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To those who hate updates

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

 My prayers, go out to the tragedy. 



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    1. Tony Tuddenham on

      Why dont you coment on update 23 with promises of a refund. This will not go away.

    2. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Chris Thank You!

      I have lived and worked half my life in Asia, I have lived and worked in China and have many friends there. Traveled many times on those same airlines. Supertoy and Wikibear are both made in China. So for me this is close to my heart. My Kickstarter is also an emotional journey for me that I wanted to share as Chris said.

    3. Chris Jennings on

      I disagree, this isn't an update however it's communication. I've been emotional also, and to be honest if you don't like it simply delete the email. I can't believe anyone is so busy that this update is that much of an irritant.

      This is an emotional product, let's not continue to criticise the team for no communications only to criticise them when they do.

      I assume Ashley and the team are busy and have nothing much to say, however at least they are staying in touch, if only to say, 'we're still here'.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michel Luczak on

      How exactly is that a project update?

    5. Tony Tuddenham on

      Im still waiting for feedback on the refund as promised! I just see a man with the wrong focus when i read these last updates. Please refund my money.

    6. Patrick Rose on

      I agree with Oriol. This is not an update for Supertoy and its thus information I don't need from you.

      I have nothing against updates, but if the updates aren't relevant then I start to ignore them. Please don't let that happen.

    7. Missing avatar

      Oriol on

      A kindly comment from a supporter, would you do this kind of updates to board of directors in your company? Then use kick-starter to grow as CEO and try to stick as much as you can to the enterprise you have in hands.

      We sure agree any loss is a great loss, but this happens everyday and we will not change it. You can within any of your updates write a phrase or two to remember any one suffering in the planet, but you cannot base more than 80% of an announcement of your updates to that.

      This is my opinion and you may take it or not, whatever you want. I tell you just because I think you deserve to be advised in this friendly environment before you step into the same mistake in the outer entrepreneurship jungle. It is not the first time I've told you and I guess will not be the last time I told you but I hope that one of those times the idea jumps to yourself to grow and adapt to your ways.

      Keep trying, and keep in mind that this is not only a platform for funding. It is a platform to gather support, so try your keynote abilities as a presenter of ideas.

    8. Brice on

      100 hundreds planes full of people die of hunger every day and nobody gives a damn. If I wanted to see this kind of "news", I'd watch Fox, which I don't.
      Please take a moment to reflect on the relevance of your updates.

      Best regards and good luck on your amazing project.