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The Creation of The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive/ International Reggae Museum in St. Ann, Jamaica

The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive/ International Reggae Museum.

Opportunities for involvment in this project are most welcomed. We welcome and encourage Communication from all Backers. 

Board of Directors Chazz P. Morris, Roger Steffens, Colin Leslie. Officers: TBA

Upon Arrival in the hills of St. Ann, the birth and resting place of  the King of Reggae Bob Marley, you will travel the world of Jamaican musical history. You will embark on The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive featuring the world's largest single collection of Reggae memorabilia and artifacts.The International Reggae Museum  will house the Steffens' Archive and the Museum will exhibit other material as well. The Museum's state of the art audio and video collection will allow you to hear and see the creative spirit of Jamaica. See hear and feel the vibes of the Reggae era from the birth of Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady, Dub, International Reggae, DJs, Dub Poetry, and Dancehall Musical icons. Performers like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, I three, Ziggy Marley, The Melody Makers, Culture, Burning Spear, the Skatalites, Gregory Isaacs, Marcia Griffiths, Coxson Dodd, King Tubbys, U. Roy, international artists, along with books, magazines and thousands of hours of videos, Foreign Reggae and  Reggae Christmas, to books, magazines and  on screen. This new business venture is looking to build The International Reggae Museum in Jamaica and is seeking to acquire The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive, a massive and important collection presently located in Los Angeles, California and bring them home to Nine Mile district, Alva, Alexandria, St. Ann, Jamaica.

Location, Location, Location

The Hills of of St. Ann, Nine Mile District is just a stones throw from the birth and resting place of Reggae King, Bob Marley.

Four Acres ascending upwards in Nine Mile District St. Ann, Jamaica
Four Acres ascending upwards in Nine Mile District St. Ann, Jamaica

The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive / International Reggae Museum will be located  betwixt some of the most breathtaking scenery in Jamaica and in the same district where legendary Bob Marley was born and later laid to rest.  A century’s old Great House is located thereon and slated to be a Monument and an attraction as a Cultural Site of Jamaica's Heritage.

Theatre, Eatery, Herbal Garden, FM Radio Station and Museum Store .

These additions are secondary but will add to the ambiance of a truly cultural Jamaican experience.

The Theatre: Every seat in the Museum's theatre will offer guests an opportunity to see, hear and experience a world of Jamaican culture from performances by children in the various Jamaican communities.The youths will be encouraged to participate in old Jamaican traditional theatre, dance and song. Guests will enjoy top of the chart Jamaican artists in an intimate, comfortable environment with superb acoustics. It will  host the finest examples of Jamaica's cultural, traditional, instrumental and vocal artists. In addition to featuring well known live performers and exciting new talents live onstage. The Museum will also encourage performances from throughout the island, internationally and the world.

The Eatery and Herb Garden will showcase Jamaican fruits and snacks. Most visitors do not get a chance to sample our luscious fruits in their supervised travels throughout the island. They will learn about such herbs as the famous Guinea Hen herb recently hailed for being helpful in treating cancer. Unique features such as exotic samples from the local market and special dishes for which our island is famous will be provided. There will be a Medicinal Herb Garden supervised by a Licensed Doctor of Alternative Medicine.

The Museum Store will offer merchandise that educates, inspires and entertains. From CD's to books and jewelry to musical instruments; it will have something for every guest.

Low power FM Radio Station: Contacts have been made with the Broadcast Commission regarding obtaing the necessary Licensing to operate a Low Power FM Radio Station. This radio station will inform visitors of the daily festivities at the Museum.

Museum's Automatic Guides:

Visitors will receive their own personal automatic Tour Guide at the door:   (Fee for each unit – unit to be returned before exiting the Museum) This wireless technology  is called "guidePort"  (Museum Guide System) The content, integrity and uniqueness is in seeing and hearing these artifacts as will be done with special Sennheiser Guide Port compact receivers with headphones. They will be available to guests at the front desk upon arrival. These audio guides are completely automatic with high audio quality. They will  provide the sound track for music and videos at all the different sites around the Museum. This system has hidden identifiers that will be installed at each exhibit that cue the audio guides automatically to exactly the right "sound track" in front of which one stands. With Guide Port's wireless technology , every visitor has his/her own personal tour guide through the museum at his/ her own leisure. Numerous guidePort compact receivers with headphones using wireless technology will be installed  linked to each exhibit as well as monitors to act as personal tour guides throughout the Museum See link below:

Market Analysis: 

