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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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A Lonely Inventor

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Why include this? My severe depression reading so many bad things about me. Supertoy is my idea, my story. I am sure 1000 people had the same idea as me, but it was me who put it together with a toy. I told you Karsten and I parted, and that normally would have been the end, another failed Kickstarter... Normally, but I am not so. . No holiday break. 7 days a week since before Christmas. Sometimes until 3-4 am in the morning I kept working. To create my own software. And amazingly I did in weeks what some people do in months! That’s not ego. That’s a fact. I feel the pain to hear such negative feedback when I have done nothing wrong. I never lied. I am delivering on my promises. Please look forward to getting your Supertoy.

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      Ben Witsch on

      Hey all
      Just in case you missed it Ashley has posted a list of answers and info on the main comments thread

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      Reza tootoonchian

      I understand you must be under a lot of Stress and you put your heart and soul into this project but you have to understand the your backers need to see videos of the Supertoy instead of these music videos.
      Maybe you could send a survey to find out which people want Supertoy, Wiki Bear or Refund. That way everything will sorted.
      Best Wishes

    3. Peter Fonseca on

      Putting a new product out is never easy. I waited an extra six months to get a BERO toy robot from a start up here at Kick Starter. There were several people involved with BERO too. I am perfectly willing to wait for a amazing product to be shipped rather than one that isn't so amazing but is done quicker.

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      Ian on

      Just for info, Ashley has posted a list of answers to questions over on the main comments thread.

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      Colin Hounsome on

      I think the options given in update 23 seem to be long gone. So yet another piece of misinformation.

      I want a refund, as was previously offered. I'm guessing that we aren't seeing the software as it is nothing like what we were promised.

      However, I doubt I'll get my refund. I'll end up with a bear that isn't what I expected or paid for.

      I won't get an answer to this from Ashley, and if I do he will threaten me with legal action or say that I am damaging his health by making valid points.

    6. Chris Jennings on

      Some very sensible comments in here, please see my full thoughts in the comments section, and if you are able and want to, consider the offers of help.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Ashley, I support you, but you need to stop posting these type of videos, this isn't a Facebook page, we are here because of your project, people are frustrated because every time we ask for an update on our (legitimate as backers) questions you only seem to post videos that are not anything to do with the project.

      I think we'd all be much happier seeing you (or someone else if you are too busy) and teddy conversing in videos, I think we'd all like to see as many videos of that as you can manage.

    8. Missing avatar

      Oriol on

      I understand you but the music videos weren't necessary, if so Teddy videos would be much appreciated. Take it just as a friendly suggestion.

      About the Open Source proposal? Can you give it a think and return to us with your thoughts about that. Remember what I said, by going Open Source with the software you will enter in toy history books for sure.

    9. William Barrett on

      I do think 80% of the concern below can be relieved via a systematic approach to capturing and answering questions asked.

      You equally don't have to answer them all at one time, but leave open for you to consider if your concern is that you do not have all the answers at this time.

      Their have been some offers of help in relation to this and I am happy to provide you with a spreadsheet to help you manage such things if this is helpful - just ask.

    10. B1gdeano on

      Like many others I feel the whole story isnt being told - Ultimately Ashley is under no obligation to tell us the inner workings of his dealings nor company, including his split with Karsten.

      What he does need to divulge is more details about the end product be that Supertoy or Wikibear. The key to this is the software!

      Supertoy was pitched as a real AI experience, being able to converse with adult & child, learning and adapting. Wikibear is ultimatly different, and to me seems to do nothing more than trawl Wikipedia and the internet for answers to things being asked. This is a MASSIVE difference than the original pitch, as that functionity is already present on smartphones both using Apple's Siri and Google voice search etc.

      Please give details of what your software does, as you told us Wikibear is your software and that is NOT what Supertoy was supposed to have. Show us you have been successful in coding a working AI software like Karsten was doing.

      Im sorry but Siribear isnt what people wanted - we want what we beilved in - Supertoy! But without working AI software the bear is just a mechanical bear, of which there have been many.

      People are frustrated as you dont post facts about your products, even when asked numerous times for the info on here. Personal attacks on you are harsh, but attacks on your business methods are not. You are not dealing with this very well, you need to address the concerns that the backers have.

