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Bring your imagination to life with FLUX’s 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser engraving and more modular functions.
Bring your imagination to life with FLUX Delta’s 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser engraving and more modular functions.
Bring your imagination to life with FLUX Delta’s 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser engraving and more modular functions.
2,707 backers pledged $1,641,075 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. FLUX Technology LLC 2-time creator on


      Hi, guys! I’m Shawn, co-founder of the FLUX team. Just want to leave a message here to make sure all backers and new friends could find the right place to interact with the FLUX team and community. :)

      As we shared in the latest update, we’ve solved most of the product issues, and kept providing updates on the FLUX's customer support, latest products, and the upgrade kit through emails, blogs, and Facebook fanpages. We will still keep an eye on this page, but won’t be as active as we are on all the other platforms mentioned below.

      Since the FLUX Delta users are from 64 different countries, providing precise and efficient customer support is always a challenging task for us. In the past year, we have improved the support SOP and help center several times after many reviews and updates. Especially, in the past 90 days, the total satisfaction rate was 95% and the average first reply time was very close to 24 hours. We will be working hard on further improving the customer service.

      From now on, we will be more active on the forum and different social media platforms soon! We always feel excited and inspired when we see any work or project shared by our users. We are also planning to build a platform to let the FLUX users share their projects. Hope to get as much feedback as possible from the community in the coming days. :D

      * Email:
      * Support Request:
      * Help Center:
      * Official Forum:
      * Facebook (FLUX Inc.):
      * Youtube (FLUX Inc.):
      * Twitter (@flux3dp)
      * Instagram (@flux_inc)

      - Shawn

    2. RogerM on

      Hi, believe it or not I have not even had a chance to open my original Flux kickstarter backer flux due to illness so I haven't been able to do any of the quests required to get the free Flux Delta+ upgrade kit. Can I just buy it at a discount? I've been out of the loop. You can look me up to verify this. My name is Roger Maki might be user name also.

    3. Javier Alonso on

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      After several months with lots of test, we’re really tired of your 3D printer.

      We’re not going to try any more bad solutions.

      We’ve been testing everything you tell us, what we read in the fórums and our own experience. As we’ve told you before, we have almost 10 years of experience in 3D printing and we cant find a solution for your machine.

      We would like to report several issues regarding the toolhead of the printer, which unfortunately have prevented us from using it anymore.

      Problems like constant (2 or 3 per minute) "Toolhead bad connection", "Toolhead not connected" and "Printer cannot control toolhead temperature" errors arise when printing, even after installing the new USB type C cable and new circuit board you provided us, trying the rubberband and cableholder method (and also trying with various printed parts to try to prevent the connectors from wiggling), and activating the "smart task continuation".

      There were also other problems with the printer, such as the filament detector not working or the mini usb port on the base of the printer being broken an inaccesible, although fortunately they didn't prevented us from printing thanks to some workarounds, butthat was before toolhead malfunctions arose and rendered the printer unusable.

      We would like to know if there is something we can do to return the printer to operational state, or if there is any way in which you can help us.

      The printer serial number is FDxxxxxxxxxx.

      If everything keeps the same, we would like to give the 3d printer back to you and have a new one, because everything looks unproductive.

      Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you,

    4. Missing avatar

      rha on

      @Quang Do, @Jarge Man:
      Go to and open a support ticket.
      Don't be afraid to. They don't respond quickly but the tickets don't get lost.
      The PayPal problems seems to be gone and the tax excess is refunded.

    5. Jorge Man on

      @creator! Hey Flux, how are things going?? There are a few backers that are waiting to receive the tax refund. In an earlier update (8th May), you told us that we have to wait for your paypal account to be fixed. Almost 2 months have passed and we have no feedback about it... and no tax refund has happened...

      Please can you tell us, how is the refund process?? Thank you very much!

    6. Missing avatar

      Quang Do on

      Hey Shawn,
      Can you tell me when I receive my Flux?
      You guy did not respect your backers who helped your campaign succeed

    7. Missing avatar

      Quang Do on

      what's going on?
      It's almost two month with no feedback.
      No more patience for now

    8. QUang Do on

      Hi Flux,
      I did send many email to Flux support team but I never get feedback.
      I need to know when I can get my Flux.
      I'm backer #1670
      order: Deluxe Version, 2 rolls of 500g PLA, a laser engraving module, safety glasses
      survey sent: Jan 26 2016.
      I'm on LOA (leave of Absent) so; please sent my Flux to below address if you haven't sent out yet. Please forward a tracking # to me so; I can easy to track.

      Quang Do
      1610 Lorient Ter
      San Jose CA 95133.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joseph on

      I am a newbie when it comes to 3D printing. If there is anybody in the Flux community that knows a lot about 3D printing & would be willing to help a guy learn or if you are new we can work it out together. Please contact me:

    10. Missing avatar

      Rene Poechhacker on

      please give me an answer on my Request #6761
      regards rene

    11. Ruben Gomez Campos on

      Hi Flux,
      Still waiting for response since 15 April on Flux Help Center (Request #4191) about Tax refund policy.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alta Media Co. Ltd on

      @ Creator: could you give us a guideline about setting of the time and wavelength for the laser head on each particular material for the laser engraving

    13. Missing avatar

      Quang Do on

      Hi Flux,
      I did send many email to Flux support team but I never get feedback.
      I need to know when I can get my Flux.
      I'm backer #1670
      order: Deluxe Version, 2 rolls of 500g PLA, a laser engraving module, safety glasses
      survey sent: Jan 26 2016.