Visitors to The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive collection  will travel from all corners of the world to see this one of a kind collection. Within an hour drive from the Falmouth pier, the Museum is accessible to host visitors arriving into  the docking of the world's largest passenger vessels. The Falmouth pier in Trelawny opened February 2011 and now ranks as the fastest growing regional cruise destination in the Caribbean. Jamaica received its highest number of cruise visitors at some 1.14 million passengers of which nearly half of those visitors docked at the Falmouth. Another third docked at Ocho Rios and the balance at Montego Bay. The rise in arrivals allowed the island to beat twenty four Caribbean countries in terms growth in arrivals at a time when nearly half recorded steep declines. William Tatham , Vice President of Cruise Shipping  and Marine Operations, Port Authority of Jamaica expects the island to top the region based on the newness of the pier which attracts cruise liners. Tatham expects cruise arrivals to virtually double over the next four years before peaking. This is based on the commitments from Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. He said the potential is for cruise visitors to climb over the next three to four years from  2.0- 2.5 million. Currently the average spent was $87.35 per cruise passenger in 2010 according to annual statistics published by the Jamaica Tourist Board, but it could rise this year as passengers are spending more, Tatham said. One key official estimates 'visitors-spend ' to exceed $100 million US, 25 percent more than earlier years levels. The museum will have an appeal not only to Tourists but is monumental as an educational place for locals, visitors, and scholars.

Product/Service Analysis:

The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive is a monumental collection that will highlight in great detail the career of Bob Marley and the Wailers, featuring Steffens' definitive collection of their recordings and a massive display of autographed singles from all stages of their careers. In addition, hundreds of Jamaican artists will be showcased along with detailed information about their work. In this manner, we shall trace the story of those who took Reggae from its small island roots and transformed it into a global culture. Priceless artifacts will tell the half that's never been told in a Museum that will be a living history celebrating Jamaica's Musical creativity. Included will be hundreds of autographed album covers and rare singles, one of a kind Marley treasures, posters from around the world, original photographs, fliers, T-shirts, post cards, magazines, books, banners, buttons, and scores of other memorabilia from Reggae's most famous figures including a section devoted to its Spiritual figurehead Emperor Haile Selassie. The contents of  The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive will display a visual and sonic experience that begins with Mento, and the birth of Ska in the early sixties and moving through the era of Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub, DJ(Rap), Lovers Rock, Two-Tone, and Ska Revival, Dub Poetry, and up through the present ascendancy of Dancehall and Raggamuffin. Other items of interest include over six thousand separate and framed Archive items presently being cared for and exhibited in California filling 12 rooms of a two story building there. Also included is the late Geoffrey Cooper's Collection. He was chief audio engineer for NBC who used his access to $10,000 of professional sound equipment to produce outstanding quality master recordings and extremely rare first pressings. It features every year of Sunsplash from 1982 through 1988 representing seven years of unreleased priceless tapes of these historic concerts. He also bequeathed 500 albums and 600 singles, a significant addition to Steffens' Archive.

Some artifacts in the Steffens' Archive will be donated to University to further the study of the History of Reggae and its effect on popular music  and culture today.

The Competition:

The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive is a one of a kind collection. There is no other person or place with such an extensive and unique collection. The Archive represents a lifetime of sacrifice and took 40 years to compile.

The Bob Marley Museum and The Jamaica Institute has a very limited collection of artifacts and lacks the entirety and exclusivity as in The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive. They are both located in Kingston.  Kingston is not a well travelled point of destination because of its lack of resorts which attract tourists. The Reggae Walk of Fame located in Falmouth focuses on retail memorabilia and an imbedded Walk of Stars. The Walk of Fame does not have historical exhibits; rather it is a medley of different cultural subjects and exhibits. It offers very little in the way of historical or educational artifacts.

These exhibits do not tell the whole story or give and educational accounting of the history of Reggae Music. 

Marketing Strategy: 

Since this collection is one of a kind, what better place should these artifacts be seen other than the hills of St. Ann where it all began?  Marketing will be done through electronic and print media to inform tour companies, cruise Lines, hotels, taxi and transport companies both local and overseas. Brochures will be printed and electronic media will reach those both near and far. Private and corporate sponsors will be sought. Advertising campaigns will also be sought through radio and television. The niche market has already been established as people all over the world know and love Reggae Music.

Bringing it Home !

Roger Steffens and Chazz P. Morris, visionary of this exciting intiative, met for the first time  in Los Angeles, California where she viewed the collection in June 2012. Roger is committed in his desire to have the artifacts find it's way home to Jamaica. He is also committed to seeing this project up and running as quickly as humanly possible .

A meeting at Jamaica House in Kingston, Jamaica in July 2012 confirms that The Government of Jamaica has given us it's blessings in this endeavor and vows to help in any way possible to acquire to collection for Jamaica.