      Spitting your dummy out and yelling "Your getting what you backed" isnt good enough. As said without the software being up to scratch the bear we backed doesnt exist. THIS is what people are worried about. We dont hate you. We wanted you to suceed. You have to understand the anger has been caused by people feeling cheated and messed about - this is due to lack of info/contradicting info/random nonsense being posted

      If you are unwell please go to a doctor. The internet is not the place to be posting statuses like this. Nobody wishes you harm but please start listening to the concerns we have and addressing them, then you and everyone else will start to feel better!

    11. William Barrett on

      I suspect there is some legal aspects we are being are being kept in the dark about :

      How was the split between you and Karsten managed ? This was a joint venture /company with I suspect a lot of time and investment and money from both sides.

      Is Karsten / Pannous pursuing you for a share of the sale of Wikibear and / or the failure of SuperToy?

      Is he claiming copyright or other I.P is relation to the software which was his specific field of expertise?

      Are you honoring your offer in update #23?

      Would it help if a list of questions being asked was compiled and answered in a F.A.Q format?

    12. Frank Spencer on

      Ashley, Some clarification is required as to update 23. Does this offer still stand ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      Seeing some of the reactions on this projectsite here (on an semi-open forum with names) I can only imagine the sh*tstorm he received in private messages/mails from some of the backers, I think we should keep that in mind.
      We're getting the original bear now, but I'm also still wondering on the future-proofness of it and its software. If it is a one-time bear/update I think I'd rather stick with the Wikiversion if that is going to be the active supported one and if it'll get all the original promises (RP, adult/child modes, etc.)

    14. Mike Williams on

      Ashley are you doing this to get a reaction? Please no more of these videos, just the bear please.

      You are stressed, I'm sure many other people on here sympathise but we have invested in your idea and if you can pull this off you will make a lot of money.

      Do you have a working prototype with you that you could film and post, please buddy?

    15. Paul Mullen on

      Thanks for the updates and am sorry you feel this way. I was waiting, like others, to find out more about the software in supertoy and if it will work. I would be more interested in the wiki bear if it will preform better. Do we still have this as an option?

    16. Simon Burfield on

      Sorry to hear you got hurtful comments but that was due to people feeling conned. All I want to know is will the bear have an sdk and do we get the wiki bear to?

    17. Chris Humphrey on

      I'm looking forward to getting my Supertoy. So is my daughter. Please don't disappoint her, she has her heart set on the toy she saw on your original video. Please deliver on your promises!
      Good luck and thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ray Joe on

      Rarely is great achievement ever achieved without great hardship. Rarely is great hardship overcome without great perseverance. Please continue to move forward. It is important in ways that are ever far reaching.

      Thanks for moving forward.

    19. Jeremiah Ng on

      I have been supporting kickstarter for awhile, I know there will be delays as other project i supported did. For me I think Ashley did a great job. Its not easy working on a huge project alone, shouldering all the burden alone, I hope others here could try understand his position too and give him you support like we 1st did when we plegded, and well yeah we are all getting our supertoy in a couple of weeks! I will definitely support wikibear too. Good luck Ashley! Hope to see you world famous soon! Take care...

    20. Missing avatar

      Jovanni R. on

      As one of the previous comments said spare us (Clay Aiken) I thought I was watching another super toy video anyway I like how direct you are with your updates that's what matters, we are getting a new product months before everyone else
      So I for one am happy great job and I can't wait for the product to come in!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      David H on

      good for you, the hard work and late nights will pay off if you believe in yourself and your product. You're not alone, I too have suffered personally and financially with my own cutting edge business venture. I suggest to be successful despite your product you turn the negatives into positive feedback / constructive criticism and 'listen' to your clientele. This feedback you are getting is invaluable to the growth of your business and ideas and you should look at it in this light.
      To that end, I do think you should be posting some technical product information and status as your posts are somewhat lacking in this and as such is causing the feedback you are getting.
      You really need to listen to the voices of support within the kickstarter community and provide the long awaited updates and progress with the super toy as well the new wiki bear, comparisons etc. I personally have 2 of the 300 bears and 2 regular with costumes and would like these questions to be answered.
      Communication is the key.

