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By Austin Wiley
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Dungeon Masters. Have you ever wanted to introduce someone to Dungeons and Dragons, but they seem daunted at how much work goes into creating a character, and confused at some of the lingo? I know I felt that way when I was introduced to D&D and I have friends and family who want to play but don't have the time or energy to make a character. Now you can make it easier to get your friends and family to play with the "D&D player starter kit" ideal for one shots to give them a small taste of what it's like to play D&D.

Inside will contain 12 pre-made level 4 5th edition characters, one of every class, to help you run a one shot quicker and have your players laughing and slaying whatever you wish to throw at them.

The kit will include a character from each class in the players handbook, with an attached copy of all that characters features and traits, and the class's spell list (if applicable).The only thing your players will have to do is select their name and spells, then start playing.

The Kit will also Include a break down of how combat works, and a vocab list of main words we use while running the campaign like natural 20, and its significance, and the D in D20.

Risks and challenges

The main problems that I can run into is technical malfunction on a printer or I haven't got enough binders.

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