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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.

And finally... Our Stretch Goals!

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Well, we know you guys have patiently waited. Sorry it has taken us so long. Now we can tell everyone our stretch goals. 


These are the last 4 costumes with AI role play software. Especially for the Canadian National Post Newspaper and all our Canadian friends, we've included a Mountie. 

Smart Gyroscope Actions

Modern smartphones have built in altimeters and GPS which basically allows us to know where Teddy is and if he's being picked up, if you're walking with him, etc. This will allow new intelligence, for example, Teddy can say things like 'Where are we going?' and 'Gentle now.'


Many of you have asked for this as it's an easy way to connect to Teddy without putting him in the back zipper pocket. We listened, and you guys are right, so we're offering this hassle-free way to connect to Teddy.

Speech 3-8

Our current voice recognition technology works from 8 years of age. But many of you have younger children who will also want to converse with Teddy. This is for you guys. I stress it will not be fluent conversation for the 3-8 age range, but they will be able to communicate with Teddy.

Language Fluency

Although Teddy speaks over 30 languages, for some of these he will not seem a completely fluent speaker. It's a little like when I speak Japanese - a Japanese person can tell obviously that I am not a fluent speaker. For several key languages we want to offer total fluency.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

We will let you experiment with our software, and give you the chance to make your own version of Teddy. Can you make him better?

Together, let's make one final push. Please help us spread the word and make Supertoy the best it can be.

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    1. David Urena on

      @Supertoy Robotics.
      Keep up the great work, I'm sure you and your team must be overwhelm with many questions/obstacles but just wanted to chime in and just say "Thank You" for creating this idea and I'm sure down the road with different generation of "Teddy" I will, and many of us will continue supporting your creations.

    2. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @all Sorry for bad communication. Thinking about additional offers / addons ...

    3. Brian Levinsen

      @Supertoy Robotics.

      Not sure why you consider Elysia's comments as Spam, I do not see anything spammy about it. Comments are for just that comments, and this kind of discussion is better done in the open, so you can gauge the interest among more backers.

      I will change my pledge to £90, for me who is already at £70 it is not that much to up the pledge for the backpack. And I promise I will change it to at least £120 when and if you add some other addons.

      I can agree that having bluetooth as an addon is not going to work, as there is quite a lot of engineering to make that happen, this fits better in a stretch goal. One option would be to combine the two, so that reaching the bluetooth stretch goal will add the option to have bluetooth or not in the teddy, although I do not see why one would not want it?

      We gave suggestions on how you can reach higher goals, as I said I'm planning on getting the clothes after anyway, so if you offer them already now during the campaign at whatever you think is a fair cost then it will be more likely be able to get more existing backers to up their pledge.

    4. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      To all requests for more songs! just one last one. My Dad died of cancer 1.5 years ago, I would give up everything, even Supertoy, for five minutes with him. Anyway to those that asked for another song here is a song for Dad.…

    5. Aleesha on

      Dont forget your notifying the police as well. ;)

    6. Eric Gustafson on

      @Supertoy yes I found it after my first post .. my web browser must of not updated till the second time I loaded the page ..

    7. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia I have notified Kickstarter. I have said please contact me directly why do you post again?

    8. Aleesha on

      Are you going to check your messages? I have sent you yet another message. And in my previous post where I said Id be happy to pick up in a private message if you would respond to my previous 3 messages so instead of checking, YOU chose to write back here. So anyway I have sent another message per your request (right after your last post) and I am still waiting. I am sorry but I have done nothing wrong. I tried to help. But yes by this point I am a tad bit annoyed but i believe I have every right to be. I understand you misunderstood so I explained and that should have been the end of it. But you continue to say how I hurt your feelings and how I am spamming. So yet again, I have sent you a private message. So please check it.

    9. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia I have notified Kickstarter. I have said please contact me directly why do you post again?

    10. Aleesha on

      lol this is not spam. I have no idea why this hurts. Your upset about not making money but my sugesstion was to save you money. Get people to pay for things that you were going to give away for free. And I did message you back privately. A few times. You have not responded. If you care to respond to my last messages I will gladly pick it up back there. But you only sent me the one saying I was spamming and I wrote back 3 times and you have not responded.

    11. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia what point are you trying to make? Please continue this conversation directly with me. Please stop posting here. I repeat I am always open to comments directly. I have not missed one, I reply to everyone. So please Elysia connect directly. Stop filling up this space. Its called spam. Its just your voice, your opinion right or wrong this is not the place to repeatedly post. And YES it does hurt, maybe you don't care? have you ever worked 24/7 for 8 months? have you worked until 3am in the morning and then had 3 hours sleep to start again at 6am? have you done so with no income, and knowing there is no income for several more months to come only until I release my toy. Have you ever made such sacrifice? if so lets discuss it publicly else contact me privately please just don't spam.