    14. Guy Raz on

      @Dan Smith - thanks! I guess I should have read the instructions more carefully! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      HinJitt Tan on

      i'm stay at Malaysia , and i'm THIRD BATCH backers. but still now haven't received any item or email from DHL or other. how i know mine item is shipping now or loss ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Darkmax on

      @Guy Raz the engraver is the pen holder, the laser can be removed and then you can put a pen in there.

    17. Missing avatar

      Darkmax on

      @Leung Kwa Yat, Hi I had that noise issue, what it fix it on my end was the speed of the filament feeder, I have it now on 0.9 and now it works correctly. The problem with my printer is that the feeder was feeding the filament to quickly to the nozzle so I lowered and now it works correctly.
      I recommend that you visit the forum (, there are a lot of threads where user post this kind of problems and there are answers/solutions to these problems.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan Smith on

      @guy raz they are the same thing there is a button on the module that allows you to remove the laser head and insert the pen.

    19. Guy Raz on

      I didn't find a pen holder in my box - only the laser engraver head. Did everyone get theirs?

    20. Missing avatar

      kolbsimkq on

      Hello Flux Team, I did not receive an email from DHL with the shipping information. Can you please double check.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Gordon on

      Jim is back!
      Problem resolved.
      Happiness reigns.

    22. Leung Kwan Yat on

      typo : have you*

    23. Leung Kwan Yat on

      @Minnie Huang heve done the survey at :…

      i received my Delta after i done that , if you can't find it on that link , it should be find in your email sent by FLUX

    24. Leung Kwan Yat on

      i got some problem with my DELTA, it makes strange noises :

      AND Produced terrible manufactures

    25. Minnie Huang on

      Hi there I want to know when can I get my Flux 3D printer? I send a comment few month ago but still can't get any reply.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chi Man Li on

      Went through the comment history. Looks no Flux team not keen to reply their backers to solve all sort of problems we face here. How many backer still not receive their printer like me?

    27. Missing avatar

      Chi Man Li on

      What is going on here? Your guys sent a DHL link to me about the delivery , but it shown the item being delivered. I keep sending email to your guys about the delivery that I never received but no reply no response from your guys? That is couple of months already. Still no reply.

    28. Missing avatar

      Luan Luu on

      Dear all Fluxers,
      If you need some help on the first time to operate a Flux printer, please following the links or
      Good luck and happy printing

    29. Rene Zuidam on

      Dear Flux Team

      My compliments on your Warranty
      service lets not forget how difficult
      it is run a proper customer service.

      I hope you will keep up the good work
      and bring the world an reliable, affordable
      and extraordinary piece of 3D machine.

      greetings from Netherlands.

    30. Missing avatar

      Freedman on

      Hi creators of FLUX Delta.
      I want to ask about your update # 12 (dec\12\2014) You told that you will absorb the difference between the customs duty & VAT and $100 if any.
      I wrote 3 times earlier to you here on Kisktarter & to your support team. I attached all customs clearence documents to my mails. But you keep silence almost for month.
      backers who recieved money for customs clearence (If any) please write how you do this! Thanks

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Gordon on

      @creator - I too and curious about Jim. I'm stuck with an unusable print module (hot end) which appears to have an internal leak and I've not heard from Jim for well over a week.

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick on


      I'm curious on the status of Jim, I have a ticket with him that I would love to have it be resolved and I haven't heard from him in over 2 weeks. My printer was sent with corrupted software, I was sent a new micro USB and my Flux still isn't doing the proper breathing that it should be and the conversation was halted there. I've had this printer for over 2 months just sitting, I'd like to get some sort of clarity on the next step.

      Thank you,

    33. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      *you should lubricate the ball joints and the 6 vertical rods

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      @Arturo. . You should lubricate the rods and the 6 vertical rods, check out the forum for more helpful tips !

    35. Missing avatar

      Arturo on

      Hello Flux,

      I received my flux delta yesterday and was doing prints without any problems. But when I went to start up a file I wanted to print today I noticed that I received an error regarding the "Toolhead alignment" becoming out of place. So I go to look at the printer and notice that one of the "Diagonal Rod's" came out of the socket where it meets the tool head. This happened 7 times in a row with the rod coming out of the magnetic socket, is this a manufacturing error or just a bad magnetic socket? or short Diagonal rod? Also I am running the flux studio v0.3.0 and the tool head software that comes preloaded (not upgraded). Thanks!

      -Arturo Rodriguez

    36. Missing avatar

      Arturo on

      Just received mine yesterday, and I'm loving it so far! Definitely worth the extra wait!

