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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.

To make matters very clear

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Refunds are no longer possible as Supertoy has been made ready for shipping and paid for.  

I don't know whether to mention this but. the update 23 refers to that day before I made the payment to the factory. I am obliged to give a refund if I do not deliver on my Kickstarter. I have full intention to deliver everything I have promised that backers have backed in my Kickstarter.


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    1. lee sessions on

      @craig Don't sweat it. I know how you feel :)

    2. Craig Dunn

      @lee - got it. Generally, *I* am the sarcastic one....I apparently failed to recognize it coming from another source due to my overwhelming anger at the overwhelming scandal this project has turned into. Also, I am generally suspect, by nature, of supportive comments delivered by those who have only backed this project...:-/

    3. lee sessions on

      @Craig Dunn- Craig, my posts were a sarcastic dig at Ashley. I gave Ashley the choice of either a wikibear or refund. He contacted me, asking that I wait a few days as he is away on business. As soon as he was back, he would refund me.

      I gathered from this that he doesn't want to give a wikibear, or is not allowed to provide one. Any how me, like the rest of us, never came to see such refund. Kickstarter has been in contact with me three times, asking for patience. Ashley is playing the old card of "If I stick to the rules and provide them what was promised, I don't have to pay".

      The whole "I can't refund you because I've just paid" is a load of horse crap. He knew what was going down. The guy clearly just wants us all to now GO AWAY.

      I'll tell you this though Ashley, if I don't receive the product that you portrayed, I will be shoving the same rules down your throat that you are hiding behind and claiming a refund.

      This whole thing is a sham, handled atrociously. Ashley, be ashamed.......

    4. Craig Dunn

      @lee sessions - wow, your comments have certainly run the gamut over time...looking at your history of comments -

      The problem is...what you see as the project video and description is NOT what is being delivered. Your OWN comments suggest that you already understand this. Given that you may not receive ANYTHING at all from Ashley...and certainly, if you do, it will not be representative of the original show-and-tell on the project page...I should think you'd understand that most of us are HIGHLY doubtful that what will be sent will be complete, bug-free, and so forth. Per your own comments, you already know that the wiki bear video is much more likely to represent anything that is sent. Going back in time and revisiting the original video and project description is not going to suddenly "make it so" and reverse all the bad decisions and inability to execute portrayed in this "project."

    5. lee sessions on

      "Change and add functionality

      Supertoy has been designed with an ethical stance and generous emotions in mind. And he can learn, grow, change and add functionality, which means if you want Supertoy Teddy to be your wise guy badass pal its your choice! Our toy won't only get on with young children but with adults too."

    6. lee sessions on

      To be honest, I'm looking forward to getting my bear now. Now that I've seen the main video on the home page, and re-read the brief ;

      "Supertoy mimics Emotion

      We are using cutting edge software to change the tone of Supertoy Teddy's voice so he it express basic emotion. Depending on how Supertoy Teddy feels, its voice will be expressed accordingly. This is essential to add depth and realism."

      So if that's what is being delivered, then why is everyone complaining?

      I highly doubt that he would send out incomplete buggy toys that resemble "nothing" of the bear portrayed to us..........

    7. Missing avatar

      Veronica Orozco on

      I asked for a refund when it was specifically written that it was an option. SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN AS AN OPTION! I never heard back from you until about it. Now you tell me that it is not an option. Did you issue any refunds at all? I am seriously ticked off. As a backer, I am putting my hard earned money into your project to become the best it can. I am not funding your scam and back-stabbing.

      This is an absolutely awful company and I will make sure that everyone I know hears about your awful escapades.

    8. Timothy Locklear on

      So when should expect delivery of whatever it is that we're getting? First it was by Christmas. Then February. Now we're going into April. Christmas will be here again before you know it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Ainslie on

      @Evgeni - no I just find it laughable that you cant see where the problem lies in your two statements as there are no real nuances within them that would excuse you not practising what you preach.

      You can try and argue on semantics that saying "I hope you guys reported this project" or indeed many of your earlier posts of a similar vein telling backers to report it to KS are not actually the same as "telling others what you FEEL it SHOULD be their duty to do", but I believe you would get short shrift from anyone remotely familiar with the British English Language. Out of interest is English your first language given you also stated the below which is even more directive?

      "To all the other backers - don't sit back and do nothing.

      Ashley Conlan has taken your money, and what you'll get for it is anybody's guess, if you get anything at all.

      Go to the page below, and all the way to the bottom, where you will see the gray 'Report This Project to Kickstarter' button. Use it to report this project, let's, at least, not be made fools of."

