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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Its OFFICIAL the first 300 ever made are on their way!

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

 YES! At last 300 Teddy Bears Limited Edition are in the Hong Kong post.

If you ordered a limited edition first 300 ever made then please email me if you would like the tracking number.  

You can then use this to follow your bear! just click below graphic or follow the link.

I know how much you all love my choice of YouTube music, you cant get enough of it, I know, but this time I thought as a nice change, a lovely photograph of Hong Kong.



ps organizing sending the next shipment for everyone else, you see this is the first time I have used the postal service and did not want to risk sending all at once, after everything we have been through the last thing we need is Teddy to go missing!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Detlev Danner on

      I am very Upset ! The Teddy was coming, with "not for sale" Tag, no User Manual, I vaste my Money and my son is very sad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I think I got the wrong tracking number, because today I found a postal note that I can come pick up something sent through Hong Kong Post, which should be the bear.
      Will know for sure tomorrow

    3. Missing avatar

      Jacob Roberts on

      I remember the time I spent $99 USD on a glorified bluetooth speaker.... What a waste...

    4. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      Well, I got my tracking number, thanks!
      Now I can see it was refused yesterday by some addressee in the wrong country. :'(

      I hope this will be sorted

    5. Missing avatar

      Bridget Brennan on

      HE FINALLY ARRIVED! Wow. No embroidered number and no superhero outfit. I had envisioned my son interacting with it but that is impossible at this point. Can you please advise when we can possibly expect iOS so I can actually use it rather than have it sit here just like any other teddy bear?? It is cute. And I am glad we finally received it. Thank you for that.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Ruth Jones on

      Ernst-Jan, I will follow up with Ashley about your tracking number, do understand though that just about every backer did request their tracking number I believe so Ashley is having time issues with replies.
      Qwaven, I will follow up with Ashley about turning off censorship and personalising data options if possible.

    8. Qwaven on

      Thanks I received the bear. :) I am having a lot of trouble with the app. Every time it opens it tells me about turning off the censorship!!! Can this be disabled? Its extremely annoying. I also do not seem to be able to get much communication. Even asking the date is a difficult task and is reporting back in CDT instead of my local time zone...

    9. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I've mailed for a tracking number about a week ago without any word. If that could be sorted it would be great!
      And numbers are just printed on the label? Bit of a shame, and not as advertised. Hopefully the rest will be.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikie on

      Got my bear. What does it do?

    11. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      I hope mine comes soon but sadly I won't be around next week :(

    12. Missing avatar

      David H on

      Woo hoo. Got my 2 bears. They are numbered but printed on the ear tag not embroidered as expected. Looks like the ear tag stays on. Bear looks like the bear originally depicted. At least they arrived so a thankyou to Ashley for sticking with it. Looking forward to the iOS

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Chang on

      I think this is just a simple bluetooth speaker and wired speaker.
      1)Who bought this bear just plug USB into power adaptor
      [Wire user]
      2-1> Open back, plug phone Jack into player, done
      [Bluetooth user]
      2-2> Open bluetooth setup, press the music buttons on left foot for 1sec, hearing a tone. pair it, done.

      This bear is totally NOT nature talk! Just volume drive mouth motor.
      1)If your volume setting to low(if you are using iPhone, the "level 6" at least your bear start "talk"
      2)More high volume, more word bear would be "talk"
      3)More high volume, less motor noise will be heard.
      4)Wire connecting not suggest, may heard noise.

      Finally I got mime .... Thanks anyway.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      It's cool that the bears are starting to arrive :)

      My tracking says it will leave Hong Kong tomorrow, so I guess they were/are being sent in batches ?

    15. Matthew Muir on

      Hey looks good btw!!

    16. Matthew Muir on

      Hi Ashley.
      Just received the bear - Thank you. Is the tag the special bit? Where do we get instructions, and is there an iPhone app coming? He looks a little silly plugged into my Pendo pad! Also, I think mine is mute. How do I test?

    17. Noel Mercieca on

      Just received the bear!!! Thanks
      Where's the instructions?

    18. Missing avatar

      Greg Truman on

      Just received the bear. Waiting for the android device to power it. I assume your providing all of us apple users this free of charge? Also no instructions or paperwork in the box.

    19. Steven Black on

      Thanks Ruth for getting the update.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Thanks, I have my tracking number now :)

    21. Ruth Jones on

      I also wanted to let you know that Ashley has got over 80 requests for tracking numbers that he is trying to get through, so stay patient please, those that either emailed myself or posted for your tracking number in this thread I have followed up with Ashley and I believe he has sent those ones out.

      So everyone is aware, and to save any confusion, it is the limited edition bears currently shipping, all others should be not far away.

    22. Ruth Jones on

      Okay, a mini update for everyone from Ashley
      Absolutely, the others will be delivered before Christmas as soon as we safely receive the first 300.

      We should be getting the first 300 next week, so the remaining will be sent within days of that.

      Then 2 weeks postal would put them around mid November well before Xmas!

      That was and is the whole point I did not want to risk the whole shipment.

      I dont know the Chinese postal people from Adam.

      I did as much background checking as I could.

      I know of horror stories in China.

      Anyway, once the first 300 are safely in peoples hands then I will immediately organise the sending of the remaining.

      iOS app version really working hard to get this before Xmas.

      Its not too bad, as most of the software runs on our server.

      There is not too much code on the app.

    23. Ruth Jones on

      Edwin, Edmund and nick have requested tracking numbers for you from Ashley
      Ian, have passed on your name to Ashley, all I could give him was your first name and general location, hope there aren't too many Ian's
      Steven have referred your question on to Ashley as well

    24. Steven Black on

      Hi Ashley, if all goes well with the first 300, will the remaining be delivered before Christmas? Also will the IOS version be available soon? Thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Not yet, but he might be working his way through 300 emails :)

    26. Ruth Jones on

      Edwin, Edmund, Ian and Nick, did you get your tracking numbers as yet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Nick Havard on

      Hi Ashley,

      I emailed you a few days ago about a tracking number but haven't a response yet.


      Nick Havard.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Hi Ashley,

      I also haven't received my tracking number yet, I emailed you 2 days ago.


    29. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      Still waiting for my tracking number please.

    30. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carr on

      Ashley, Can you P.M. me the tracking number to my bear also?

    31. Josh Worley

      What is your estimate for the rest of the teddies to be shipped?

    32. Brian Levinsen

      Yes, I got a tracking number, thank you Ashley!

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Congrats, Ashley! And "I know how much you all love my choice of YouTube music, you cant get enough of it" ... Had me laughing out loud. I'm glad things are coming together, and I'm glad we're able to look back and laugh, even a little. An update chock full of information and humor (teddy - arrive with your shield, or on it) ... this made my day. Thank you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Great news !

    35. Missing avatar

      Christine Williams on

      Thanks, great news. When will the app be available on Apple?

    36. Tom Q on

      Fantastic Ashley
      Great news ��

    37. Mecatronico on

      Congratulations Ashley!

    38. Ruth Jones on

      Thanks for the update Ashley :)