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Lo-Fidelity Records & The 77s present the official "Drowning With Land In Sight" 2017 Deluxe Reissue Campaign...
Lo-Fidelity Records & The 77s present the official "Drowning With Land In Sight" 2017 Deluxe Reissue Campaign...
563 backers pledged $33,354 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sam Phillips on May 6

      Having trouble with payment. Please PM me, thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      RickLS on May 6

      lookin forward to bein the first kid on my block to have the remastered and bonus material from Drowning... but even MORE so, lookin forward to the DVD - some songs I really like seen done that wasn't on the first DVD!

    3. Mike Beidler on May 5

      So... what's the $35K stretch goal? ;-)

    4. Matt Bovett on May 5

      Wooo Pray Naked and lots of other stuff is out on Apple Music and Spotify today

    5. Randy Peters on May 5

      Congrats to Jeffrey and the 77's....and to all of us! Woohoo!!

    6. Tim Ledbetter on May 4

      Hurray! And to think we all made it possible.

    7. Geoff W Cooper on May 3

      I have a private question. Where can I ask it?

    8. Tim Ledbetter on May 3

      Updated my pledge- going in deep and hope we make the stretch!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Barton on May 2

      Gonna be a nail-biting finish with the stretch goal... hope we make it!

    10. Randy Peters on April 24

      So glad the target was hit! Any chance we'll see a stretch goal?

    11. Jason on April 23

      You made the goal! Nice!

    12. Daniel A Hunt on April 20

      I pledged at the 150$ level, AND added an extra 20$ to get an additional do I make sure thats what I get? (who do I email, basicly)

    13. Matt Bovett on April 15

      (...mostly so that I can share songs from them to my friends and hopefully get them interested in the music.)

    14. Matt Bovett on April 14

      Would like to see Pray Naked and Drowning With Land in Sight on Apple Music and Spotify.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Davis on April 8

      Just pledged $250 cuz I love the 77's and in particular this album. My only complaint, in case anyone from the band reads this, is that the band always seem to self-sabotage in terms of selling themselves. Case in point, I am on the mailing list and this is the first I have heard of the kickstarter campaign for these albums. There is next to nothing about it (that I could find) on their website and I had to find the link to the actual kickstarter campaign through an obscure post in their forum. Come on guys, this music (and these albums) are way too good to leave to chance. Get the message out there and let's get this thing funded. Here's hoping!!!!!

    16. Shawn Smith on April 8

      Just curious,is there a pledge where the cds will be signed?

    17. Nathan Pullar on April 6

      It would be nice if there was an artwork option other than the ultra package.

    18. Mike Beidler on April 5

      Is "Tom Tom Blues" up next for deluxe treatment? If not, you've got rocks in your head!

    19. Jesse Luckado on April 5

      Thank you for doing this, one of my all time favorite albums.

    20. Jeff Snell on April 5

      What a good job you guys are doing. Love this band.

    21. Paul Tate on April 4

      One of my favorites. Still in my rotation of music.