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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

You may have heard about WikiBear. It is my invention. I signed with a global toy distributor Commonwealth and they now have total rights and control.

I am so proud :-) he has won TWO awards at the New York Toy Fair,

You may also wondered what happened to Karsten, we parted ways before Christmas. Due to unequivocal differences, I judged his software was not fit for purpose. I came up with the idea of Supertoy 3 years ago, 1 year ago I started approaching software companies, I found Karsten. I did all the Kickstarter 100% by myself, I did all the hardware 100% by myself. Since Karsten and I parted I have worked non-stop every day to develop my own software under my new company name Emote Robotics Ltd. The global toy distributor signed with Emote Robotics Ltd. Upon successful delivery of my own software which was shown at the New York Toy Fair. You, my Supertroopers deserve a choice. Either a free Beta WikiBear released 1-2 months from now or the original bear or money back. If you choose to wait for WikiBear then your original bear will go to charity. I will honour ALL my obligations even though Supertoy is sadly no more.  


Please see!wASxr

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    1. nicole niblet on

      Since my sons 3rd birthday and Christmas have already long passed, I guess waiting a little longer doesn't really make a difference.

    2. Kaalo Lovett on

      That bear is horrible. It sounds worse than Siri. Can I get a refund in addition to the shipping that I sent to you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      You took my money many months ago and I have waited quietly. Now I think you have quite simply robbed me. What has happened and what is going to happen. We deserve a FULL explanation without any of your ridiculous personal anecdotes. I am a sponsor of your business, not a personal friend who's interested in your personal life. Just give us relevant information please .... and NOW!

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marianne Shaw on

      So what's happening now? All I can see is questions and doubts and you have yet to make an effort to reply to any. I wish to wait and decide later when you can Update us more in details . Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandoha- Lee on

      look, I don't understand what is happening with this project or company. all i know is that i want my money back and to get out whatever scam you are trying to pull. This is ridiculous that we have to wait this long for what we order and were promised to and now we aren't even getting it. i just want out and my money back...

    7. DR on

      I want to wait too.
      Please let us know when the time has arrived when you actually need a decision from us.
      I don't want to rush into a choice I may regret later.

    8. Bert Van de Wiel on

      A lot of people are still being positive and nice to you, but I'm getting convinced that we are all robbed of our money. I want my money back, but I do honestly belief that I will never see back one cent and that I'm no the owner of a piece of vaporware that will never be released.

    9. Jamie Easterman on

      This is all very shady. We funded a project that seems to have been shelved and we are being offered in my opinion an inferior substitute. If further clarifying details aren't forthcoming I feel our money seems to have been used to ulterior purposes.that this is tantamount to fraud. And surely the whole point of software is that it can be changed so why change the bear too ? Just all seems so suspect...

    10. Eric Gustafson on

      @Chris Jennings -- I check at least once a day..

      And yea I think its time to fully disclose everything, all cards out on the table now .. a video comparing the two bears, etc.. what our options as backers is.. what IS and IS NOT the same between the two etc.. if we opt for the original bear what (if anything) are we giving up .. etc.. really need to know what our options and choices are and what the outcome of those will be (i.e. no support/software for the original bear) etc.. if there was a time for a very detailed update .. now would be it.

    11. Tom Q on

      Hi Ashley
      I agree with Chris
      We all need a fully clarifying update.
      We understand you are trying to do your best here but we need info please.
      Like Chris and others we are trying to be patient
      Please respond,

    12. Chris Jennings on

      Ashley it's now almost a full week since this update, I appreciate you have things to do, however you'll notice the comments are again becoming frustrated and a little angry. I'll cross post this in the other comments section as really I think we are all now asking for more information as to what is happening.

      I can't be the only person checking this site every day to see what's going on.

      Again, I trust everything is in order and you're about to 'wow' us with all the exciting things that are happening.....

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Westmoreland on

      This is shady, bordering on fraudulent. I want a refund, now that my daughter never got her Christmas present and it is clear that no one will ever get what you promised us.

    14. Missing avatar

      Veronica Orozco on

      I want a refund. The toy I backed was cute, this new one is not. The toy I backed was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my kids. I understand delays, but it sounds like a bit of double-dealings and maybe backstabbing was going on. I want no part in it. You were the first project I backed on Kickstarter and thanks to this negative experience, you will also be the last. Give me my refund.

