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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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The Death of the Toy Industry and Why Teddy will survive.

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Being outside the toy industry I see a seismic shift happening. In the United Kingdom. One in three British children has their own tablet. The number of children between five and 15 with a tablet of their own has almost doubled in the last year! What I have found talking with people in the toy industry they do not realise the irreversible significant drop in toy sales. From my knowledge and experience when console games became mainstream for 11+ year old's sales of traditional toys dropped 70%+. Now with children under 11 years of age using tablets I predict the same thing will happen, a drop in sales of toys by up to 70% over the coming 2-3 years. What is happening can be compared to when people used FAX machines up to the 90's and its replacement with EMAIL this century, its irreversible and inevitable.

Interesting facts about the Digital App world

Time spent using apps each month has risen over 65 per cent in the past two years, to 30+ hours, in 2013 Apps now represent 52% of time people spent with digital media in the USA , Apple boasted 75 billion all-time App Store downloads at its developers conference in June, 2014 App commerce in 2014 has reached $100 Billion compared to the world wide market for toys in 2008 of $80 Billion In Asia English teaching apps account for $1 Billion in revenue, with the top three countries being China, Korea and Japan A few language teaching apps have achieved downloads of up to 50 million users  

TWAIN is one of a new breed of toys that bridges the gap between the digital and physical world to take advantage of the growth in Digital apps

I missed one thing. Virtual Reality and GAMES. Oculus VR | Oculus Rift - a technology company revolutionizing the way people experience video games View on 

Sony's Project Morpheus brings virtual reality to mainstream console gaming.. An add-on VR headset for the PlayStation 4 offers a convincing look at the future of gaming and a whole new experience. Samuel Gibbs tries it out View on Preview by Yahoo WHEN THESE COME ON THE MARKET ITS THE END OF TOYS.

Why did Hasbro or Mattel not buy Oculus Rift? Entropy. And why they will see profits fall 50% over the coming years. Think of Virtual Reality as the invention of Television. Thats the size of impact on society and technological change.

I predict within 3 years the toy industry is over, DEAD. Anyone who has not adopted digital apps today do not stand a chance. Even THEN they can expect sales to drop upwards of 30-40%. Only by balancing digital sales e.g. "in app" purchases will they survive. I am absolutely 100% certain all the toy companies I have spoken with will be out of business in 3 years.

For the toy industry there is only 3 ways forwards Robotics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Only one of them is physical hardware like Teddy.

Lastly a glimpse of the future...

Its all about immersion, how can one compare imagination with BEING THERE inside the game? imagine playing with Barbie in a virtual world, believe me when a child experiences this they will never touch a physical doll.


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    1. Sian

      And... still no bear. Sigh.

    2. Mark on

      Off your meds again I see.

      Just refund everyone close project do everyone a favour. No one cares about you or your rants. Maybe also go see a doctor and get some much needed help!

    3. Noel Mercieca on

      When is the IOS APP coming out? This teddy is useless to me without it!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      I just want out of this miserable failure. But Kickstarter won't even let me forfeit the money I paid and get out. So I guess we're all stuck with the torture of being forced to listen to the ravings of this fellow who has delusions of adequacy.

      A simple chatterbox from 10 years ago would've been closer to the original promise than what's supposedly being delivered.

    5. Missing avatar

      Veronique Whitaker on

      I have to disagree with you about non digital toys being dead in a few years. I consider myself to be a very digitally advanced parent and plan on using digital toys with my new son, but I still believe there's a place for good old wooden and other non-digital toys to help them develop their gross motor skills and experience the world in a 3D way. I work for a bank. For 15 years I've been hearing that all the branches will shut down and everyone will use mobile devices and computers to do all their banking, but branches are still an important part of the banking experience for all age ranges as not everything can be done digitally, and even if it could there are times when people want to have a face to face conversation with a professional banker about important life events like buying a house and getting a home loan. Yes that conversation could take place online or over the phone, but many people want to have a more personal conversation. I think it will be the same with toys. Just because digital toys are becoming more prevalent doesn't mean they'll replace everything else. There is a place for both non-digital and digital toys - I don't believe its one or the other.

    6. Tim Hedstrom on

      If you are so concerned about technology within the toy industry why have you not released the SDK? There are several people here who have experience and could take what you have done to the next level at no cost to you! Several have even stated they could help you. We still don't have an iOS app that works with teddy. I don't have an android device so it won't do me any good to even have teddy until there is an iOS app. I asked a friend with a droid to check out your android app and all it did was show a spinning icon. It will be nice to finally get teddy. I appreciate that you have never given up. That takes a lot especially with some of the comments going back and forth. I hope you realize the potential you have here on kickstarter and prioritize an SDK release, start a forum for us to discuss ideas, so we can build on your hard work.

    7. Cameron (BLINK) on

      I like chocolate and pudding...
      Bout as relevant as this update :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      It's not that I hate anything or anyone, but Teddy went from riding the wave to standing on the beach not sure how he got there. The concept was great a year and a half ago, but reality is setting in.

      Forgetting the roller coaster that got us here, if the KS campaign started in Nov 2014 and showed people these prototypes and their demos, how many of us would be amazed enough to put their money into it? The toy industry is _always_ changing. In the year-plus of extra time that Teddy had since he was originally supposed to arrive, Teddy not only didn't pick up new tricks to keep him current, but he slid backward a bit, losing the promise of real voiceover talent, lacking the promised platform support on release ... There are plenty of jokes to be made, but they might feel like an attack, and this isn't an attack - just a reality check.

      The one thing I will beg is that the joke responses be minimized ... hearing "do I look like a clock" in that awful random-inflection robot voice was nauseating.

    9. Richard Kilpatrick on

      "I predict within 3 years the toy industry is over, DEAD."

      Yeah, but this is your 3 years. So, in normal years, that's probably more like 30, and by toy industry you actually mean V-Tech pads, and by dead you mean not what it was originally but still kinda alive maybe.

    10. Judy Caplan on

      Please fewer comments about the global state of the toy industry and your personal tribulations and more hard information on when we can expect shipment of the bears. We are coming close to the one year anniversary of when they were promised. Will you be able to meet your commitment to your backers by then? I suggest that you check with your backers to see how many of them really want these periodic updates on topics aside from progress in meeting your commitments. Include these in a separate mailing list, and for the rest of us -- just provide information about when we can expect our bears. That way I think all of us will be happier. Thanks.

    11. B1gdeano on


      The warning is due to the way the screens are so close to your eyes and the way you process the signals - Developing children can be damaged by it, so the theory goes, in much the same way as they shouldn't use 3D TVs with the glasses etc

    12. B1gdeano on

      Bit hypocritical isnt this update?

      Considering that your product is heavily reliant on existent apps (Google Voice Search etc)

      Take away these apps and you have a bear with some mechanical range of motion - hardly new or exciting.

      Dont knock other peoples success and other fields that are looking to the future - IF this KS had turned out the way it was pitched you would have been amongst these success stories. As it is Teddy will just fall by the wayside

      My 3 year old has his own tablet. So what?

      There is nothing wrong with progress and children taking advantage of that - if nobody did that then kids would still be chasing a can with a stick! Call that fun? Not any more!

      Not sure where you were trying to go with this update - sounds to me like you are explaining your failures this far....

    13. Chris Southam on

      I had a play with the Oculus Rift DK2 the other day. It comes with a strict warning that it's for age 7 and over. I don't know the science behind that but I'd be interested to learn more.