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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

I have done a major new update to the app. 

Teddy can now read books, anyone of the 47,000 on Project Gutenberg.

Just say "read me <book title>

Its still very rough and a bit slow which I will improve the speed in the next few days but it works.

Imagine a child reading Cinderella before bed time :)


You need to download the new Twain app for this to work.

Its a work in progress! the software updates have just begun.

Best regards,


ps and for those who missed the gadget man Xmas TV special

We are on about 30 minutes in

We are shown about 1/2 way down the page.

Once again Many thanks Gadget Man for giving us this opportunity!

And most of all Thank You Kickstarters for making this all possible.

Merry Christmas X

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    1. Missing avatar

      jodi carbary on

      Did people get these bears? Am I the only one who didn't lol?

    2. Missing avatar

      jodi carbary on

      Did people get these bears? Am I the only one who didn't lol?

    3. Missing avatar

      David Cabello on

      What is the name of the app. I received the toy but don't know where the app is found. I tried several title for an app on the Apple App store and couldn't find one.

    4. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      To those who missed the Gadget Man here is a video just showing Teddy…

      Will post an update any day as soon as I get the book reading function to work.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Waters on

      Link to new app doesn't work.

    6. Frank Spencer on

      Ashley please provide tracking numbers for the bears. You say they have been sent but when ?and how long will it take to reach each backer??. Have all bears been received at the UK and US distribution centres ???

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Faries on

      Hi Ashley -
      After you recently posted an update which mentioned contacting you if our bear(s) hadn't arrived, I did so.

      Still haven't heard from you yet.

      While I'm glad to hear about the successes you're having, please do follow up with your responses. It would be appreciated. Thank you.

    8. Sheri Scilingo on

      All I can do is imagine my son being read a book by this bear, since we still have no bear and no IOS app.
      Is anyone else getting responses to email? I've sent two asking about shipping with no response. Not even an acknowledgment of the email. It's a good thing I haven't told him anything about this bear.

    9. Dan Panetta on

      Any updates on shipping.

    10. Sionainn Karlssen

      I like that some people have a working teddy.. when will IOS app come out.. I have a teddy that does nothing.. Oh.. and NO outfits!!! Please help my daughter get a teddy that works for xmas

    11. Missing avatar

      Aviv Avital on

      Still haven't received my Teddy..
      Any estimation?

    12. Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on

      I've got my bear (no outfit though) and still waiting on A version for iOS. Why is Android getting updated software and iOS still has none? Has anyone here actually gotten the Android software? Does it work?

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Kallio

      Any update on the status of the app for iPhone?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bob Bryden on

      Hi, I'd love to try out the new app but I still don't have my bear. Any update on when they are shipping?