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For my mum

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

This is for you mum. I know you told me people don't want to receive this. My reply. This is my life making, my creation. Its what the world will remember about me. My legacy. I don't give a damn to those who say it cant be done. I have done it. Please be patient and don't pre-judge me. Anyway, here is it is 

And to those who dont like my personal journey sod you. I guarantee no Supertoy for you.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rory on

      @Benjamin William James Berry
      Yeah the photo of Shirley Bassey is strange. (other appearances of the posts image)

      According to Wikipedia, Shirley Bassey only has one son Mark Novak (a contestant on X-Factor)

      Is this a British reference that we are not getting?

    2. Evgeni Kogan on

      @craig @lee

      I think that attracting media attention to this project is a good idea.

      Ashley obviously thinks that this is all happening online and that it is insulated from the real world. A phone call or two from journalists investigating the Supertoy Robotics con will soon evaporate that misapprehension.

      Know any journalists who cover tech/KS stuff?

    3. lee sessions on

      I've had 3 separate email responses. Kickstarter will do nothing. Their response from the last mail is as follows:

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)

      Mar 21 12:26

      Hi Lee,

      Here at Kickstarter HQ, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:

      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

      I hope that this helps to address your concerns, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.


      So basically they are telling me that the course of action to take, is that of legal action. Being the sporting chap that I am, I'm more than game to go down this route.


      @Richard Kilpatrick------ think you should speak to your lawyer friends and get the ball rolling ;)

    4. Craig Dunn

      @Alex - right, more people need to use the Report Project facility at the bottom of the main project page. You may only report a project ONCE (per project), so make your appeal conclusive with examples. Once you've reported, clicking the button again will yield a message that an Issue has already been submitted. The alternative to secondary, tertiary, etc reporting is to contact KS directly.

      If you LIKE being told to arbitrarily f*ck off, do nothing. If it disturbs you, along with so many other of the shenanigans here, please do the right thing and report.

    5. Alex Johnson on

      Well said @Craig, unfortunately it will continue since it seems Kickstarter isn't going to do anything about it. More people need to report these abusive and threatening posts to KS.

    6. lee sessions on

      Exactly what Craig said. .....

    7. Craig Dunn
      on When I posted my lengthy response to Ashley's rants on the main comment page/tab, I hadn't even realized there was this update as well....

      Seriously, man? I've backed about 600 projects here on Kickstarter. Not ONE of those has told me (and all backers) to f*ck off. Not ONE has threatened to (illegally) withhold pledge reward on the whim of a project creator with a God complex. Not ONE has treated Kickstarter as their personal blog/journey/diary...since that's not what it's for! He does NOT have the right to break just about every Kickstarter rule and get away with it without penalty.

      REPEATEDLY, Ashley has been told to buck up and act professional. Instead, we go back and forth between this mythical Tim person who seems to save the day and then BAM we get Ashley at the helm again with his depression, his emotions, his oppression paranoia, his videos, his stalking of backers online, his lawsuit threats, his call-your-boss threats, his telling everyone to f*ck off, and on and on and on. This is abusive behavior and is considered threatening behavior.

      This can not and will not be allowed to continue.

    8. Andrew Lim on

      I am not sure how to feel about this comment. It's great that you show that you love your mom. If I had a kickstarter I would do the same. But it is the last paragraph "And to those who don't like my personal journey sod you. I guarantee no Supertoy for you.", that I just feel is unwarranted and disrespectful to the backers regardless of whether they like the creators personal journey or not. I can totally understand the feelings some of the below feelings of the below backers. If this wasn't a kickstarter and was a project investment a simple comment like this would make make want to question too the professionalism of the product. It instantly made me wonder about why the originals software developer left and what were the reasons for it.

      I have high hopes that Supertoy will be a great success, and your mom should be proud. But in future please consider before insulting backers. These are the ones that believed in your "dream" and helped make it a reality and are also going to be your first official reviewers/critics.

      Good Luck with the release.

