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Update #2

Award Profile 2/12: Studio Incamminati Award

Studio Incamminati Award: Emerging Artist Program open to all students in Public New Arts Annual Shows!

Studio Incamminati is a nonprofit art school that is more than a place to learn technical skills in the visual arts.  It offers students a chance to study as the artists in the French atelier and Italian Academia have done for centuries.  Students in the Emerging Artist Program will study from the live nude model and anatomical drawings to create drawings and paintings of the human form.  Emphasized is the need for an understanding of the physical world.  In this way, repetition and guidance from experienced teachers prepares students for to create renderings of the human form that are exact and interesting.

Studio Incamminati-(215) 592-7910 340 North 12th Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Update #1

Award Profile 1/12: LOVE Park/Welcome Center

One student will be chosen to display artwork in the Welcome Center, and any student who exhibits a sculpture for the outside will be invited to exhibit in LOVE Park.The Fairmount Park Welcome Center, located on the corner of 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, houses the visitors center as well as the Fairmount Park Welcome Center Art Gallery.  The Welcome Center and LOVE Park host numerous cultural events throughout the year- changing art exhibitions, outdoor music festivals, live fine arts events, and service projects to name a few.  LOVE Park is also home to the famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, the contemporary icon of Philadelphia!
For more information call 215-683-0247, or visit us on the web: www.fairmountpark.orgClick LOVE

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