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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, November 13 2017 4:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $30,000pledged of $30,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, November 13 2017 4:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gozita45 on

      Does anyone know. if this kickstarter is going to try again?

      I think with YotG it was easy entry point so you would have more people interested in trying something they just need one copy of each faction to get going unlike with a expansion that normally you need to get more resource in order to get started.

      I wonder would it be easier for new players if shadowfist had a action packs based on factions

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Reddy on

      I think it may just be a matter of unfortunate timing. We're getting into the holiday season; people's wallets may be starting to feel the Christmas crunch... Perhaps if this was tried again from, say, February to March next year?

    3. Missing avatar

      Squid on

      This is unfortunate; this set is really good and deserves to be printed. I agree that the Shadowfist community needs to rally, figure out a way to bring in more new players or recapture the backers from YotG, and try again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Davidson on

      I reckon we should try again. I'm not a regular on Kickstarter and so it took me quite a while to get on board with this way of doing things. There are probably other fans in the UK that we can reach out to as there's at least one guy here who doesn't do the internet at all. I was thinking of ordering more for such offline players but the big bundle seemed to be limited to official bricks and mortar stores, and I didn't find time to hook up with our local store to get them involved.

    5. Darklord on

      Is there a plan to try again?

    6. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      So close. Hopefully we'll get there next time!

    7. Darklord on

      I upped mine too, would be amazing to expand the dead factions!

    8. Missing avatar

      Squid on

      Hopefully we can, Matt. I raided my piggy bank and updated my pledge: no more ice cream money, but to be honest Shadowfist is better for my cholesterol! Let's do it, gang!

    9. Matt Woolley on

      Okay, I've pushed the boat out further than I probably should, but what the hell. Can we do this?

    10. Missing avatar

      Tony Adams on

      Will there be an Update today about the Dead Factions pack at $30k, as mentioned in Update #5?
      A full spoiler for the pack would add spice to the last day of the campaign, hint, hint. :)

    11. Shadowfist 7-time creator on

      Hi Scott, yes, Matt his the nail on the head. Start with the base amount for the pledge level, and add on additional quantities as necessary to the end pledge amount. Thanks for the support!

    12. Matt Woolley on

      Yeah, the way I've done it is I've just added on a value for the extra bits and pieces I would like. So, I guess you would be Portal Crawler +$40 +postage = your pledge total. If that makes sense.

      Hoping we hit at least the base target, but we are running a little tight on time!

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Muldoon on

      I want to pledge for two of each Shadow pack and two Action packs. Should I just pledge Portal Crawler and double the pledge amount?

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Kearns on

      LOVE this game! Backed and with the extra in the hopes of "resurrecting" dead factions. I know some people were questioning that decision but I think it's for the best.

    15. Matt Woolley on

      Agreed. Mechanically its not that complicated, but being able to make multiple attacks against a variety of different targets makes things incredibly interesting, gives you lots of options, and as a result makes it a more skillful game (though id argue that with 4+ players the skill level drops, despite being a lot of fun).

      Another reason you always have plenty of options is that you usually draw more than one card, so even when you play out your hand you have choices. Sure, you don't have the strategy of card advantage that you see in MtG or Gwent, but I think the game is much stronger for it.

      So...are we going to hit the target? Do I need to drain the piggy bank to bump the pledge a bit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Squid on

      To me, Shadowfist's strength comes from the player interaction. The game was meant for multiplayer and it shows. It is a blast to play even when it's not your turn.
      Sure, 'Fist has some complex situations but the basic gameplay is quite simple. Once you get the hang of the combat system and the concept of closed vs. open scene, it is pretty straightforward. Again, what makes the game rich is the player interaction. The choice of helping an opponent attack or defend is unique and I know one Magic player who remarked on it and wondered whether this would work for multiplayer MtG.

    17. Missing avatar

      Douglas Raymond SIano on

      Me pitching something as more complex than MtG (L5R in this case) never seemed to work. It only got skepticism.

    18. Matt Woolley on

      I'm a terrible salesperson (which is why I'm a moderately terrible accountant instead), but I can never think of an effective way of getting fist back out there. I agree it deserves to, but the how is the question? Maybe pitching it as the smarter, more complex version of mtg, or latching onto the rebooted Feng shui 2s coat tails? Hope we hit the target either way!