    37. Missing avatar

      Quang Do on

      Hi Shawn,
      Can you help to update when I can receive my Flux please?
      I did send email to Flux and Simon about a month ago but I have no feedback from you Flux.

    38. Missing avatar

      BAUER on

      Hi Shawn,

      Could you confirm that you received my printer, and the repair is in progress ??

      Thanks in advance,


    39. FLUX Technology LLC 2-time creator on

      I apologize for the slow RMA service for your case. Please read the detailed explanation in my message for you.

      Yours will be shipped soon. I believe it will arrive at your home earlier than the Maker Faire Bay Area! But still, looking forward to meeting you at our booth two weeks later. Please provide your feedback on FLUX Delta then! :D

      @John Harry Carter
      Hello, I believe there must be some misunderstanding. I didn't get your mail in my personal mailbox. I have replied to your message through Kickstarter mailbox. Please check.

      @David César
      First of all, I have to clarify three misunderstandings.
      (1) There was nothing wrong on our invoice. The money we got from this Kickstarter campaign belonged to our "US company" first. But after this campaign ended, all of our team members moved back to Taiwan to focus on the software development and product manufacturing. Therefore, the products were actually produced by our "Taiwan company" in Taiwan. According to the accounting and importing laws, the invoice should declare the value of this package provided by our "Taiwan company", imported by our "US company", but shipped to the individual Kickstarter backer. Which should be just different from the amount that the backer paid.
      (2) This inconsistency indeed confused some backers and customs. But again, it was not wrongly declared. All the shipped packages were attached with the complete shipping information. For most of the cases, the packages still passed the customs after some simple checks safe and sound. And even better was that it helped lots of backers to pay less for the taxes.
      (3) To be honest, the lack of conscience of the Brazilian customs is well-known for people experienced in global logistics. The package size of FLUX Delta is very big. Also, It is a valuable 3D printer. Paying crazily high taxes (another Brazilian backer even paid another 100%) was just inevitable for your case. Asking for fines was just a way of another form for the customs to earn extra money from you.

      I hope I have explained everything clearly enough above. But don't worry, promise is promise. We will still absorb all the additional fees higher than the $100 for you. Please wait around 1-2 weeks for us to restore the availability of our Paypal account. It was temporarily kept on-hold because of too frequent transactions recently.

      @Yap Way Lon
      We attached the item category and HS code with every package we shipped out.

      @Dan Smith
      This is creepy.... According to our record, yours has been sent out on 3/25. The tracking number also showed that it has successfully arrived at the assigned address. I have provided your tracking number through the Kickstarter message. Please check and let me know if there was something wrong...


    40. Missing avatar

      Dan Smith on

      @creator Still have yet to get anything indicating when my printer will be shipped, it was supposed to be shipped on the 15th but that didn't happen. If I don't get some sort of email about the status by Monday night in asking for a refund.

    41. Yap Way Lon on

      Guys, here is a list of import duty for 3D printers by country
      Mine arrived in customs 2 days ago and I managed to advise DHL to use the correct HS Code. In the end they quoted me abt USD 50 for Sales Tax as there is no import duty on 3D printers in my country. If you all want to avoid the unnecessary hassle of asking for refunds from FLux Team please refer to this and advise DHL accordingly as they have the tendency to use the wrong codes. @Flux Team, if you are reading this please try to include the HS Code into the shipment to save money for both parties.
      Thank you

    42. David César on

      I was forced to pay a $178 fine, besides the 60% custom taxes, because FLUX Technology LLC filled the export form wrongly and declared $508 for the goods, instead of the $679 I've pay for my pledge. I sent an email with my complaint but haven't received an answer yet! The good deal has become expensive!

    43. Ron van der Pijl on

      Got mine today, works like a charm, thank you Flux !
      I payed € 176,- for customs.

    44. Martin Zavadil on

      I can pickup my Flux from DHL on Monday. I have to pay € 197,- for customs.

    45. Martin Zavadil on

      May 04, 2016 Shipment picked up
      May 05, 2016 Taipei - Taiwan
      May 05, 2016 Hong Kong
      May 06, 2016 Munich - Germany

      My Flux will arrive in Austria today or on Monday at the latest :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      John Harry Carter on

      This is getting silly,one excuse after another reference delivery! I send a email to Shawn
      asking for my money back but as expected no answer.

    47. Martin Zavadil on

      Yihaaa, my DHL status has changed today to "Shipment picked up".

    48. Missing avatar

      RBothell on

      Look forward go getting mine, I saw them at the Maker Faire last year, and I was hoping to get mine before this years fair. If not shipped by then can I arrange to pick it up at the booth?

    49. diondion on

      Hey flux, I recieved a printer with a faulty motherboard firmware as advised by your staff. Had send a ticket and ask to provide shipping address for the sd card. Ever since, there have been no more updates or replies to any of my emails. That was weeks ago. Please update me? The flux had been sitting on my table unable to do anything for weeks. Will you then extend my warranty in this case?

    50. Cheng Wee Phua on

      Happy camper, received my printer 2 weeks back finally unboxed it today and test the printing function: impressive no complaints. Very happy with the printer. Thanks for all your hard work Flux3d team.

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