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Let's put Adam Again's classic album "Perfecta" on Vinyl for the very first time. (And we'll do CDs as well for the CD crowd!)
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Perfecta Progress Report...

Posted by Lo-Fidelity Records (Creator)

Wanted to drop in and give everyone a progress report on Perfecta...

We're pleased to report that the initial remaster was completed by Kevin Fromer and approved by Greg and Michele in mid-July.  Kevin did an amazing job and we're looking forward to everyone hearing it.  The next step is mastering for vinyl, which is being handled by Miro Svetinsky at his studio in Long Beach CA. This will hopefully be completed within the next couple weeks.

One hurdle with this project has been re-creating the art.  Much like with Homeboys there are no original art files we've been able to access...which is proving very problematic with Perfecta. At the same time, Lo-Fidelity has been working on some pre-production for some early Lost Dogs reissues, all of which contain photos by Adam Again photographer, Anna Cardenas. Problem is, nobody has known how to get in touch with her for the past few years.  Enter Michael Roe, who took a stab with a phone number he resurrected off an old cell phone and hit paydirt.  We quickly reached out, and Anna has generously offered to help with Perfecta and our upcoming projects. This will potentially delay things a bit as she is busy and will need to locate her photos from the era, but in the end it will make for a better project...and we trust you'll understand.

Speaking of Michael Roe, for those of you into late 80s early 90s Michael Roe and 77s, we launched a short Kickstarter yesterday to reissue his 7&7iS album More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be on deluxe vinyl. 24hrs in, and we're close to goal.  Check it out here -

More news soon...

Lo-Fidelity Records


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    1. Merlyn Barrett on

      Any more progress on when we will see it start mailing out

    2. TrashMan

      I don't mind waiting...sounds cool! Gotta tell us about Lost Dogs reissues too... :)

    3. matthew kucharski on

      Awesome news, and i am excited to hear about the lost dogs reissues!