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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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He is honey colured

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Today I gave away a toy.

She must have been shy of 60 going on 70+ :)

I gave her a teddy.

I did not realise, until she asked me.

What colour is he?

You see she was blind. I did not know. 

So to you..

 Oh I will deliver every Teddy,  but the No.1 was for her. You see I dont care if I delivered all just one. To the one who was blind. And could not tell his colour. I am proud.

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    1. Sergio Escuredo on


      My Teddy arrive two days ago... but its parcially broken...

    2. Frank Spencer on

      Still nothing either and still no official confirmation from the Project Creator that ALL bears have been sent !

    3. Jamie Easterman on

      Where's the bear ? Still nothing ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Backer on

      Mine arrived yesterday (no costumes, but happy to have it for my son for Christmas. Will the iOS app be ready by then?

    5. Missing avatar

      Detlev Danner on

      The Teddy is arrived, but no User Manual, Tagged with "Not for Sale" and no clothes.

      I waste my Money. I am very upset ! I call this cheating.

    6. Sionainn Karlssen

      I go my teddy! But have no manual or iOS app. Please help

    7. Arnoud Schuurman on


      My teddy arrived .. There are 2 problems there is No manual and even worst there is No IOS app . When is the IOS app ready?

    8. Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on

      Got my bear. But without the iOS app he's just a bad stereo speaker. Did I ever miss an update about the actual OS progress update? I'm still dumbfounded by the original video showing "real" footage of the OS working yet nothing is ready even long after the bear has shipped.

    9. Missing avatar

      Todd Klipfel on

      I am also still waiting for my teddy. I have also emailed twice with no response. Can I get an update please?

    10. David Urena on

      Hi Ashley,

      I rcvd my teddy yesterday and have to say you pulled through...its been a rough road to say the least but you made good on your promise. Thanks for holding good and really appreciate it. Take care and hope your business takes off and will look forward with your upcoming products.

    11. Porsupah on

      Just to note my bear arrived on Monday morning. ^_^

      (Now, the wait for the iOS app)

    12. chris szablewski on

      I cant see mine either, what color is he?

    13. Mark on

      Again another post about nothing. No update related to the project at all.

    14. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Goodwin on

      Hi Ashley. I am the same as Michelle. I have my teddy but cannot check it as do not have an android device. Any update on the IOS app yet please?

    15. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I'm with Salty on this one. "Updates" like this are essentially trolling, so don't be surprised when people respond to situations where they paid money and have been waiting over a year, and you simply give one to someone you don't even know well enough to realize she's blind.

      We know you don't care if you delivered anything beyond that one. It's crystal clear just how much you care about your customers. You're not a martyr, Ashley; you're just a guy who got in waaaaay over his head.

      I'm sure there are one or two exceptions, but I'd be surprised if I couldn't count them on one hand when I say ... that as your customers we don't care about your religion, or some martial art instructor you had, or your taste in music, or your obsession with various CEOs, magicians, talk show hosts, and selfies. Along the way you've made up excuses for everything, pretended that there you had no idea why someone would be so upset with you, and simply shrugged off responsibility in any way you could. And that is a respectful and considerate response. We're your customers, not your friends. Please, start acting like a business, not the 8-year-old you claim in update 59.

    16. SaltyBrains

      yeah still no teddy. no update whatsoever on the promised ios app (just do a REAL update and say "there will not be an IOS version" if that is the truth) and also update on shipping.

      we want the TRUTH, come on Ashley, what is with all these irrelevant updates when you ignore every actual project-related question.

      your not being very nice, honourable or truthful.

    17. Simon Burfield on

      Have you sent me mine? It's all nice giving a blind person a teddy but I would like mine (paying customer) first! I have emailed you twice with no response :(

    18. Edward on

      Mine arrived this morning, so thanks for that! I'm so glad you were able to make it in the end. Not sure where my old Android phone is hiding right now so I haven't tried having a conversation yet, but he's looking pretty happy right now next to the 'My Keep on'.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Will the IOS app be ready soon I can't do much with my bear till I've got that :(

    20. Tim Hedstrom on

      How about a video of how a blind person interacts with teddy for the first time. That would be a good update.