatar

      David H on

      Thanks for the update Ashley. Great to see the project moving forward in a positive direction.

    4. Frank Spencer on

      I was looking for a song called " Does supertoy software actually exist" but unfortunately none have been recorded to date !!!
      I might record my own over the next week if we have not heard anything positive from Ashley.

    5. Andrew Nicholls

      Seems like Ashley likes to communicate through the medium of song, so here goes:… ("Can you deliver?").

    6. Frank Spencer on

      Your priority should be the KS backers . You said the next Update would be regarding the bears being shipped not another plea for help.

      I really couldn't give a damn about what Commonwealth are doing or saying. Its a different bear remember ! Commonwelath were going to help you do what exactly ?

      Stop stalling and deliver. The bears have been ready to ship for weeks now yet you continue to find more excuses not to deliver.

      We hear you talk of lots of positive things but the real question is will you deliver ? The least you could do is release the Beta 1 software for everyone to try out and feedback in time for the bear arriving.

    7. Arvin Abesamis on

      Hi. I appreciate you updating what is happening around your production process. The reason why I backed this project is because I was impressed by how you presented your idea alongside your supertoy prototype. You made a really good presentation, now I don't mind the delays but make sure that the toy that I will be having is at par with the one's that you presented way back when you started this campaign. I supported the toy that I was impressed with, and its normal that I expect a great deal out of it.

    8. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      Listen to the words.…

      I will deliver just patience.

      After all I been through.

      Every day and night, I think one thing you.

    9. Missing avatar on

      Can we collectively express anything to commonwealth that would support what you are trying to achieve? Social media can be a powerful medium to exert negotiating pressure?

    10. Tim Hedstrom on

      J Burton is right. Release the SDK and let us backers have a go at it. Start a forum for us all to get on and share what we have done to your software. Then at various point take the best of what's been done and compile it into a new update for the bear. You will see that the progress will go much faster with more people working on it.

    11. Missing avatar

      J Burton on

      Thanks for the update, Ashley. Also, thanks for hanging in there in the face of all that's been said, etc. It's a testament to your fortitude. As for help and advice --and I'm sure this has already been reiterated, I haven't had time to read the replies --many of your backers have programming experience and have offered to either beta-test and/or help advance the software through SDK (is that right? I know nothing of these things :o). It might behoove you to take them up on their offer for 3 reasons. Firstly, you'll get fresh eyes on the issues. Second, their help and progress will trickle down to the nay-sayers and hopefully turn them around a bit (if, only because you'll have people on this side of the screen representing them). Lastly, though, because we're all in this for the same reasons and the SDK was going to be bundled up in the bear anyway, so why not start now and make the best bear we can make? I mean, if crowd-sourcing the finance is the wave of the future, why not crowd-source its continuing development as a "project" for those of us who truly believe in your vision for its virtue, alone? Just cherry-pick those of us with the necessary skills who've offered and funnel all development through you? That way, no one (you) feels like they're carrying it all on their shoulders and we all get the best product out there. Just a thought. There may be logistic issues --I don't know --I prefer to imagine that we live in a world where we all help and respect each other and are working to the same ends and that, if there's a will, there's a way. Regardless, hold your head high for the effort and keep hammering away. I, for one, have not lost faith.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I share the first advice, less personal, more businesslike posts :)
      To some complainers:
      Kickstarter is investing in an idea, it may come through, it may fail. Never gamble with money you can't miss!
      Furthermore, he started this to go into business and seemed to succeeded in securing a contract with a big toy company, grats to him. Like Oculus Rift being bought (for serious money) by Facebook, this is what Kickstart projects are about, some backers may not like it (again Facebook reference), but it's not your project.
      Will I get my bears? I still think I will, and knowing more money is behind the software development just increases my faith for the future.
      Worst case, I lost my investment, which was a calculated risk.