      Actually make it 4 statements now as you subsequently replied:

      Also, given your taking exception to my comment(s), I take it you like being conned out of your money?

      Which can be juxtaposed against one of your earlier comments

      You wrote a contentious post, and I took exception to it

      Does that mean that you too like to be conned out of your money given you take exception to people's contentious posts as do I? I will make it easy for you this time, that query was just a joke.

      Simply put I too take exception to contentious posts and like to point out their failings, not to take sides or be conned out of money, but purely for sport.

      FWIW I actually agree with you on how the project is being handled.

    10. Alex Johnson on

      @Michael and @Evgeni, I have reported this project but haven't heard anything from KS and don't expect to.

    11. Evgeni Kogan on


      You may not see the difference between 'I hope you.... (something)' and 'You need to calm down'.

      Perhaps subtelty is not your strong point. Also, given your taking exception to my comment(s), I take it you like being conned out of your money?

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Ainslie on

      Two different posts - same person posting - pot, kettle, black....

      I am also astounded as to your presumptuousness at telling others what you feel it should be their duty to do.

      @alex @rebecca I hope you guys reported this project.

    13. Evgeni Kogan on

      @hulett Comrade Hulett!

      I cannot fathom why you labour under the misapprehension that I am angry/annoyed/aggressive. I put it down to an education woefully lacking in debate and repartee.

      I am also astounded as to your presumptuousness at telling others what you feel it should be their duty to do. The last time I thought about such things, I was entirely convinced I had free will, and was under no obligation to take instruction from Kickstarter comment thread Ashley Conlan apologists.

      However, Ashley Conlan apologists also have free will also (isn't life one big double edged sword), so I am resigned to the fact that you will continue to issue bothersome instructions (along with Ashley Conlan apologies) to other backers.

      These are our crosses to bear, thanks to a less than adequate education system.

      Speaking of Ashley Conlan apologies, and speaking purely out of a sporting interest, will you admit defeat when nothing arrives in 2-4 weeks, or will you continue to battle to the last?

    14. Evgeni Kogan on

      @alex @rebecca I hope you guys reported this project. You're right Alex, there were probably next to no refunds, it was a ploy. Whether or not you actually get your bear is also, in my opinion, under a big question mark. I stopped hoping a while ago, to be honest. Plus I don't really want the shitty and depressive Wiki bear, with that 1.5 second delay. Bleughh...

    15. Alex Johnson on

      @Rebecca you'll never get a refund, these scam artists are now saying that they can't give refunds now because the money is all ready spent. I requested a refund immediately after it was offered in update 23 and have been ignored in my attempts (maybe I should have "trolled" Ashley in the middle of his breakdown) and now the refunds are "no longer an option". My kids also don't want the bear anymore so I'll just put it up on eBay and get as much of my money back as possible. I don't care that Ashley says I'm not allowed to sell it, I never signed an NDA and no where in the Kickstarter rules does it say I can't sell something that I backed.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Parker on

      I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. This man is panicking because he knows he is unable to deliver us what we originally backed and in an effort to not get sued by the thousands of backers (which KickStarter even states that our pledge acts as a binding contract) who supported this, he thinks he can send out anything and say he gave us what we asked for. I didn't ask for a Beta bear. I asked for honesty and commitment. Transparency is part of the deal with KickStarter and if he was unwilling to post regular updates about progress (rather than the immature and disturbing updates we've been getting), then he should never have entered into this process to begin with.
      I am fairly certain that we will get these "Beta" bears, and I am also certain that the software will not be improved. Not by this guy. He's just trying to come out of this alive, and honestly, not doing a very good job.
      I very politely requested a refund. My daughter doesn't want the bear. She would rather have a new bike. I find it strange how someone who has enough time to surf Face Book for strange pictures, Youtube for irrelevant videos to pull at the heart strings, and create bewildering "updates" doesn't have the time (or rather COURTESY) to reply to anyone in regard to the refund that was offered, You can't simply revoke the offer of a refund.
      Doesn't anybody wonder about that post too? That he offered a refund and said the bear you didn't want would be donated? If he truly believed in this project and the longevity of it wouldn't he just keep it and perfect it and put it on the shelves like he claims he will do some day to minimize the loss of profit? He KNOWS this venture has no future. He's just trying not to go bankrupt in the aftermath. I wouldn't be surprised if once we receive these bears he will publicly state he is going to kill himself, probably include some raging "last words" with a sappy video from Youtube, and then never respond again just to get out of his "promise" to us. After everything we've seen, it makes the most sense.
      I wanted to believe in this project and it's become pretty clear to me (albeit way too late) that we were all duped from the beginning. I was under the impression the software was pretty much complete (thanks to all the reviews, articles, and that charming little intro video here on KS), and that all the testing and trials would be done before the bear came our way, that's what the timeline said anyway. Beta was never part of our agreement and just because he has my money doesn't mean I have to automatically be ok with this.
      I am very disappointed with this project. Please refund me so my daughter can get her bike and not be further disappointed.

