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An extensible open-source high current RGB LED fixture driver with integrated analog faders, pushbuttons, microphone, and Bluetooth.
An extensible open-source high current RGB LED fixture driver with integrated analog faders, pushbuttons, microphone, and Bluetooth.
110 backers pledged $5,750 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on May 17

      Last login May 14 2015

    2. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on April 24

      Last login Apr 24 2015
      fuck you

    3. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on September 20, 2014

      Last login Sep 20 2014

      send our stuff

    4. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on August 13, 2014

      Last login Jul 28 2014

    5. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on July 11, 2014

      Last login Jul 11 2014

      i want a refund...Now

    6. Creator Chris on June 10, 2014

      Still waiting on mine too...
      Sort of nice to know I'm not alone.

    7. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on May 26, 2014

      Hello? Hello? Hello?

      Is there anybody in there?
      Just nod if you can hear me.
      Is there anyone at home?
      Come on now
      I hear you're feeling down.
      Well I can ease your pain
      Get you on your feet again.
      I'll need some information first.
      Just the basic facts.
      Can you show me where it hurts?

    8. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on February 1, 2014


      any news / updates



    9. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on January 16, 2014

      still waiting

      see you all next year

    10. Creator Patric Lampert on January 8, 2014

      any idea when you will ship the units?

    11. Creator Tariq Riaz on January 8, 2014

      I still have not received my PILED kit. Can you please give me an update of the status on my shipping

    12. Creator Tariq Riaz on January 8, 2014

      I still have not received my PILED kit. Can you please give me an update of the status on my shipping

    13. Creator Kender on December 21, 2013

      Jorel Lalicki is an unreliable person to do business with.
      Not even an apology for letting us down.

    14. Creator Darrin Sculley on December 12, 2013

      No shipment here either.

    15. Creator Val on December 5, 2013

      I too have not received my 9 x 9 kit

    16. Creator TheGreenMachine on December 4, 2013

      Still still waiting for my 9x9 kit as well. Seems like the lib3 site was pulled. Jorel you could at least explain why people apparently won't be receiving their kits.

    17. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on November 30, 2013

      still waiting

      see you all next year

    18. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on November 17, 2013

      still waiting for mine,,,

      whats the story

      is mine shipped


      come on man ,,man up here

    19. Creator Kender on November 14, 2013

      And another month passed without getting my 15x15 kit.
      Looks like I threw away $85 :(

    20. Creator Luis Ramirez on November 13, 2013

      Still waiting for mine...

    21. Creator TheGreenMachine on October 15, 2013

      Still waiting for my 9x9 unit as well as the power supply I paid for through paypal. Or just as good, a refund. Because with the empty promises of shipping/shipped items and the lack of communication or updates I'm over this.

    22. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on October 10, 2013

      still waiting for mine,,,

      whats the story

      is mine shipped


    23. Creator Jorel Lalicki on October 7, 2013

      Hey all - I'm collecting addresses for the capacitor 'repair' kit. It seems that only the later kits have this issue, due to a change in capacitor brand. Either way, if you have the power instability issues, let me know here:

    24. Creator Stephen on October 7, 2013


      I received the 15x15 kit about a week ago and built it today. Thank you! It works beautifully except for the power stability issue that requires me to power up/down/up to get the system working. I've also spent some time looking at the project on Google code. There's some good stuff there, though I wish the InDesign docs were in PDF as I do not have InDesign.Now that I've got it running I can't wait to explore the functionality. Thank you again!

    25. Creator Julian on September 30, 2013

      I will need a tantalum capacitor repair kit. Do you have a request page or something similar to place the order?

    26. Creator Evaristo Ramos on September 28, 2013


      From reading the comments, I will need the capacitors also, unless you can just provide a link and i will just get them myself.


    27. Creator Jorel Lalicki on September 20, 2013

      Hey everyone - There are (obviously) still some people that still don't have their PILED kits... I am away at MakerFaire for a few days, but will be sending the remainder of the kits when I return. If you are at MakerFaire NY this weekend, stop by - I will be at an outside booth under the big tent.

      Unless anyone objects, I am sending an extra spool of LEDs with the 15x15 kits, and 15x15 kits for the 9x9 backers. Additionally, for anyone who is having the power instability issues, I will be sending out tantalum capacitor 'repair kits' (Thanks Peter for the suggestion).

    28. Creator Kender on September 19, 2013

      No sign of my 15x15 kit, any emails or even a response on my message to Jorel:(
      I hope Hanlon's razor applies..

    29. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on September 19, 2013

      Any update

    30. Creator Dr. Azzy on September 15, 2013

      I have not received the second PILED kit that I pledged for. I was told on august 13 that it would be shipped out. It has not arrived, and it's taken so long that I will now need to change the shipping address. I have sent multiple messages to Jorel Lalicki via kickstarter since then and have not received any response...

    31. Creator Stephen on September 14, 2013

      I pledged for the 9x9 kit, live in Texas, and have not received anything yet. Jorel, I messaged you September 3rd but have not heard back from you yet. Could you please give us a status on shipping?

    32. Creator Keith Rome on September 14, 2013

      Thanks for the heads-up Peter, sure I'll back that. I am actually in the middle of building my own reflow oven, also based on a Leonardo. But I'm doing things a bit differently, and who knows... mine might not even work - so it will be nice to have an alternative option :)

    33. Creator Peter Easton on September 14, 2013

      @Keith - We've been supporting a lot of the same projects for a while now but Kickstarter doesn't allow me to message you directly. I thought you might be interested in a project I've just launched:

    34. Creator Keith Rome on September 12, 2013

      I didn't have time to reverse-engineer the schematic to figure out how important the precision of the capacitance values were, so I just trusted your numbers. :)

    35. Creator Justin Kregear on September 12, 2013

      Thanks Peter. I'll try this when I get some free time and I gather up the parts.

    36. Creator Peter Easton on September 12, 2013

      @Justin, The 3V regulator gets hot because it is oscillating. You need the capacitors.

    37. Creator Peter Easton on September 12, 2013

      @Keith, sorry about the cost of the 220uF capacitor. I just happened to have those lying around, so that's what I used. I'd recommend using this capacitor, but you'll be okay using a smaller one or leaving it out. The other capacitors I mentioned are more important, but don't focus too much on the values. If you have something lying around that is close to those values (especially if they are larger) then just try them.

    38. Creator Peter Easton on September 11, 2013

      @Larissa, Justin. You need the capacitors. See my post on June 23rd.

    39. Creator Keith Rome on September 10, 2013

      See Peter's comments below about it. I haven't done his fix yet (caps are on the way from digikey - I hope it works because that 220uF Tantalum is stupidly expensive). But yeah, it often won't power-up properly.

      However once you get it working there isn't much that can be done with it until those "extended instructions" materialize. There is only so many times you can push a slider or clap your hands before it gets old.

    40. Creator Larissa Swanland on September 10, 2013

      I finally got time to put the board together and actually have the same exact problem as Justin (I think).
      I uploaded the video of power up here :

      (forgive the messy desk... I had an extra hour and decided to put the kit together while I was waiting for my pizza to arrive...) I'll check my soldering in case the sloppiness affected the board, but otherwise, this could be the same problem as others below.

      On a side note my Mac found the Bluetooth easily once I selected, "Automatically Connect" on the Advanced Options. It easily appears as a serial port.
      Also, I wish I had read some of the tips of assembly before, may have helped with how badly I soldered some of the connectors :-)

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