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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

How to Power Teddy


Underneath at the base of the toy is a zip, unzip and use a screw driver to open the compartment, place 3 AA batteries. The toy lasts on batteries 4-5 hours. Please think of the environment and use rechargeable ones.


On the left side of the toy is a pocket, inside is a short lead. Connect this lead to the longer lead with a USB ending. The USB can be connected to PC, laptop or direct to electricity socket. Please be careful with young children, do not leave them alone unattended with long cables.

How to Switch on Teddy

Underneath at the base of the toy is a zip, unzip and you will see three (3) controls. With Teddy facing you.

Middle there is no power. If you move the switch to top then any noise the bear will move its mouth. Use this for testing. Move the switch to the Bottom when your ready to connect the phone and start the App.

How to Connect Teddy

Cable or Bluetooth


At the back of Teddy is a zip running down his back, inside is a cable. Connect the cable to the audio input of the mobile phone. Adjust the volume setting of the phone to full volume (as connecting the cable lowers the volume setting). Start the app on the phone. Optionally place the phone inside the back of teddy and zip back up, speak to Teddy via his ear, there is a microphone in his left ear.


Switch on the phone. Make sure in settings Bluetooth is ON Press the right PAW of teddy. Where there is a music symbol. You will hear a sound Beep Beep Beep. On the phone settings, press the Bluetooth It will show it has found a device named SUPERTOY Select connect. You will hear a single Beep. Phone and Teddy is now connected. In future you will only need to do steps 1 & 2 as the phone will remember the device. Run the App. Have Fun!

Please note this is a Beta App only available for Android. We are currently in development for iOS. Also its a Beta when the time comes we will release a new app that will have full functionality that will only work if you own the toy.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Louise Setchell on

      So I received my bear today, however I cannot test it as the iOS app is still not available...any news on when this is going to happen?

    2. Porsupah on

      I'm delighted to see things are actually now happening. I'll be looking forward to my bear. ^_^

      I do hope the iOS development project proceeds apace, considering that was the originally promised platform. Can we hope for a celebratory debut on the App Store (or even Testflight, in the interim) by the end of the year?

    3. Brian Levinsen

      Oh sorry, I think a word fell away there. I meant to say that "And I can see that the app does not have the possibility to switch language" My daughter speaks Swedish, and it was among one of the languages that Supertoy was supposed to be able to speak. I can understand that adding all those languages can be tough, however this is where I meant that if you open up the software either with an API or open source it completely, this will open up for a lot more possibilities for Teddy.
      As I have mentioned before to you, with for example IBM Watson think of how clever Teddy can be.

    4. Missing avatar on

      Hi Ashley. I received my bear, thank you. Do the costumes come later?

    5. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Jamie I said I would put up a video today but I am ready to crash sorry. Will put it up tomorrow promise.

    6. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Brian Please tell me what you mean when you say " the app does not have the possibility to switch".

      Thank you for your good ideas.

      I will look to 'open up' teddy a bit more further along in development. I agree the power of the collective like Wikipedia to shape Teddy is very powerful. Its actually a big job in itself to do right, so in time :)

      In the mean time I will add a little feature, you can teach teddy a reply to something you say.

    7. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Paul The mouth definitely should move when connected to Bluetooth. Try and switch if off then back on. Is sound coming thru the speaker?

    8. Brian Levinsen

      Hello Ashley.
      Thank you, Teddy is at the post office, so now I just need to go an pick him up. However, I doubt my daughter will have so mcuh enjoyment right now as she does not speak English. And I can see that the app does not have the possibility to switch.
      I understand that you might not have so much time to add this, but why not open up so that the community can contribute? I would also like to help make Teddy smarter, so to help him answer questions that he does not yet know. Think of an open source Siri, with peer reviewing to ensure the content is child safe. Or even let me create my own supertoy server. :-)

    9. Jamie Moore on

      @Ashley thank you ever so much for the instructions this is getting better all the time.

    10. Paul Mullen on

      Thanks for this update. I retract my previous comment. The mouth doesn't move with audio over Bluetooth. Should it?

    11. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Eric you can still use your iPhone. It will work over Bluetooth and play music or any sound from your iPhone to test teddy.

    12. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Don Yes, now the 300 are starting to arrive in one piece and I can trust the shipper, now I will organise sending the rest of the bears, this week. They have already been collected from the factory and are at the postal depot. Will sort that out this week. It then takes 1-2 weeks to get to you.

    13. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Don I agree a YouTube maybe a good idea. It takes me less than a minute to setup Teddy, easy when you know how so I agree seeing is better. Will organise it.

    14. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @ Nick correct Audio is ON :) oops

      @ Teddy has a USB connection, you can get a socket that fits into the wall. The iphone recharges this way it has a plug, you connect the USB to the plug and that goes into the electricity socket. I connect the USB to my PC and power from there. Its useful when Teddy is static for long periods.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick Havard on

      On mine the buttons are labelled MIC, OFF and AUDIO. Audio seems to be the equiverlant of ON.

      Thanks for the instructions.


    17. Missing avatar

      Don on

      Ashley can you make a YouTube video showing this toy in action?. Also any update on shipment for everyone else?

    18. Eric Gustafson on

      Thanks for the directions Ashley! .. I was wondering if thats how you activated the BT .. but I have not had a proper chance to try teddy out (I don't have android so I dont know how far I could get)

    19. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      I use Teddy sitting on my desk connected to the USB of my PC and talk with him hours on end :)