    17. Steven Ward on

      A wonderful concept realised by such a hardworking, dedicated and sensitive inventor.
      I feel excited and proud to be associated with such a project.…

    18. Missing avatar

      David H on

      @Evgeni. I didn't realise there was and actual definition of an 'Ashely Conlan Apologist' Call me what you will if this makes you feel good about yourself. I absolutely make no apologies for the comments I make and how I see this project progressing.
      You need to calm down and try diverting some of you energy in to constructive feedback for the project and backers rather than attacking others and name calling. Wasn't this one of the issues you had yourself with Ashley?
      Please, in future, the project, and try to steer away from the personal comments if you can.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michel Luczak on

      btw on the toy fair video the wikibear looked like a ready to ship product, boxes and all, why it's not delivered to the people who asked for it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Michel Luczak on

      Next update will be about the boat never arriving?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      @TK: supertoy as we knew it is no more, it evolved (commercially) into Wikibear, perhaps due to patents or this is commercially more viable, who knows. However, the 2000 beta bears (Supertoy version) are the ones we receive.
      The software is the same for both hardware versions though.

    22. KIM on

      Ashley, I think you are too sensitive person.
      We and your future buyers will not want to see your sensitivity.
      We always want to see your responsibility.
      We have had great expectation to you.
      Then we unfortunately understand that old proverb is right again.

      In my opinion, you have no way to work, no faith with customers(buyers, backers).
      If you want to be a something professional, you have to keep your lips are sealed.
      Then, if you tell something through your mouth, you have to obey your words.
      What's done cannot be undone. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

      I did not and will not request refund.
      But please make something clear on your process of work.
      We don't want to be disappointed to you anymore.

      And I think you use the word "clear" in different way from us.
      Don't tell us your word if you want to make us understand you, please tell us in our word.

      Good luck.

    23. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Then: "Supertoy is sadly no more"

      Now: "I have full intention to deliver everything I have promised"

      I asked for a WikiBear after Update 23, no response. This is the most hilariously bad and unprofessional Kickstarter I've ever seen. Feel bad for the people who paid a lot of money. I only backed one bear, for a Christmas present for my little girl. So much for that.

    24. Missing avatar

      Reza tootoonchian

      I am going to give it another 3 more weeks before I get worried. he did say it takes 3 weeks from china to receive the shipment. If I don't receive anything after that time then I will worry. He did show pictures of the bear being made in China so it must exist.
      Maybe the technology he promised has not turned out the way he or the backers hoped.
      hopefully if you can give us a rough when we can expect to receive our bear it will put our mind our rest.

    25. Evgeni Kogan on

      @davidhulett I apologise for getting your surname wrong David!

      You would, I trust, have noticed that my post was addressed to two gentlemen. Yourself and one other.

      The other gentlemen is the owner of the 'Drama Queen' turn of phrase.

      You sir however are, in fact, the very definition of an Ashley Conlan apologist. Your post was nothing but an refutation of the very valid arguments brought by other, rightfully upset backers, including myself. More so, you accused us of not understanding the Kickstarter process!

      How can you therefore possibly claim not to be an Ashley Conlan apologist? The mind boggles.

      Lastly I'd like to be so bold as to make a short refutal of your charge of aggression. Trust that my communiques are aggression free - I harbour no ill will towards your person whatsoever.

      You wrote a contentious post, and I took exception to it - as an author of contentious posts and an Ashley Conlan apologist you should expect some measure of retort.

      This is the very nature of the medium, and the heated environment we currently find ourselves in.

    26. Missing avatar

      David H on

      @evgeni maybe you didn't actually read my post or take in the points I was making and I don't recall using the term' Drama Queen' or apologising for Ashley. I am certainly not disagreeing with you and some of the points you make however attempting to be constructive with my criticism and points I am raising rather than aimlessly attacking.
      You sir should consider appropriately addressing your aggression and bullish behaviour elsewhere or at least getting my name right.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Ärlebrand on


      I opted for a refund directly after update 23, and you replied and confirmed to me that I was going to be refunded within days.

      I am still counting on that you will deliver on your promise of my refund.