Museum:  Earthship  Architectural Plans  

Construction Plans- Steel reinforced structure to house the collection drawn up by Mike Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture and state of the art laser security system.

Museum's Design Model -See: and   (Simple Survival Earthship, you tube video)

Earthship Biotecture is the most radically sustainable, economical building design in the world. It is a passive solar building structure made of natural and recycled materials ; thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization ; renewable energy & integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid building with little to no utility bills. Biotecture is the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. It is a combination of biology and architecture.

The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive / International Reggae Museum
The Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive / International Reggae Museum

Planimetric Map :

Land Space: Comfortable use of four acres of landspace on a slight incline in the center of the town located in Alva , Alexandria, Nine Mile District, St. Ann, Jamaica, donated by Chazz P. Morris.

Diagram of property in Nile MIle District, St. Ann, Jamaica
Diagram of property in Nile MIle District, St. Ann, Jamaica

Timeline : With funds in place, acquisition and building can take as little as one year.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The Challenge is the task of cataloging and creatively displaying such a vast and monumental amount of differentiating artifacts. We will overcome this challenge because of Roger Steffens' himself who is very big part of the Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive. He is committed to being Curator Emeritus at the Museum facility at Nine Mile District St. Ann, Jamaica.
There is a story behind each artifact in the Archive and Roger can tell the story like none other.
In addition to Roger there are Reggae Historians and Scholars prepared to support the project.
Infrastructure and operational goals must meet with the highest level of hi- tech selectivity. Audio, Electronic and Digital Artistry Masters will be sought from every corner of the globe to work in cooperation and collaboration with the Curator Emeritus to make this viewing a truly spectacular experience.

The Team:
Chazz , Roger and Colin (Roger's long time friend and business associate in Jamaica) will come together to take on the bittersweet, painstaking task of carefully unearthing what has been hidden away and protected for so long.

The Risks are the required Special Care, handling and shipping of the Archive. Specialized Curatorial Assistance from Graham Howe of Curatorial Assistance in Pasadena Ca., who is very familiar with The Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archive has indicated that the collection is truly wonderful. His organzation is called Curatorial Assistance, Inc. Founded in 1987, they manage art projects, travel exhibitions, and provide superior museum services to art museums. Their art services include exhibition design, and editorial services for catalogues and publications, photography and digital reproduction, fine art framing and print mounting, packing and crating of art objects, art storage, and art shipping worldwide.

Mr. Howe said there are thousands of artifacts in the Archive that need to be further catalogued which is an extensive but necessary job. He explained that moving the collection is a delicate undertaking that needs attention to detail with regards to specialized procedures in temperature control, wrapping, handling, packing and transport all of which is their specialty. This aspect will certainly be a challenge but one that will be an awe inspiring job. Great care must be taken. The collection must be treated with reverence and careful hands.

Destination "Earthship", Nine Mile District, St. Ann, Jamaica.
The next important aspect of the acquisition of this monumental collection is the structure that willl provide safe housing for the collection in Jamaica.
Having visited an Earthship structure in Jamaica with its unique design and features in 2009, Mike Reynolds the founder of Earthship was contacted in New Mexico, USA. Mike says his Earthship design will provide impenetrable security. Since he has prior experience of building an Earthship in Jamaica he is confident that with his previous Architectural connections, things will go swimmingly well without obstacles. He will provide Design, Construction Drawings, Staging, Materials, tools, equipment and manpower.
If tools and materials are not readily available in Jamaica, necessary items will be shipped in as an option.
Providing security will be a challenge and because of the risks involved with providing full proof secure housing, the best and most efficient Security Organization in the region will be sought to secure the collection from ship to shore and beyond.

Government of Jamaica (GOJ)
Regarding Jamaican Laws, Considerations Licensing and Operations within the Museum, interest has been expressed by the Government of Jamaica in giving its blessings to this endeavor, with a committment to support it becoming a reality.
Government entities listed below fall under Government jursdiction.
It is expected that these aspects will be well received.

Attraction Incentives:
The Jamaica Tourist Board. (JTB) via Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Tourism Product Development Co. (TPDCO)
Declaration: National Cultural Site : Jamaica Heritage Society (JNHT)

Attraction Licensing:
Non-for-Profit Foundation - Company Registration :
The Companies Office of Jamaica (ORC)
FM Radio Station:The Jamaican Broadcasting Commission
Inspections: Police Liaison /Security and Fire Certification inspection. Approval: National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA)

As a Dual National, a Citizen of the USA and Jamaica, I am able to conduct
the necessary business in the USA and in Jamaica as well as with collaborating entities in the International diaspora with global support.

Constant Communication will be maintained to keep all backers fully informed.


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