    15. William Barrett on

      As you advised Supertoy was the prototype. i would like to reiterate that i want to understand if the final version of the wiki bear will come in a limited edition run of 300 and marked so - which i feel your obligated to do so.

      The fact that you hve sold all rights to a toy company with what appears to be a cease and desist clause is what has concerned me the most. Itn doing so it sounds like you sold your backers out and hat needs clarification.

      I think its great you got a deal, but now i need to understand what that deals means to me.

      Its not clearwhat the etate of the prototype is and its software

    16. Missing avatar

      Rachel Bushrod on

      I gather you are busy with launch / set up of the new Ted & dealing with how to deal with your backers so I just want to say I backed your project & I am willing to wait, just shocked & confused when I found out, as was expecting Supertoy to be delivered & on sale soon as was told was done & being shipped,
      I know & understand that there will be delays & things will change while under development (especially because of factor of making product better) so good luck & you concentrate on doing what needs sorting first 

    17. Missing avatar

      Rachel Bushrod on

      as usual your updates are confusing & not clear as to whats going on ...
      ive had a feeling something was up & wondered if this was all a con, u obviously knew what u were doing & didnt let us know, last update said all done being shipped & now a different ted??
      u were making 2 teds with the money without saying,
      the supertoy ted we paid into will not be put into production??? why not?? why the other ted?? or is this another delay tactic?? What about the suits I pledged for?? & u say if u dont hear of us then goes to charity, firstly need to know what is really going on & by what date need to let u know by??

    18. Missing avatar

      Ralf Hellinger on


      as you are telling us that we can still choose the original bear and as mentioned in the last update it has been already produced when will the original bear be shipped and when can we expect delivery?

    19. Matthew Muir on

      So... Was this always the plan? I feel a bit hoodwinked - Where are the extra suits I pledged for, & what will happen to my bear? Your updates are always muddled, & I really don't understand what we're getting anymore. Why choose a WikiBear over the original? Please provide an update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Ejvegård on

      I dont get it... You told us the supertoy was ready for delivery and now you telling us you made a deal, and the toy you dreamed of for 3 years and asked money for to create, nolonger exists? Thats just bad karma... Wikibear aint nothing like the supertoy.
      Want my money bad asap

    21. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ray Joe on


      Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. May I suggest you put all of your offerings on hold until you can sort everything out. We need more detail about each offering so that we can make clear decisions on what we would choose to take. We also need an easy and clear make to make our choices electronically, with confirmation, item substitutes, refunds, etc.

      But before you settle on substitute offerings, I still feel that it is important that you reconsider continuing your effort to create a good working Supertoy Teddy. Please consider resuming your search for software companies, or engineer(s) that would be interested in helping you pursue your original goal - a goal that might well be a milestone in the tech and toy industry. If you don't do this, somebody else will. You have already made a good start. This is your opportunity to make history. Please do not give this up. At least for me, I would not mind waiting another year or more for the bear we all have been hoping for. If you can have a Supertoy Teddy ready by the December of 2014, that would be even better.

      I am looking forward to your next update. Hopefully you will have some good news.

      I wish you all the best of luck!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Micha on

      The reason people ask for both bears is he has all ready stated that he wants to give our original toy to charity if we choose to accept a wikibear. This tells us that:

      1. Super teddy is all ready made. Granted we have no idea where the software is at, I am going going to speculate it hasn't gotten very far from the info given on previous updates. I am guessing its siri talking through a bear right now?

      2. That cost isn't an issue since he is giving the teddy to charity.

      Why would you force us to give it to charity? The original will be a collectable item as where Wikibear will be the functional toy people were paying for in the first place. It was not the backers decision to invest money into another toy. Why would you post an update showing Super Teddys being ready and then turn around out of the blue and tell us "Oh sorry Super teddy is dead but here take this Wikibear."

      If he needs a few extra dollars for postage for both bears I don't think backers would have an issue with that. But after everything that happens I don't see an issue with giving people both bears since the original is all ready made and he is offering wikibear to us anyways. I think alot of backers feel deceived and it would be a good show of faith since he stands to get rich off this anyways to give backers both.