    12. Aleesha on

      I am so confused. I wasnt complaining about the extra money. That is the bear I pledged for. I got the one with the outfit. I am trying to give suggestions so motivate people to up their pledge. That is what I meant by giving us the option to purchase more (extra) outfits now (even at full price that you will sell on your website) you say your bare bones thats why instead of giving away free bluetooth at a certain level charge us for it. I really have no idea what you are talking about. Im here trying to help and I get reported for spam. I have no clue what is happening

    13. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      Thats not funny. I said it before I say it now. Every hurtful comment is a knife in me, I do cry. I am emotional. I have done my best for you. If that's not good enough. I don't know what more I can do. If you are complaining about the most advanced toy for £39 including delivery or a couple of pounds more with an outfit that retails for £15. Then I am sorry, please take back your pledge. I have given my heart, my soul into Supertoy to bring it to you at the lowest cost possible. As tears fall from my eyes. I did my best and if my best is not good enough I am sorry.

    14. Aleesha on

      lol thats fine. And funny

    15. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia flagged as spam I have contacted Kickstarter

    16. Aleesha on

      I am aware I can pick one at the end. All I was saying (the same as Brian) was that if you gave us the offer to purchase some now it will motivate people to up their pledge. Just tack on the full value which you said was 15. It was a suggestion made by somebody else that I agreed with because that is what I have seen other projects do. They add new incentives for people to up their pledge. That is also why I suggested the bluetooth and you said its a minimum order but its a good possibility that everybody here would pay the difference that way you wouldnt have to cut down to the bare bones as you said. But maybe I shouldnt ask questions or make suggestions per your private message saying its spam. I hope other people got that message because what I have been doing is no different than anybody else

    17. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Eric Sorry I can't post pictures on here, but as you can see it's on the main page ;)

    18. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Nick We are giving the costumes at cost. That means a saving for you of at least £15 ($23). In answer about the best deal for you, yes if you change the Early Bird pledge to the £42 you will get the costume and the role play. And once you have one costume, you will want more :)

    19. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ J Burton We are currently in talks with the best male voices in the industry. I do apologize I had to first ask the men. Next I will the ladies. If any female actor is reading this, then connect with me please. We will produce a female Teddy, but I need to sign up the male voice.

    20. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia You may change you mind of which outfit and that's why I will email each of you as I said below. At the end of the KS campaign, if you go to our website you will be able to order additional costumes.

    21. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Brian I would like to make it clear pledge £99 and above, you get the backpack free. That's a saving of £15 retail.

    22. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Chris Absolutely, let's totally hack teddy!

    23. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Josiah Yes, they come with the Super Hero AI limited edition, and I stress that's only for the limited edition.

    24. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Cormac Thank you!

    25. Eric Gustafson on

      Disregard my last comment .. browser cache must have been slow to refresh.

    26. Eric Gustafson on

      Is the backpack now missing?

    27. Nick Martin on

      KS allows 'Add Ons' to a maximum of 10 per Backer. You could easily hit your Targets by releasing the costumes now with a later shipping date. However, one of the contributing factors as to why they probably don't want to sell them now is the increased cut in their margins. Because they will currently incur the fees from Amazon & KS - They will pay a much lower 'payment percentage' from any sales from their own e-store transactions on their website than they will by selling them on KS. Anyone like Sage Pay or other Cash & Grab systems will charge a much lower fee. I could be wrong but its just a factor involved if they want to come away from KS with an ongoing viable business.

      Just my 2cents! Actually I've not been a part of any of the progress of this Project since I placed my Early Bird Pledge on Day 1 - so I've come in & seen that the Early Bird price is now a Standard Reward that is unlimited so everyone can buy at £39 but with an Earlier Nov. Delivery?! Also, for £3 more I can get Supertoy with a costume with the Bear?! And FREE Global shipping! You Guys must of been hard on them!!- So what did I miss?! And what do? Best deal is I change my Early Bird pledge to the £42 Reward, correct? Thanks in advance!

    28. Missing avatar

      J Burton on

      Okay, my bad. my browser jumped the "3-8 speech goal." Disregard that part of my post (and my embarrassment :o), please.

    29. Missing avatar

      J Burton on

      Love the stretch goals, guys. And since we're on the subject, though, I'm going to throwing this out there because either no one has brought it up yet or it WAS brought up and dismissed, but why is Teddy being made specifically for boys? I'm getting him for 2 girls and I suspect you could greatly increase your market by adding a girl voice option and throwing a princess outfit or something. Also, while I love this idea (it's about time parents got GOOD stuffed toys for our kids), I think you're seriously underestimating how advanced 5 year-olds are these days. Heck, my 4 year-old is already playing video games and asking where babies come from. I imagine part of the problem is voice recognition, but my kid, at least, speaks pretty clearly, and I know kids start picking their favorite/life-long toys out around 4 or 5. Just saying...

