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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Teddy sells on eBay for $243 not even the limited edition!

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

"Tut tut tut for selling out" as someone told me.

Let me go on record I had nothing to do with this, I dont know the seller or buyer and I only knew about it because a Kickstarter backer of Teddy told me.

Best regards,


ps hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Day 

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    1. Emma Bergh-Apton on

      Received my bear. No costumes. No integral 'first 300' embroidered number. No iOS facility. No use at all. Very disappointed indeed at total abandonment by Ashley and his complete failure to honour his promise - on which we based our trust.

    2. Missing avatar

      Don on

      Fuck anyone for liking his posts. Fuck him and whoever raised such scum. FUCKING THEIF.

    3. Dan Panetta on

      Umm hello?!?!?

    4. chris szablewski on

      wow! the person who bought this is gonna be really pissed once he/she receives it and finds out that 90% of what was shown to promote the bear simply doesnt exist. Ive thoguht about selling mine but was afraid of the negative feedback I'd get from the buyer. Its definitely not worth the $65 I payed into it so theres no way Im getting that back.

    5. Missing avatar

      Don on

      I'm trying hard to grasp this one. Hardly anyone has received their bear, you won't give a proper update as to when EXACTLY we'll be getting them but you have the time to put it in our faces that 1 out of 1,000+ backers was able to get it and sell it while the majority of us still wait for a well over due proper update to where our product is.

      This is such a slap in the face.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      I want an iOS app so I can use my bear other than that have to fork out 70e just to try it out seems ridiculous.

    7. Dan Francis on

      In 18 months this is the most amount of attention I've ever got from you Ashley. I even posted the eBay link a couple of times on your comments page back in Dec...

    8. Tim Williams on

      I still don't have my bear... When will I get that?

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      Julio J. Cabrera on

      Sir, instead of constantly patting yourself on the back, please deliver on the projects initial promise of an interactive, artificially intelligent toy. To this date, this toy does not meet these requirements. We could have all purchased a comparable toy for much less else where.

    10. Matthew Muir on

      Hi Ashley. I, too, have sent you a message, without a response. My second bear is yet to arrive, there is no sign of costumes, and my first, Limited Edition bear with the special piece of cardboard with a number "076" sticker on it does nothing except constantly flap his mouth. My niece was in tears yesterday when she tried her bear on the app for the first time, as this is all her bear would do. Please help.

    11. Boris Kagan on

      Ashley, how many times do I need to direct contact you for you to provide an update on my bear? I still dont have it, have the decency to reply at least.

    12. B1gdeano on


      They can have mine for half that!