      As for people expecting both a refund and a bear I don't see that happening. But I don't see what the problem should be with giving people both bears

    23. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Wow lots of unhappy people I'm going to wait to learn more, I can't understand these comments saying 'give me a refund and a bear', or 'I'll have both bears'!
      It's great that you are doing so well with your product.
      We all knew as with any product from scratch that there could be issues, I admittedly don't like the look of the wiki bear but will watch some more before deciding I won't want a refund I know that, why not take something it will be cool either way.
      I've been looking forward since backed last year.
      I think some people may regret getting the refund as they gave no time to learn more just see a beta (unfinished product) and saying 'no' based on little information .
      I would be interested to know prices of wiki bears as say I wanted both (paid for of course) but if you wanted to gave discount initially I wouldn't complain.

    24. Tommie Cheung on

      I love the look of supertoy bear, not a big fan of the wikibear.... I need more details before i can make a decision.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Livsey on

      FIrst thing to say is that I am prepared to wait for further updates that you mention are coming in the next few days before making a decision what I would like to do.

      However, looking at the options available, I think at the moment I would be happy to wait for WikiBear but not a pre-release beta version I would expect to receive the final full release version whenever that is.

      From previous updates it clearly appeared that the original Supertoy had been made and was starting to be transported to Europe/USA for shipping to backers. Rather than giving this version of the bear to charity (if I wait for WikiBear) it would be good to receive this version of Supertoy (whatever state the software is in). Since the Supertoy in its original version will no longer be made it would give us backers a truly unique and limited edition toy as a thank you for our backing and patience.

    26. Donny Stephenson on

      I have to say after reading through more comments and seeing more clarification, I just may wait for WikiBear. But I'll hold out for the next update. Still very excited for you Ashley.

    27. Donny Stephenson on

      At the moment I want to stay with the original bear, but I do want more clarification on other options.

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul on


      I will hold on the refund for now, and see what happens, but I am not totally confident anything will turn up. Doing some research online seems wikibear did get quite a lot of coverage at the toy fair. Can you not see why people might be upset, that it looks like we all gave you a load of money to build something that you then sold to a large company?

      Yes, we might well get the toy at the end, but so will end retail consumers and I suspect at the same time we will if not later. So why invest early?

      I think your number one issue here is communication and the lack of it. I can see why you are doing this, but the problem is that you set up Kickstarter to deliver a product and we invested into that. The reason so many people are upset is we were the ones that really loved the idea of that product. That was not wikibear. What makes it even worse, is that i am pretty sure in a lot of cases, these were going to our children and it's hard to explain to them why they have not got them!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jordi on


      Will the bear also be chargable by usb? I perfer USB since thats lower power and safer for kids ;-).

      Also will it still have USB to connect to? I don't think it is wise to use wireless stuff so close to kids since there is enough evidence that that influences their brains much more then adults......

    30. Missing avatar

      Elbasan Haxhaj on


      I have a few questions regarding Wikibear...
      Will the "Ted" voice be an option of voices?
      Will there be a profile setting for children, teenagers and adults (Ted)?
      Are the same costumes being offered?
      When can we expect a FULLY functional bear?
      Thank you and good luck!!!

    31. Julia Burke on

      You owe us both bears.

    32. Julia Burke on

      You owe us both bears.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Yang on

      It sounds like you've made a lot of progress. Please don't get discouraged! Honestly, people investing on Kickstarter expect products almost overnight. It hasn't even been a year yet since the funding period and this is a difficult project to complete. I'm sure as you're finishing up, there's also more add-ons that you never considered that would give a major push in your project as well. Please take your time in making a wonderful project rather than rushing it for the demands of the few.

      Good luck!

    34. Missing avatar

      Reza tootoonchian

      I would like to stick with the original Supertoy I backed. I selected cowboy outfit. I saw on Supertoy website that the A.I for the Cowboy had been completed. According to your previous picture post the Teddy are in a box ready to be shipped from China.

    35. Missing avatar


      Is Wikibear includes other languages like french ???

    36. Missing avatar

      rodney hill on

      I would like to switch to Wikibear. How do I do this change?

    37. Missing avatar

      talitha wegner on

      Ashley, thank you for the update. I am a 499 backer. Will my teddy still have personalized responses? I am excited to meet my bear. Just let us know which one functions the best. They are both very cute but brains mean more in this world.

    38. Missing avatar

      Stuart Lawn on

      Dear Ashley,

      I'll stick with you on this for the moment and see where it goes. As others have commented you could have saved yourself a lot of grief if you had handled the messaging in a different way. I understand that you have confidentiality agreements in place with your new distributors and everyone here appreciates that the whole objective of a kickstarter campaign is to create a solid lasting business from that 'one great idea'. I guess that we all thought that we would get that idea in our hands before you sold it on to start the next stage of your business.

