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Cast lighter, cast farther, with less effort and fewer tangles with Rexfly. Fly fish all day long and get the most out of your rod. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 28, 2013.

Cast lighter, cast farther, with less effort and fewer tangles with Rexfly. Fly fish all day long and get the most out of your rod.

About this project

Check Update #2 on our 90 day Money Back Guarantee for the Rexfly Casting System

Whether you want to get the most out of a new rod or give a whole new life to your current fly rod, the Rexfly will revolutionize the way you fish. Rexfly has been tested in both fresh and saltwater on steelhead, redfish, striped bass, snook, trout, bass and panfish and it works flawlessly.

I have been fly fishing since I was 12 years old. All the casting over the years caused tendonitis in my right elbow to the point that two years ago it was so painful I was faced with possibility I would have to give up my life long passion. I had to come up with a way to make it lighter and easier to cast a fly rod and along the way I discovered I can cast farther than I ever could before, I no longer wrap my line around my fly reel, along with other advantages over the traditional mounting of a fly reel on the rod. I even inadvertently came up with a fantastic rod holder.


Today’s fly rods are amazingly light and fast. As a result reel manufacturers are scrambling to make their reels as light as possible so they don’t slow down these ultralight fly rods. What you are left with are such delicate reels with so much aluminum carved out that they costs hundreds of dollars and need to be treated with care. Drop a reel or even set it down too hard and you have just dented the rim of the fly reel ruining a spool that can cost hundreds. Some reel manufacturers even machine their reels out of titanium to save weight resulting in a reel costing thousands of dollars.

As light as a reel can get, you will always have the weight of the line and backing. A high quality 6 weight reel with fly line and backing weighs 7 ounces when dry. Get it wet and you have now weighed down your fly rod with half a pound of weight. That half pound adds up when you cast thousands of times during a day of fishing.


The Rexfly fits any fly reel and any single handed fly rod. It uses quick release reel and rod adapters made of lightweight, corrosion-proof aluminum. All you need is a phillips screwdriver like the one that you likely already carry around on your multitool. It works with all weights of fly rods from your 1 weights up to the heaviest single-handed tarpon rods (unless they have some really super long fighting butt I’ve never seen before).

The reel is held on a chest plate that is held in place with one nylon strap around the neck and another around the chest. The chest plate fits under your fly vest and you can strip out line and reel line back in while the fly reel is on your chest just as you would with it mounted on your rod. In addition, with the line hanging straight down from your chest, your fly line is not getting tangled around your gear, forceps, clippers, zippers, etc. as you cast.

The fly rod can be re-attached to the fly reel by simply sliding the rod back on to the reel. This automatically disengages the reel from the chest plate and you can now cast or play a fish just as you would with the traditional setup. When you hook a fish you no longer have to worry about the line wrapping around your reel as often happens with the traditional setup. If you've broken a fish off or worse had your rod pulled out of your hand when this happens you know exactly what I mean. By waiting for the fish to take out any slack line before your re-attach the rod to the reel, you effectively avoid have the slack line wrap around your reel.


With the Rexfly, you don't need to buy such expensive fly reels. Weight is no longer an issue and you can use larger reels that carry more backing so you don't get spooled by that bonefish or permit you spent all day chasing. You can even get away with having fewer fly reels and just getting extra spools for your different weight fly rods.

If you have any doubts about how light and easy it is to cast without the weight of the fly reel slowing down your cast, simply go out to a park or parking lot and start casting your fly rod. Take your reel off the rod and put it in your pocket and in 5 minutes of casting you will realize how amazing it is to cast without the reel. Sidearm casting becomes effortless. Double-hauling is a breeze. Casting a 6 weight rod feels more like you're using a 3 weight. Don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself. 

Not only will the Rexfly help any fly fisher improve their casting, it allows those with only one arm be able to get out and enjoy fly fishing. As a former Marine and combat veteran I spent a lot of time fly fishing when I returned home. For me it was the best way to get my mind off of the horrors of war. I need to get the Rexfly in the hands of our wounded veterans so they can know the peace, tranquility and healing powers of fly fishing. Without any modifications the Rexfly allows a one-armed individual to cast, strip out line, and reel in a fish. Once the Rexfly is in production, I will donate as many Rexflys as needed to nonprofit groups like Project Healing Waters that take our wounded veterans out fly fishing.

Rexfly is ready for production. I am seeking help from the Kickstarter community to pay for some minor tooling changes and the initial production run. With this I will be able to get the Rexfly out to the fly fishing community and the disabled before fishing gets hot this Spring! 

Thanks for checking out the Rexfly and please let everyone know about this project.

Risks and challenges

Production samples from the manufacturer I have been working with have been very good. The Rexfly uses tight tolerances to ensure a secure fit between the rod adapter and reel adapter.

I will personally test and check every Rexfly to make sure it works properly before I will ship them out. Should the initial production run not be the same quality and tolerances as the production samples from the same molds, I will go back to the manufacturer to make it right. As an attorney I have dealt with such issues for clients and I know how to resolve such problems.

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    You get an awesome desert camo baseball hat with the Rexfly logo to show off. International shipping add $10.

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    Your name or any message you want will be put on one of the Rexfly Casting Systems I donate to Project Healing Waters and similar non-profit groups that take injured veterans out fly fishing.

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    You receive one of the first Rexfly casting systems produced at this low price. Get the most out of your fly rod and be out on the water before the Spring runoff is over with your very own Rexfly. For use with any single hand fly rods and reels. US shipping included. MSRP is $70 for this reward. Add $25 for International shipping.

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    You receive one Rexfly casting system before the fishing starts getting really good this Spring. For use with any single hand fly rods and reels. MSRP is $70 so save some money too with no added shipping in the USA. Add $25 for International shipping.

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    You will get two Rexfly casting systems to use on your fly fishing float trip for you and a friend on the World Famous Green River in Utah with me or one of my trusted associates in a mackenzie style drift boat. Meet me in Dutch John, Utah and all flies and lunch included, I'll throw in 2 Rexfly hats too. Transportation to and from Dutch John is not included nor is any lodging. This is more than a $600 value especially when you consider you don't have to tip me and I'll even teach you how to fly fish!

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    LOUISIANA REDFISH ON A FLY! You will receive two Rexfly casting systems and hats which you can use on a fully guided fishing trip for YOU AND A GUEST in Golden Meadow, Louisiana for redfish, black drum, speckled trout and more! Food, lodging and casting lessons are included for 3 days of fishing and 3 nights. This deluxe camp has everything you need including a washer, dryer and satellite tv.

    All meals are prepared by an award-winning chef. This may be the best Southern cuisine you have ever had and definitely the freshest seafood possible. In addition to fishing as much as you want with a guide out of the boat, you can catch your own crab, gather your own oysters, kayak and watch the amazing number of birds, dolphin and porpoise.

    Pick up and drop off in New Orleans so you don't need a car. Air travel to New Orleans and any lodging in New Orleans is not included. Some flies are included but they can go fast fishing oyster beds. Bring your own fly rods, reels, favorite flies and rain gear. Conventional fishing tackle is available as well for the non-fly fisher or if you just want a change of pace. Alcohol not included.

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