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An incredible and heartfelt book about the wonderful human reminders that hit home while living in Paradise.

An incredible and heartfelt book about the wonderful human reminders that hit home while living in Paradise. Read More
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About this project

10 Things I Learned Living on an Island is a non-fiction book written by Jason Blake.

The book fits into the marketing categories of inspiration, gift, self-help and Hawaiian interest.  We believe primary sales will come from the inspiration and gift markets.

In format, it is right at about 100 pages (so not too long) and being edited as this is written.  It will have an introduction and epilogue.  Each other chapter will be one of the "things I learned living on an island."  They are simple truths, illustrated through island-life on Kauai, with titles like "We can't bury our trash forever," "We were born to sing and dance," and "We are all in it together."

The book will be printed in high quality softcover with flaps. Distribution will begin through Hawaii and After the initial launch of the physical book, an e-edition will be created also.

Proceeds will complete file prep for professional printing, allow for initial printing and distribution of book and launch marketing campaign.  Note:  This will not be a print-on-demand book.  The bulk of the money will be used for printing and distribution of this book throughout Hawaiian outlets, along with supplementing a marketing platform.

To recap from the video what has already been done (and already paid for where necessary):

-- Manuscript written in full 

-- Book being edited by Karyl Reynolds who has works for a major Hawaiian publisher and is an expert in Hawaiian studies

-- Cover professionally-designed and test-marketed

-- Website and social media campaign ready to go upon book being sent to printer

-- Perfect Hawaiian book distributor targeted, which will give book access to major tourist and book locations in Hawaii, plus outlets like

10% of all profits from book sales will benefit

Goal is for the book to be launched in summer 2012.

Full web/social media-campaign is planned, along with an extensive list of marketing initiatives.

Hawaiian visitor market is 8+ million people per year and 1+ million to Kauai alone.  As success grows here, other island areas will be targeted for promotion and distribution.  Once book is in hard copy, it will also be released in an e-edition, ideally for Amazon and iBooks.

It's a great book that has relevance for most people, will be attractive to the tourist market, is sweet and fun and for a good cause...

Please give! Feel free to contact me if you need more information to make you feel great about backing this unique project.

Everyone involved wants to thank the islands of Hawaii and especially the magic island of Kauai.


  • Pledges are only valid if the full amount is reached. If we don't hit the goal, you get your money back and we have to find another way to get the book printed. It will make it to market, one way or another.

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  • Absolutely, if your award level allows for a copy of the first three chapters and you'd like the full book in that format, we are happy to send it to you. Just let us know once you get your original package. So much of the book is about the hard copy feel that we thought the first three chapters in print/pdf form would be a good teaser for when the book is ready in form.

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  • The primary target market for the book will be the tourists visiting Hawaii each year-- over 8 million people per year! We want a book they can pick up for a quick read and perhaps buy a few copies to take home as souvenirs. That won't work with an original e-book. Plus, even though e-books are popular, still 80% of books purchased are still in physical form.

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  • The book industry is really in transition right now. One of the leading Hawaiian book publishers went from publishing 40+ books a couple of years ago, to 12 books last year, to only three books this year! The publishers are all looking to find their feet with the introduction of e-books and powerhouse in the marketplace. Self-publishing assures that we can get the book printed and distributed more quickly and it has long-been known that well-marketed self-published books yield more profit (in most cases) than books printed through a small publisher. The author has a background and track record of success in sales and marketing.

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  • We'd love that. BUT, we want to stay in integrity with the Kickstarter guidelines, which are that all payments go through them. Also, no money is released to the creator (or charged to the backers) unless the goal is hit. This is the only way to track it and be honest with it. In most cases, problems can be solved by going first to, setting up a new account and then logging into Kickstarter with that new info. The interface between (the store) and Amazon Payments isn't always as smooth and easy as the existing interface would have you believe. For a phone number or email, look at the bottom of this link:

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  • Any "backer of the book of $50 or more will have a discounted price available for the first printing plus shipping for one or multiple copies.

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  • There are two easy ways: One is to click the link at the top of the page of the project and copy that into a Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter "status update" location and include a short note about a friend working on this project. You can also copy the link and send it in email form to your email address book.

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    For $1000, you will receive all of the above, plus a adventure for you and a guest (like a whale watching boat tour or mountain horseback ride) when you are are a) on Kauai or b) I am travelling to your city (city adventure may be modified for its purpose.)

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