    30. Aleesha on

      I agree Brian. Give us an option to purchase additional outfits now. I have been heavily involved in some other other projects just as a backer and something like that would encourage people to up their pledge. Usually stretch goals there is new tiers that motivate people to up their pledge. Such as pledge an extra 10 pounds (sorry cant do the symbol on my keyboard) then get an extra outfit. Brian you have some amazing ideas and thoughts. I hope they listen!

    31. Brian Levinsen

      @Supertoy Robotics.

      Lol, ok so we have one addon, the backpack, awesome! ;-)

      I will do it, but will the people who are on the £39 Tier do it?

      You will get more people pledging for it if you specify it's value. Saying if you pledge over £90 you get it is not really fair to those who pledged £39. ;-)

      For me it is £25 extra for the backpack.
      For those that pledged the £39 Tier, it is £51 for the backpack.

      Instead, think of some addons, for example the backpack, and the specify how much you should add to your pledge to get it.

      You are already planning on selling the clothing after the campaign and you said there would be a discount to the people who pledged, why not add them as addons for those on kickstarter instead, that will help you reach your stretch goals, and give people an incentive to add to the pledge.

      I'm planning on getting all the clothes that you plan to release, If I get them as an addon now, or later does not really matter, but I rather have it help you reach a higher goal, and benefit the final product.

    32. Chris Osborne on

      An SDK would be awesome. There is all sorts of functionality developers like myself are able to add. Maybe an extension marketplace can make up for the additional sdk development cost.

    33. Mad Git on

      These are awesome. I'm continuing to push as much as I can. Some of my friends will hopefully pledge in the next few days. I hope you make all of these! I'm very excited to get teddy! Keep going guys you're doing a fantastic job!

    34. Jo Wilson on

      Do the Limited Editions come with the Role Play A.I. Software?

    35. Cormac Quillinan on

      Hi guys

      Appreciate that I upped my pledge to help ;-) hope you make 55 mark and more

    36. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia if you purchase a teddy with costume and a.i. role play model then you get the choice of one costume, at the end of the KS I will email everyone and ask which costume would you like.

    37. Aleesha on

      Oh so if we reach 45K we automatically get all 4 costumes?

    38. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia if only :-) it does not work like that with the factory, they have MOQ minimum order quantity, sorry thats why its a stretch goal unless some nice investor comes along (my phone number is on the website)

    39. Aleesha on

      Cant you guys just tell us to pay for the bluetooth? Like add x amount of money for bluetooth?

    40. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on

      Well done on the Bluetooth Supertoy team, I knew you'd get there :-D

      Speak soon, best regards,
      Sam UK #4

    41. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Cormac I am sorry to have taken so long, it was long talks with the factory. To be frank we are doing the best we can do with the money that's been kindly pledged. We are self funded there is no big company behind us, based on the 40K we have raised so far = no salary for me for another 4-5 months until we start selling Supertoy, so please appreciate our position. Thanks.

    42. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Elysia no offence but we are cutting our costs to the bone to pass on the best value to you guys. For example the costumes retail at £15 you are getting at cost. The added technology like Bluetooth for example DOES cost extra money, its extra work on the PCB hardware.

    43. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Brian OK ;-) if you pledge £90 or over we will send you a back pack to put teddy inside, I will post this on the main KS page. Thank you Brian that's a great idea.

    44. Brian Levinsen

      If you don't make any addons, will you honor a dual pledge, so for example £65+£42 for Limited edition and an additional Super Teddy?

    45. Aleesha on

      I love these ideas but I dont think they should be stretch goals. Some of these things should just be added. Having bluetooth and the speech for younger children will make more people want to get one. And would sell more. You could be losing a lot of backers because they will be wanting this stuff. BUt I also agree that the goals should be from 35 K and up. Just cause it took you guys this long to get stretch goals doesnt mean those milestones didnt exist

    46. Brian Levinsen

      Yay, I will certainly up my pledge, I really hope we reach at least 60K, My daughter is 4, and hope she will be able to use it. :-)
      Not sure what languages are already "Fluent" that might be interesting to know?

      And bluetooth, oh my, I hope more people upp their pledge so we can reach the streach goals.

      Perhaps you should add some more tiers, or addons, to go with the extra pledge? from £65 to the next £499 and then from £499 to £3000 level is quite a step.
      I'm already at £70 but would gladly go to £90-100, perhaps more if there was a treat to go with it. ;-) Perhaps a clothing pack or something?

    47. Cormac Quillinan on

      Hi guys

      Brilliant to get these out but I think since we waited so long you could start these at 35, 40k instead of 45 considering that we already passed the limit along time ago.

      Just my 2 cent. Would love Bluetooth