    28. RonF

      @Evgeni: It seems to be obvious, that the original Kickstarter-Video was a fake.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. Evgeni Kogan on


      You sir do not understand what the word 'troll' means.

    31. Evgeni Kogan on

      @stephenward @davidhewlett

      Gentlemen, the thing you're missing in your defence of this project is the fact that while Kickstarter is a platform for new (and rough-around-the-edges) ventures, it is not a platform for lying to backers and treating them like shit with insane and irrelevant updates, continuous empty promises, ignored questions and requests and a general environment of - what I can only describe as - goading. This is why people are upset, and why they want clearer updates, refunds etc...

      So you can call other backers 'Drama Queens' and apologise for Ashley Conlan all you want - it doesn't change the fact that this project has been a shitty experience for the very people who made it possible in the first place.

      Those who have had a bad experience - report this project, make your opinion known.

    32. Brian Levinsen

      Don't listen to the trolls. I for one look forward to my two bears and accesoriess.

    33. Missing avatar

      Allard van Rijn

      This isn't going to do it for me. You promised me a refund as I asked for it directly after update 23. I do not care what your obligations are towards third parties. I asked for the refund, you confirmed that you would pay me back my money. You promised me the refund within a few days. Haven't heard from you since. I'll give you another 24 hours to repay my investment. When I haven't received my money consider this message a notice of default.

    34. Evgeni Kogan on

      Backers!!! As apparently refunds are no longer possible (out of interest, how many did get refunded over the last few weeks?), this is the time to make your voice heard.

      This isn't something that people seem to be commenting on a lot, but even if we do get the bear, we're not getting the funcitonality that was promised:

      We are getting this:

      Which is in my opinion a con job. The Wiki Bear is horrible. Do any of the other backers actually think it is the same as, or an improvement on, what was promised?

      If the video on the project had showed something close to the Wiki Bear (not in terms of looks, but in terms of voice/response etc...) I would have never backed it.

      And now, on top of the fact that we have been conned, Ashley Conlan is rubbing it in - is goading us - with these ridiculous updates.

      Backers should contact Stephen Fry (who I believe to be the £5,000 backer: on Twitter to bring it to his attention:

      I would think he would not be very pleased to have his name associated with this con job.

      You should also contact Simon Gaskell, the reporter who wrote the story above, to tell him what's happening. I am sure that the media will be very interested in recent developments. Simon's Twitter is:

      To all the other backers - don't sit back and do nothing.

      Ashley Conlan has taken your money, and what you'll get for it is anybody's guess, if you get anything at all.

      Go to the page below, and all the way to the bottom, where you will see the gray 'Report This Project to Kickstarter' button. Use it to report this project, let's, at least, not be made fools of.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Wild on

      In the most respectful, non threatening way I possibly can, I am asking you to give some real, solid, helpful updates and stop dragging this saga on with Facebook pictures, Youtube clips and stories of your woes. Also as a point of fact, you offered refunds and then did not keep your word when backers took you up on the offer.

    36. Bert Van de Wiel on

      It's jus as I tought, we have all been conned. No refund and no bear. I will tell you all exactly how this will turn out. We will have a few more updates were we will be told delivery will be any day now. And in between we we have a few crying updates that everyone is so mean and a few psychotic ones like the naked man with the gun. And than at the point that even the most loyal backers do not believe they will get the bear, the updates will stop and we will never hear anything again. That's exactly why we can't update our address. It's not neccesary, because there is no bear and there will never be a single one shiped to one of the backers.

    37. Missing avatar

      David H on

      @Ron. I wasn't too happy either when that original wikibear offer came through and I certainly constructively voiced my opinion. I do believe the (beta) refers to software and yes it would be great to see video as you suggest and it would make great business sense and marketing sense to provide this feedback to kickstarters and I have mentioned this constructive feedback to Ashley in the past as well. I certainly agree. I am also not condoning the at time questionable behaviour of some of the posts either, I am however saying that this is a startup project, there have been issues, there are issues, there will be further issues and as this is a kickstarter this is to be expected (hopefully not) but lets face reality, its a fact of a developers life. There are certainly alot of assumptions flying around about the project and maybe some of them are right based on the pieces of the puzzle offered to us, however the way I see it is that both bears are the same, supertoy and wikibear, they run the same software, is the hardware the same? They do look different. Why? this can be speculated, is it because it looks too much like 'Ted', does someone else own the copyright? etc...
      Whilst I am not as an experienced kickstarter as some others who have backed 100's of projects I have backed 4 bears here, 2 in the 300 category so I dare say I have more to lose than most if the project truly goes south.
      If you want out and don't want this kickstarter ride any longer, good luck to you, your've made a decision and I am sure your reasons are sound ones and in turn I hope Ashley commits to his original refund agreement.