    9. nicole niblet on

      Im confused. Like Gareth Nelson said. What does that mean you guarantee no bear. I thought you pay for something, you get it. Period. Whether we agree or support or not. Whether comments are rude or hurtful should not have anything to do with your obligations to ensure that EVERY backer receive what we paid for. I sincerely hope and pray that you will do just that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kah on

      WOW! I seriously hope the bear doesn't use words like "SOD"......

    11. Gareth Nelson on

      I've been holding back from commenting on the basis that, yes you're a little bit "out there" and there's been some questionable updates but so long as you claim things are moving along i'll give it time.

      This line however makes it clear you have no sense of obligation to your backers:
      "And to those who dont like my personal journey sod you. I guarantee no Supertoy for you."

      I hope you refund those who you are saying this to, otherwise you're in for a heap of trouble.

      I seriously regret backing this project now.

    12. Denny The Backer on

      well, i never commented on any "updates" before and waiting patiently... now i will comment: Ashley, please don`t make unrelated to project development and delivery "updates" on KS anymore.. you can always write your personal whining on your diary..
      Just make deliver that D**N BEAR with quality you said on the project page, and all bad comment can gone..

    13. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      You say to just give him the two weeks. He has told us over and over again that they were ready or about to be shipped. There has been delay after delay. And as you can see the rest of us do not feel that any update is a good update. Considering more then half of his updates recently have nothing to do with the project. Its understandable why people are frustrated. We have told him before how we do not want these types of updates yet he continues to send them out then says he will refund people who do not support his "personal journey". So in other words we should sit here and listen to him babble on about whatever he wants to get what we paid for. Could you imagine that happening anywhere else? You go pick something up, you reach the cashier and he gets to tell you his whole life story or you cannot get the item. This is nuts!

    14. lee sessions on

      Well, I've had my rant. Carryng on serves no more purpose. I've got everything of my chest, so I'll leave it at that.

      I too don't like people falling out. But the way this has all been handled has had no effect other than to engineer negative reactions.

      But still, like I said, a video of the current state of the software would go a long way. Especially as it's claimed to be near enough on par with the KS video.

      If it's in the state that Ashley claims, all, including myself will stop with the worry.

      There's nothing more I'd like then to have the product portrayed. That's what I believed in and why I backed. But right now people can't help but feel confused and kept relatively in the dark.

      As for being awful, I think my comments have been warrented so far. My defensive tone is purely a reaction to Ashleys ramblings and lack of empathy to his bakers.

      Waiting doesn't even bother me. So long as the software is on par with the vision.

      I'd love to get behind this and believe again. But until I see the exact state of things so far, I can only go by the shitstorm we currently find ourselves in.

      Like I said Ashley, post a video. Put our minds at rest. I'll hold my hands up and be the first to apologise to you. Communication is key when handled properly. ..

    15. Chris Jennings on

      Haha no I'm nothing to do with the project but wish I had 70k. Finding £40 wasn't without thought for me, however I really don't see what being awful to the guy will get you. If people feel that incensed get advice from kickstarter. Sure his updates are crazy but things appear to be moving along, he asked for two weeks we're nearly at that point so let's wait until Easter (two weeks away here in merry o'england) and see what's going on. Causing each other and the team to get upset serves no purpose, well to me in any case. I want my bear, I want to beta test the software, I'm expecting wikibear to have some investment also and want my software in my unique bear to develop with it. Yes the original pitch was different, however as this is (and will be for a while) my sole kickstarter I thought that was the whole point, we're backing an idea, I mean I never thought they'd actually built it yet, otherwise why did they need my money?? Other kickstarters I've seen show drawing etc. only??? Sure I'm disapointed it's late but let's just wait and see what we end up with... Well that's what I'm now content to do and don't really like people falling out with one another :-(

    16. Missing avatar

      John Quinlan on

      Hi Supertoy Team,

      Very much excited to receive bear soon. Can you confirm all the roleplay costumes will be shipped at same time? I have not seen these yet. Many thanks, John.

