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Clothing joys

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Some of the costumes I am making custom made.

These are their first attempts.

Please note this is not my bear their using for the model.

Costumes are made by a separate manufacturer in China. 

For me these clothes are not good enough. I need to work still with the factory to get what I want just right.

As I mentioned in my last update the first 300 will be posted next week, they were going to be posted last week but the Chinese had another holiday.

Two emails from the shipper.

Hi Ashley ! Our holiday will begin tomorrow till 5th ,thanks ! Olny today we can ship out packages till the holiday is over ! So thst is the reason why i requested that you send the details to me ASAP ! Please let me know your plan ,thanks ! Alan ------------------ Best Regards, Alan Zhang PFC Express Logistics Solutions. Tel: 0086-75583727415.Mob:8618680334436 QQ: 2851379075 skype:pfcalan Web: Alibaba: Taobao : 3rd Floor, Building D,minle Industrial Park meiban road longhua new district shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Hi Ashley ! We have received the 300pcs of the Teddy Bear ,please advise me what should i do next ,thanks ! And the only thing i want to ask for you is the SKU of the product so that i can open the fulfillment service and input your products information into our system ,thanks !And also confirmed that the handling fee total is 1 USD ! And what is your plan please let me know ,thanks ! Looking forward to your reply soon ! Best Reards Alan ------------------ Best Regards, Alan Zhang PFC Express Logistics Solutions. Tel: 0086-75583727415.Mob:8618680334436 QQ: 2851379075 skype:pfcalan Web: Alibaba: Taobao : 3rd Floor, Building D,minle Industrial Park meiban road longhua new district shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

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    1. Ruth Jones on

      Just skyped Alan Zhang from his details above and he advises they have shipped out 300 pieces already and are waiting to be told by the factory when they can collect the next shipment

    2. Greg Rudisel on

      Still no bear. Can't wait for the latest excuse.

    3. SaltyBrains

      @tim i bet anything they have not shipped, and that they will never ship. i predict what will happen next is a week (at-least) delay then an update will come through regarding further unexpected delays of some kind, and then a bunch of ranty off topic updates about the sun and the moon, then a few more threats. the usual.

    4. Tim Williams on

      It is October 10... can we get a status update if the bears have shipped?

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Witzany on

      I hope you're right. Last time I checked "every Toy"even plush toys were required to have CE certification.
      I remember german customs not giving out some Pebble Watches because of some shit the creator didn't do. At the end of the day I can still count on the lazyness of customs officers :)

    6. SaltyBrains

      @Christian Witzany
      iv found in the EU that the CE requirement was quoted to be required for anything which connects to mains electricy, so anything with a power plug on it. i doubt the bear (if they even exist) have a mains plug on them so i think you might be okay! though i'v never received anything in germany but its like that in other EU countries (ireland, uk, malta, etc).

    7. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      Think the costumes are fine.i would say don't delay shipping of bears. What I silk don't understand is how you keep delaying things because of poor planning and blame others. It is a constant theme. My advice is to print out a holiday calendar and keep it on your desk. . Our import them into your calendar.
      I understand that there are always unforseen issues but this should have been predicted.

      Also the fact that you claim the shipping company sent you that message and from reading it I see you had no plans sent to them about what they were to do once they received them? You needed to plan better and communicate more often with everyone, vendors, shippers, backers, etc.

      That being said I have faith that you will deliver something as you know it is the right thing to do and I applaud that effort.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Witzany on

      Ashley, i asked this before but i will ask it again since things calmed down now:
      Can you confirm that the bears have a CE-Marking on it? Otherwise i forsee problems with german (eu) customs, i.e. my bear being confiscated.

      Good to see things going forward.

    9. Kristy Fowles on

      What a great update Ashley, exactly what we all needed!
      Including the mail from the shipper was also a welcome addition.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Hosken on

      Who will be receiving the first batch ? As I can't wait.

    11. Aaron Cohen on

      I think the costumes look great, can't wait to see more pictures!

    12. Matthew Muir on

      @Shane - The holiday "weeks" are real. I just had a commercial shipment get rushed so that it could be at the docks in HK before Sept 30... The few days into, and post the holiday are so hectic that often nothing ships. My exporter believes that after the 30th, nothing would leave until October 9th.
      Keep pressing Ashley.... You'll get there!

    13. Heiko Schwarz on

      All's well that ends well ... Keep up the good work, the results look great. Can't wait to hold teddy myself :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on

      The wizard outfit is slick, but I don't think I'm getting any IIRC.

      Side note: It's amazing how many projects on kickstarter I've backed that get delayed by _multiple_ Chinese holidays. If they take half the year off in holidays*, that might explain the 16 hour work days we hear about. :/

      * They don't.

    15. Josh Worley

      Wait, so the bears still haven't actually been shipped yet?

    16. Jeff Heaton on

      Best update since the software being available from the app-store! Keep up the good work.

    17. Timmy Time on

      Hey Ashley! Thank you for the update, we really do appreciate it when they are about the project.

      Perhaps you could elaborate about what you dislike about the current outfits. Is it color, quality, appearance, durability?

    18. Tim Hedstrom on

      You're really turning this around. Keep it up! Excellent update that stayed on topic.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Yay that's great to see

    20. David Urena on

      The Superman outfit looks awesome....thanks for the update.

    21. Mad Git on

      All seems to be going well. Been a bumpy ride but glad it's looking up.