    38. Missing avatar

      Or Melinek on

      No one even asked for my address :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      @david nobody said there wouldnt be mountains to climb or problems along the way. We were told November for the delivery. It is now months later and after most have been really patient we get told that Supertoy is dead. And then we are offered a beta version. Nowhere on here did any of us pledge to test the bear. We pledged for the finished product. We have not seen any updated video of the bears capabilities. We haven't seen much of anything other then nonsense in updates.I pledged for the bear I seen in the video. And since so much time and effort have been put into the new bear I know not much has been done with ours. And because of that and his communication lately it just shows that he won't care what we think when it sucks. He will get angry and upset and not refund our money. He is too unstable to take any criticism. I just want out

    40. Missing avatar

      Mike Kehoe on

      Ashley - because of all the problems and delays people do understand the difficulties that you have gone through, but as backers I would have hoped that you might have been more responsive to our requests. I had purchased this as a Christmas gift which sadly is way past so I have been asking if I can change the delivery address so this can be sent direct to the person - could you please respond and let me know if this can be done....

    41. Benjamin William James Berry on

      What is the intended delivery date?

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben Witsch on

      Hi Ashley, thank you for the clarification I'm sure some people did not understand refunds were no longer available

      You have sent the previous update that the supertoy was being boxed and ready to ship and a previous one stating they would be send by sea and take 3 weeks
      Do you have an updates timescale on when you will be shipping them and when we should expect our teds

      Also as it is a finished product I do not understand why you have not posted a video of supertoy in action and how it currently looks so we can see it before it comes
      Unfortunately I have to think u have not because most of us will not like it as it is, I hope I am wrong!

      As far as I can remember we only have a vid of wiki bear which we will not now be receiving

      Please respond so we have a bit more info

    43. Virginia

      Dude, I want the bear, not the money. I really appreciate how you have let us know what is going on. This has got to have been SO crazy for you! I can't even imagine! I'll be happy to get my guy whenever you are able to get him to me. Good Luck!! Don't let this discourage you from doing other Kickstarters or making awesome stuff!!! :)

    44. Missing avatar

      David H on

      Looking forward to receiving supertoy (beta) and working with this early release to help in creating an even better product. As this is a startup company and kickstarter project not everything is going to be running perfectly and smoothly and there are certainly going to be difficult times, mountains to climb and unexpected hurdles to get over.
      Those backers who don't understand the methodology of kickstarter and are treating this as a shop and a product they are buying should re think and re consider their position and their comments. These types of cutting edge technical projects will have issues and teething problems and this will most likely continue once you have received your pledge.
      I do believe Ashley for the most part has kept the backers informed of the progress and issues and kept his kickstarter obligation, yes some of the timings could have been better, some posts should have been clearer and there should not have been some of the somewhat questionable posts which goes without saying. However this is kickstarter and we are dealing with passionate, emotional developers who are generally for the most part are doing everything on their own. If it was easy everyone would do it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Scott Rowland on

      As a reminder from Update 23:

      "You, my Supertroopers deserve a choice. Either a free Beta WikiBear released 1-2 months from now or the original bear or money back. If you choose to wait for WikiBear then your original bear will go to charity. I will honour ALL my obligations even though Supertoy is sadly no more.


      Anyone remember a poll on what we wanted?
      Anyone get ignored when asking for a refund?

    46. Will Hoffman on

      Ashley- I hope you intend to deliver on your stretch goals also, have not heard a word mentioned so far, if not then I would at least appreciate the refund of the extra £££s I spent on your project.

    47. Will Hoffman on

      Ashley- I hope you intend to deliver on your stretch goals also, have not heard a word mentioned so far, if not then I would at least appreciate the refund of the extra £££s I spent on your project.

    48. Jason Quail on

      YAY! i can't wait to get my bear. I go to many maker faires ad would love to have this at my table. With full credit to you of course. Sorry everything went wrong for a while. I am still loving the project. Nothing happens perfectly as planned and for you to do this by yourself and not with a huge company of employees is just AWESOME! I hope everyone that does not like you or the project will understand this.

    49. al ducharme on

      wow...what a fuster cluck..just wow.

    50. Alex Johnson on

      This is a damn joke. In update 23 he(Ashley) specifically stated that all were entitled to either wikibear, supertoy, or a refund. I want a refund, I've been asking for one since he posted the options. What a crappy way to start a business, great job!