    17. Ruth Jones on

      Seriously? This is going to end in a lawsuit

    18. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      Just to clarify Ashley, your 'sod you' comment was aimed at (amongst others) ME! Not a good move.

    19. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      Ashley you are a fool. This, for me is the end of the road. I have patiently hung around in the background saying nothing whilst feeling totally ripped off and not at all amused at your stupid 'journey' updates. Now I want my money back too. I honestly don't think you take your backer seriously now you have sold out and filled your pockets. Well enough is enough.

      I'm not simply ASKING for my money back; I'm telling you quite simply I expect an immediate refund.

      @B1gdeano - Absolutely right. End of.

    20. Evgeni Kogan on

      @Shawn, yes, I need to watch my step!

    21. lee sessions on

      lol@Chris. Dude, seriously?????

    22. Matthew Muir on

      Ashley - Have I done my £187, & others their £68,000, or will we get the bears and costumes sold to us? Please just let us know so we can either move on happy, or contact the authorities...

      Someone a few comments down mentioned bears being posted - I don't believe they have...

    23. Shawn Anderson on

      WTH Ron... weren't you "Goodbye'd" a while back? Have you no respect for the words that are comin' out of Ashley's mouth? LOL

    24. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      Of course Chris. Oddly enough when a friend had looked at the comments here she seems to think you could be Ashley. I didn't think so but all your comments are pretty positive. He posts another crazy update and because we react we should be embarrassed? Since your so generous just giving your money away you could give me my money back and Id be happy to leave

    25. Chris Jennings on

      I think this public destroying and bear baiting is becoming unnecessary and unpleasant. We've had an update telling us everything is on track. What are you hoping to achieve by all this aggression. Just either don't reply or delete the message. I think reading the whole thread with a clear head, rather than Ashley being embarrassed I think some on here would be. It is a journey for him and the team, we are his backers, if he chooses to reach out in what ever format he chooses who are we to judge. We've had an update this week, we're waiting the two weeks as mentioned, not sure I see the problem....?

      I like his emotional updates and now my early panic has gone away, Ashley son, keep my £40 with a welcome heart and do the very best you can with it, I'll await the bear in good time!!

    26. Shawn Anderson on

      Be carefule Evgeni... he's gonna "Goodbye" you :D

    27. Evgeni Kogan on

      Backers should contact Stephen Fry (who I believe to be the £5,000 backer: on Twitter to bring it to his attention:

      I would think he would not be very pleased to have his name associated with this horrific KS.

      To all the backers - don't sit back and do nothing.

      Ashley Conlan has taken your money, and what you'll get for it is anybody's guess, if you get anything at all.

      Go to the page below, and all the way to the bottom, where you will see the gray 'Report This Project to Kickstarter' button. Use it to report this project, let's, at least, not be made fools of:

    28. Shawn Anderson on

      Wanted to thank you all for the afternoon of entertainment to get me through the rest of work- it had gotten boring:) Mum- please get your boy some professional attention.

    29. Missing avatar

      TK on

      So let me get this straight...if we don't "like" your "personal journey," we can piss off? Really? REALLY? Not only can we piss off, but we don't get what I paid for? No Supertoy for you -- guaranteed no less! This is pretty laughable stuff. Are you twelve years old?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      I just reported this for spam. Every useless update I will report to Kickstarter. Hopefully if he gets enough warnings from them this stuff will stop

    31. chris szablewski on

      anyone know when backers stop receiving emails from companies they back? I mean, the project is funded and the items are being shipped. Why am I still recieving updates that dont pertain to any of it?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      What do you mean goodbye? Id happily leave if you refund my money. Trust me I don't want to be here anymore then you want me to be. I have been trying for weeks to piss you off enough that you would refund my money. And yet you haven't. Do you have a crush on me? I know I am awesome but you cannot buy my love. But you can pay me to go away. Refund my money please

    33. lee sessions on

      @ Richard---- You're a hero. Pure and simple lol

    34. Richard Kilpatrick on

      "I'll give some journalist the chance to print an article about the financial dangers of dubious kickstarter campaigns, using supertoy as the example."