    22. Paul Pape on

      Thanks for the update. Please stop with the pity party though. I own my own business. I work hard. I keep your hours. That's part of being an entrepreneur. I'm glad things are moving forward, but I don't need Clay Aiken updates clogging up my feed because you need empowerment. You wanted this job and now you have it in all its' iterations. Welcome to the club. Looking forward to updates about the product. I backed it and the company. Lean on your friends and relatives. Be concise and straightforward with your backers. I don't need the emotion, just the facts.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Micha on

      I don't understand how you can not understand why people would be so upset. I admit some of the posts cursing and using name calling are uncalled for. But you posted a vague article that basically said Supertoy was no more and that you wanted to donate them to charity because the software couldn't do what you said it would do. You just don't drop a bomb like that on people and then go silent that long. I am sure you have been busy but I just can't imagine with today's technology that you haven't been near a internet connection long enough to take 5 minutes to give a quick update to people. If you weren't surely to goodness there is someone you work with or are related to that could have been trusted to post a quick update that would have said something like:

      "Hey I am really busy please give me a few more days to get this worked out."

      That is all that people were really asking for was information. Now the question that comes to mind is what is the quality of the product that we are getting? Are we going to get a Teddy that we were built up to believe in, or are we going to get a teddy that sounds like Siri?

    24. Greg Rudisel on

      Let it go. You are going to make yourself sick worrying about what other people say. If you product is great time will tell.

    25. Tom Q on

      Hi Ashley
      I am delighted you have attained your goal and your persistence in producing your own software.
      I can understand that you may feel upset at some of the comments posted by a few people but I think some people were frustrated by the update 23 which completely contradicted update 22 and this confused everybody.
      I for one would like the option of a fully working Wiki bear and I am prepared to wait for that option if it is still on the table. Again congratulations on your success

    26. Missing avatar

      Johan Sombekke on

      Dear backers,

      Reading the comments below, and I'm a bit shocked... Please give Ashley a chance to deliver on his promises.

      And an advice to Ashley: all emotions here have a common source: update 23 on WikiBear. If you clarify why you decided to offer WikiBear and now no more, but again our beloved Supertoy Teddy things might clear up a bit here...

      For me, I'm okay with no further clarification, as I have trust in you and know you will deliver Teddy. I don't care if Teddy is a one of bear or instead many millions of Teddy will follow. It's the software that matters (most). And that can be upgraded later on.

      Good luck and try to relax!

    27. Marcus Erickson on

      I think i speak for most of us. We are not trying to be mean. I think many of us are just confused by your update #23.

    28. Steven Black on

      Hi Ashley. Glad teddy is on his way. Please can you let us know

      1. Is the software supported? Will we get bug fixes and any future updates?

      2. Are all stretch goals in, including SDK which you said would be added and the gyro for teddy knowing when picked up.

    29. Amanda Gentzel

      Definitely agree with Graeme. The negativity is only coming because people don't know what's going on. I'm excited to get my Supertoy - we just want a little more information. If you would post a video showing the software, I'm sure that would make people a lot happier.

    30. james dantow on

      I smell rat, I want out. Ashley I would like a refund as stated. Kickstarter management should be scrutinizing this project. The posted comments and shenanigans are really unprofessional, and as a kickstarter investor, I see risk everywhere. Please send me refund.

    31. Sionainn Karlssen

      I'm content to wait for an awesome product

    32. Frank Spencer on

      Ashley. You keep banging on about this fantastic software but we have yet to see it. If its that great then why waste time and effort on other videos of less relevance. Post some videos of supertoy and the amazing software if you want some positive comments and the backers back on your side.

    33. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Maclennan

      I was willing to wait it out and see if you would actually come through on your promises but this angst ridden meltdown is the last straw. I want the refund you promised in your last post.

    34. Missing avatar

      Danny Silberman on

      I don't trust this project or your mental stability to complete it, I would like the refund you promised.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Tony Tuddenham on

      I feel that this is just a mock up of what was expected. As you gave us the possibility to get a refund i whant to opt for that emidiatly. I dont believe in the project anymore. Sorry. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael B on

      Chin up- there are countless people out there that try to take credit that doesn't belong to them. Just deliver a quality product to those of us that believe in this product. Once people receive their bears the negativity will turn to praise.