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Enough is Enough

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)
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It seems some people have been attacking others.

I gave me word I will legally take action against all those who have written on Kickstarter.

Just because you backed my project does not mean you can say the hell you like.

When you start cyber bullying others, decent people then I will take action.

There is no video, no photographs, no self.

Its just simple. Black and White.

Face the law.


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    1. SaltyBrains

      to all those who have not hit the "report" button on the projects homepage;

      so if you have not already, could you please do so ? i am sick of these stupid updates im sure you must be too. this is well beyond a joke at this point. his account needs freezing, kickstarter has to step in and do something here.

      he quite obviously can not handle the responsibility of a simple project-related-update tool.

    2. SaltyBrains

      what a nutcase. he's at it again.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      You already doxed me and I got Kickstarter to remove all your threats cyberbully posts. I'm fairly certain a court would respond in a similar way.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Flowers on

      Looking forward to receiving my bear. Please keep updates restricted to shipment. 76 updates over the course of a year and a half (18 months) works out to be about 4 updates a month, or 1 a week--but with little to do about the product itself.

      People are edgy because there's been little evidence that delivery is imminent after multiple emails stating "on their way" and "getting ready to ship". With this in mind, please understand our plight as we are anxiously awaiting a product we thought would be delivered over a year ago.

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Wait wait, you're going to take action against ALL of us who have written? Even those of us who've tried to remain the voice of reason? That's just mean. ;-)

      Since I'm already on your S list, then, I'll simply say that I'm glad bears have started to arrive and that some people will enjoy them this Christmas. I didn't promise my son that it would arrive this year, so if it arrives ahead of Christmas, great - if not, it'll be a pleasant and unannounced surprise for him come next year.

      Ashley, maybe you should have a friend handle the reading of responses and the submitting of posts. It would give you more time to work with the bear, it would remove the stress of feeling attacked, and if your assistant has some flexibility and no emotional attachment when providing status updates, it may reduce the overall number of angry responses.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian Witzany on

      I'm terrible sorry what happened to Ruth. She just wanted to help.

      But, Ashley, read what you wrote and think about it. You threatened backers in comments and made a (pathetic) effort to dox one of them. You aren't better than bullies you always rant about.

    7. Andrew Marks on

      We're getting to almost a year late on your delivery commitments. You are in no position to be threatening any lawsuits. At this point I don't believe I'll have a product I ordered for my daughter for THIS Christmas season. Maybe you should focus on getting product out to your backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Hi I hope the OS app will be ready soon my bear finally arrived he's lovely just will be more alive when he speaks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jovanni R. on

      Hi there I have in no way put harmful comments or atacked others or Left any bad comments. I just want to say I'm more or less disappointed for my first project to back up it's just been nonstop drama with you the endless lies the nonstop emails about you heroes music videos etc... Just tell me am I getting this bear that was promised over a year ago? Please stop with the drama and deliver with your promises if you take offense to this well it's business. Sincerely a very frustrated backer.

    10. Frank Spencer on

      Pot and kettle ! Ashley

    11. Missing avatar

      Danny Silberman on

      It funny how you say you will take legal action when you have broken every terms of use kickstarter has:

      Don’t break the law: You have give death threats and asked people to harm others in past updates

      Don’t lie to people: Pretty obvious this one (no bears!)

      Don’t victimize anyone: Almost every update since you've lost it.

      Don’t spam: I'm pretty sure the nonsense video posts, my feelings are hurt updates count as spam.

      Don’t abuse other users’ personal information: Two updates ago you posted someone's personal info, LinkedIn account, Twitter acount and other various non kickstarter related content.

      Bring on the lawsuit, I'm ready.