    13. Shawn Dominy on

      In response to your email regarding negotiation advice, please find attached a method known as the Dave Double Down Technique. Best of luck, Shawn and Ro.…

    14. Missing avatar

      Johan Sombekke on

      Ashley, thanks for the update! If you need some kind of 'beta test': you're welcome!

    15. Missing avatar

      Reza tootoonchian

      thanks for the update Ahshley. I am sure the Toy Industry is cut throat business.

    16. Holger Mack on

      Hi Guys - calm down - we are where we are. This is a completely new development and of course we are all not quite happy not to have received this bear.
      To invest in a kickstarter project you all know that there is a risk - that are not really professionals in their projects.
      Ashley has had a great idea - and he has the ass in the pants to realize it. Of course as we can see now with problems - which must be solved in a way that everybody of the sponsors is happy - as this is a project with soft- and hardware you might imagine what this means. (I know it because of some major projects in this area, not a bear, but rapid tooling, automotive, qm, ITIL ect.)
      However - I will be happy if I will be one of the first who can show this bear to my friends - not today, but maybe tomorrow.
      Best regards from germany and if you have any problems don´t hesitate to contact me!

    17. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      You have my information. . Call me and I can help you with the contact and other business issues you may be having. I have a lot of experience in this area and in negotiations.

      Wasn't sure from this update though.. Did the Bears ship? Last few updates seemed to say YES. Update 23 "I signed with global toy distributor Commonwealth. .." do what did you sign then if now you ate still working on signing a contract. .? Was that just an agreement to work with them you referred to in update 23? Need to give more information if you need my or others business advice and expertise.
      So will the Bears be sent soon?

    18. Tom Q on

      Well done Ashley
      Great news

    19. Evgeni Kogan on

      Oh Wendy, Wendy, with your MBA from U of T, where were you to advise me BEFORE I signed onto this doomed project?

    20. Wendy Pitblado on

      First off - this is my first time investing in a KickStarter and though I would have loved my toy earlier as promised, I do BELIEVE this is the point of the KickStarter Program... to get Start Up Companies started. They have a great idea and we invest to help them bring it to market. That said, there are ALWAYS unseen hurdles and delays when you are an entrepreneur... in fact there is a 20:80 Rule that it is 20 % more expensive and 80 % longer than you expect - OR vice versa !!

      I have complete faith you will get us these Bears - and soon. And I, for one, want the best software available. I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Top Canadian Business School (U of T) and if you would like my assistance BEFORE you sign anything I will be happy to assist.

      I have no doubt they would take advantage of you if they can.... Some of the comments already made are valid - adding songs does reduce your credibility in business but I suspect you are being "creative" - but that will be detrimental to your business image and promising timelines you don't meet is also an undesirable business practice.

      Best of luck going forward ! Can't wait to get this Bear - whatever he ends up being called !!

    21. Missing avatar

      David Wild on

      So are you telling us that Commonwelth toys now control the future of our goods? Here's an idea for you Ashley, deal with your current investors before seeking new ones. You are a joke. It would be interesting to know what your £5000 investor and the newspaper who wrote the glowing article about you now think.

    22. Chris Southam on

      Ashley, you've restored some of my faith in the project... by being honest and transparent. Please let it continue.
      Although I must add some caveat that. It seems like you've asked for help and advice and also posted a music video entitled 'You Don't Know Me' which does suggest an element of disgust about anyone that dares to comment.
      I truly hope that isn't really the case. Best of luck.

    23. Jeremy John Smith on

      I would say we should all walk away from this guy and accept our loss. I would love to block him and never see a post again..

      You win ashley

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Scott Lamb on

      Please can we see a bear with the beta software in action?

    26. nicole niblet on

      Too many updates not enough information. All I need to know is shipped or not sent. This is becoming a bit much. I've been very patient. Am a single parent, I don't have money to give away. Please be informative I don't need the pointless emails. Shipping date?

    27. Bert Van de Wiel on

      This will go on and on. We will never get a bear, we are all robbed! This is nothing more than a big con operation.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Evgeni Kogan on

      My advice: stop posting songs/videos of songs.