      Hi. I write for several publications, and have reviewed several successful Kickstarter products. I'll be happy to research and put together something factual, objective and accurate for syndication ;)

    35. Richard Kilpatrick on

      lee sessions 34 minutes ago
      I'll just have my refund then ;)

      Creator Supertoy Robotics 31 minutes ago
      @ Lee
      When I decide.

      I am pretty sure that's not how Kickstarter intends the funds to be used. In fact...

      "Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      "We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't."

      There is a delivery date. The most sensible course of action for UK backers would be Small Claims, via MoneyClaim. Costs count as part of the recovery, of course.

      Or Ashley could refund those who want it, be grateful for those who are keeping faith.

      I know a lawyer or two if needed ;)

    36. Alex Johnson on

      Wow Ashley must be off his meds again, more threats from a whack job. I've been trying to get you to refund me for a while now because I have no faith in this project anymore. Maybe now I'll finally get it? Do you even have the outfits that were promised? I paid extra for 3 outfits plus a fourth that came with a backpack, I doubt you have all these things so I'll take my money back, thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      David Wild on

      @Ashley Deleting the email after I have read it does not reduce the frustration and annoyance I feel. As it turns out, sarcastic comments towards you also do not. Please just complete the project by returning the trust we had in you when pledging to this project with our reward.

    38. lee sessions on

      Oh, I forgot to add. No you didn't do it at all. I'm yet to see one demonstration video of a bear that resembles the KS video that suckered everybody onto your stinking ship.

      I'm an industrial designer. If I'd pitched this to my ceo and got the go ahead, only to show him the crap we've seen in the videos, I'd be sacked faster then I could lay a shit in the toilets.

      You got the money and have been working close to a year. What have you got to show?

      Oh that's right, you scored yourself a contract, scrapped your bear and realised you could never pull that kind of software off.

      So please do me a favour. Refuse to send me a bear and give me my damn money back. And whilst I'm at it, I'll give some journalist the chance to print an article about the financial dangers of dubious kickstarter campaigns, using supertoy as the example.

    39. Benjamin William James Berry on

      Your mum is Shirley Bassey?!

    40. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      I'm fairly confident not even one of the backers wanted this email. However we open it because it could be something important, like the tags that were supposedly sewn on and ready to ship haven't been sewn on yet, so they're not ready to ship.

    41. Supertoy Robotics Creator on



    42. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ B1gdeano

      Stay with your software backers. Oh wait I am also a software, but you put up with them? maybe 1 year or more,.., heck maybe one of your backers will be bought by facebook

    43. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Lee

      When I decide.

    44. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ David mum is always right. Just delete the email.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Wild on

      Your Mum was correct. (with all due respect and consideration)

    46. lee sessions on


      I'll just have my refund then ;)

    47. B1gdeano on

      I am so bored of these bloody updates!
      I actually dont even care about this bear anymore! So fed up with it.

      I thought you said the bears had already had these tickets stuck on them now? That they are being shipped as we speak? While I am on about this - seeing as your manufacturers forgot about this legislative requirement, what else have they avoided? Have the bears been tested to British safety standards? Are they safe to be played with by a small child or are they likely to break exposing sharp bits of metals? Are they containing any banned chemicals in their construction?

      I have no faith in this anymore.

      Oh and dont threaten me with no bear for speaking out - if you fail to deliver your end because of my freedom to speech, you will be attending court. If this whole thing went tits up and nobody gets anything then thats one thing, but you arent god, and you cant single people out who you dont want to deliver the bear to. Just saying it makes you seem a very pathetic person, who just wants to scream "Love me, Love me!"

      Sad, very sad.

    48. Richard Kilpatrick on

      Goodbye? But I haven't left yet ;)

      You're welcome to return my whole £1, I don't think I've ever been more relieved to have changed my mind about a project :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      Lol Ron thanks for that chuckle. True as it may be.