    19. Brian M

      I wonder how many other people are in this same position; I'd really like to get the Dead Faction shadowpack, but it doesn't make sense to add in the extra money for it since it looks doubtful that it will unlock. But...adding in the extra money would be more likely to help it unlock.
      I've backed all the Shadowfist Kickstarters, and while the cards have been great and they've always been delivered in good time, I still think they need to do a better job of advertising these to get more people interested.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tony Adams on

      Will we be getting a full spoiler, or at least more previews, during the last week of the Kickstarter? By my count, we've only had five cards from the main set so far, and three more from the dead factions pack. It would certainly be cool and much appreciated!

    21. Shadowfist 7-time creator on

      Hi Figment, sure, we can do classic era singles on a case by case basis to ensure the requested cards are in stock. Hit me up with a message of your wishlist and I'll confirm we have everything you're looking for!

    22. Figment of Your Imagination on

      Will Classic Era singles be supported as add-ons? I'm still looking for 8 more Fire Ants...

    23. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      Hi Guy, add the total cost of whatever add-ons you want to your pledge. When the campaign finishes, we'll be using a pledge management program - you'll get a survey, and it will ask you, specifically, what your add-ons are, and you fill that in on the survey.

    24. Missing avatar

      Guy Edward Larke

      How do I order specific add-ons?

    25. Desus on

      Thanks! I will check that out tonight.

    26. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      Hi Desus - shadowfist.com has a full list of all the sets that have been released. Right now, we do not have those sets in stock, and no immediate plans of reprinting them.

      I can tell you that for me, personal, I stocked up on them via Hills Wholesale Gaming and Potomac Distribution. I believe both those websites still stock those three sets.

    27. Desus on

      I just realized that with this Kickstarter I get everything but Shuriken and Six-Guns, Critical Shift and Empire of Evil. Any chance I can get boxes of these via this Kickstarter?

    28. Desus on

      I haven't played Shadowfist for several years (about 10). Is there a place where I can check how many sets have been released?

    29. Shadowfist 7-time creator on

      Hi, Matt, yes, Modern Era singles may be added to your pledge! I've updated the project info in the "a la carte" section for this inclusion. Same $1 price as before.

    30. Matt Woolley on

      Can I add on singles from modern as part of my pledged value?

    31. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      @RD we have checked, and we have uncut card sheets, just added to the Fire Sale section.

      @Tony, yep, we now have a retail backer level. Just had to work out the details.

      @Squid. Token decks are now part of the add-on, yes. To add on to a standard reward, add the cost of all the add-ons you want to your pledge. IKG is using pledge management software, so at the end of the campaign you'll be asked to complete a survey identifying what all the add-ons you wanted were.

    32. Missing avatar

      Squid on

      Can Inner Kingdom Games offer token decks as part of the add-ons? How do you add add-ons to a standard reward?

    33. Brendan Evans on

      Making new dead faction cards that are classic legal is a pretty cool idea.

      I'm excited to see what you've got planned for the new set :D

    34. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      @ Torbjørbn, alas, it doesn't fit with the juncture that A Better Tomorrow is in. We're not stringing you along - it's always a possibility when we loop back around to the modern juncture again.

    35. Missing avatar

      Torbjørn Larsen on

      I know I asked last kickstarter, and now I gota ask again hoping for a positiv answer this time :). Is Kang Pao in this kickstarter so that we finally get the last ascended dragon?

    36. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      @Tony - yes, we are working out the details, and plan on adding that level of support tonight.

      @RD - Good question. We'll look into the stock levels to see if we can viably offer that, if we can, we'll update the campaign.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tony Adams on

      Any plans for brick & mortar store support? Maybe as another pledge level, similar to how it was handled for Year of the Goat?

    38. Missing avatar

      RD on

      Any chance of uncut card sheets or art sketches being offered as add-ons, like those included in "The Big One" pledges of past Kickstarters?

    39. Tim Fowler Collaborator on

      Hi Julien - the new dead faction cards will be Classic legal, not Modern legal. The intent is to provide more cards for the for factions in Classic, as we know they still get played. There are no current plans to make cards for those factions in Modern.

    40. Julien Vazquez

      Are the new cards from dead factions modern legal or classic legal?