      From the video's shown of the Wikibear it has definitely has potential but doesn't seem to have the child friendly personality of the Supertoy. It seems a bit like talking to a hard of hearing Sat Nav. I will take you at your word for the moment that the software in Wikibear is an improvement on the Supertoy but please do yourself a favour and employ a PR agency to handle your kickstarter updates from now on!

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian Sorli on

      I can certainly see some improvements and like what I see so far. The software certainly has improved and needs some improvements, but that should come with time. Not sure how you handle the previous rewards and extra outfits, but hopefully we'll hear some clarification and get a Poll soon with newer and available options. Also, originally there was going to be SDK access to the software for developers interested in enhancing the this still possible.

      Thanks for the update and keep up the great work. Brian...

    40. Tom Q on

      Having thought about this since the update and reading all the comments I must agree with Veronique and let Ashley get on with his task to fully complete the project.
      He has achieved the goal of the product and it looks like he and we will benefit from a much improved product.
      Well done Ashley..
      I look forward to update 24

    41. Missing avatar

      Veronique Whitaker on

      And at the risk of setting myself up as a target, I think that this is what kickstarter is for - giving inventors a leg up and support to help them get their product out there and on the shelves. By that logic this should be considered a highly successful campaign! I agree that Ashley's email update caused some confusion and should have been clearer, but I also understand the need for secrecy given this is a highly competitive market and he doesn't want to get screwed over by one of the big players. Yes there are some outstanding questions about some of the higher pledge levels but I'm sure that Ashley will address all that in a few days once he's sorted things out. I imagine that this is both a wonderful and highly stressful time for him and that he'd appreciate us being patient for just a bit longer and holding back on the accusations until he's had a chance to explain. It's just a bear, not life or death.

    42. VIRAL MODY on

      Ashley / Backers : Can anyone please tell me if there is a choice to include a Female Voice in the Supertoy/WikiBear ? If, yes, I would like that option.


    43. Missing avatar

      Veronique Whitaker on

      Personally I love what I've heard about the wikibear and Ashley I congratulate you landing such a great deal that I'm sure you've worked very very hard for. I'm glad to see my money has gone to such good use and I can't wait to get a wikibear.

    44. Kristy Fowles on

      Also, since one of the differences is "Hardware wise WikiBear you can plug straight into the mains, Supertoy was USB."

      Does this limit PC connectivity with the bear?
      Also, does that mean that there is an on-board rechargable battery ?
      If so, what is the general running time before charging is required?

    45. Kristy Fowles on

      I have no problem that SuperToy would be in a different skin as I do think WikiBear looks cuter. I would just want to be sure that there would be proper voicing and a flowing conversation possible. The robotic-ness of Wikibear in the supplied videos is truly terrible.

      And clearly no one taught WikiBear how to tell a joke, since he throws out the answer when he's barely completed the question. :/

    46. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      Yes, congratulations on getting your idea to the market.
      I will wait for your next update before making a decision on what I want.

    47. Missing avatar

      AlwalienXXI on

      First, congratulations on launching the idea!

      Can I please have the original Supertoy with the number as per my order ($99). If you can include any instructions/basic SDK to hack it over USB it would be great. Given our continued support sound fair to me.
      I'll leave "millions" of units to millions of people, want to get something unique. If there is a race we will see iWikiBear 2.0 and iBingBear or alike every 3 month schedule. I am not interested in those.

      So please be specific about original commitment. regards, Pavel

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Allen Pentecost on

      Alright, Count me in as a backer still. I'll have one of the New WikiBears please. If i am still getting what I signed up for Plus a bit more then you have my continued support.

    49. Jeff Heaton on

      I think this is great news! Looking forward to getting a WikiBear. Congrats Ashley!

    50. Missing avatar

      Bridget Brennan on

      Yes please do clarify. What is the difference. I know I said both bears but did not request a refund as we have been looking forward to receiving this bear for months. But I am still confused as to what wikibear is compared to supertoy. And since the original bear was said to be going to charity then it made sense to ask for both. We have been patient this long. So if we will be receiving what was promised then I will wait also. Just would appreciate not being in the dark..