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Let's put Adam Again's classic album "Perfecta" on Vinyl for the very first time. (And we'll do CDs as well for the CD crowd!)
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You don't write, you don't call....

Posted by Lo-Fidelity Records (Creator)

Hey everyone...

I wanted to drop a message and give a long overdue message on the Perfecta Kickstarter progress.  I apologize that it's taken so long to pull all these details together, but this entire project turned into a ton of "hurry up and wait".  But there's also good news...but more on that in a minute.

Whenever we run one of these campaigns, we go in with a solid plan and schedule.  However, with Perfecta we faced the unique challenge of having to replicate the original art without the aid of the original layout files.  Initially this seemed like it'd be easy-breezy as we'd been assured by some trusted sources outside of the band that there was enough original promotional material available to make this process painless.  That turned out to not be the case.

Enter Michael Roe (77s, Lost Dogs) who took time he didn't have to call every phone number he had for Anna Cardenas in his bottomless cell phone rolodex, and then put us all in touch.  Anna ended up digging in her archives (which took almost four months) and was able to locate the original photographs she took from the Perfecta sessions. The only issue was she didn't have a usable negative scanner, and understandably wasn't OK with letting the negatives out of her sight.  So we ended up buying her a scanner, which hopefully will aid her in all her photography work...and by extension, you helped her as well as some of that scanner purchase came from the Kickstarter budget you helped raise.  So thank you!

Once scanning was complete, she sent us the photos, warning us that they look very little like what ended up on Perfecta.  And she wasn't kidding.  We've made a collage of what she sent so you can see for yourselves...

Original "Perfecta" photos
Original "Perfecta" photos

From here, it was up to my graphic designer Marc Ludena to re-create the entire layout to match the original Perfecta design.  By early January, he had completed his task and the vinyl went into production.  We're now pleased to report that the vinyl is complete and our manufacturer sent us a photo of the cover and a couple of the color variations.

Perfecta Vinyl
Perfecta Vinyl

So here's where we're at: The vinyl is complete, and currently making it's way from the manufacturer in the Czech Republic to our warehouse in Illinois. The shipping process takes some time as the records are traveling from the Czech Republic, to France, to New York, then to San Francisco where our manufacturer's USA offices are located...and then on to Illinois. To add to the distance everything is traveling, the records will have to clear customs in the CZ, France, and then finally the USA.

Once everything arrives, we will start shipping vinyl, CDs, and shirts.  Be looking for an email from Kickstarter in the next few days asking for desired t-shirt sizes for those of you that ordered them and all of your current shipping addresses.  We estimate that we will begin shipping everything by late April.  Thanks for your patience in bringing this campaign together, and for the ongoing support of these campaigns.

Lo-Fidelity Records

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    1. Lo-Fidelity Records 16-time creator on

      Ralph - while an appreciated idea, our vinyl manufacturer presses over 10 million records each year. They ship in bulk to record labels and distributors, but not individual records to buyers.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ralph van der Pols on

      Would it be an idea to send the vinyl etc from Europe to the European customers? This would speed up the process, avoid issues with customs and lower your P&P cost...just an idea

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe becker on

      That's awesome news! Thanks for the update.
      I say it often. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
      And it will all work out in the end.
      If we didn't have these problems we wouldn't have stories worth telling.
      The bumps along the way are the stories we tell.

    4. Ben Newsum on

      Thanks for the update, and very pleased to know that Anna's now got what she needs in the way of scanning technology. Maybe we'll see a few more images make their way out of her archive in the not-too-distant future. Super excited for this, and the preview images above look great. Thanks again!

    5. J Edward Keyes on

      Man, the work you put into getting these reissues just right is commendable. I'd rather have it a little later and be, uh, "Perfecta," than early and half-assed. So glad Lo-Fidelity continues to deliver the former and not the latter.