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Two childrens books that are ready for print, but funds have run dry to complete the projects! Kids in Utah & Idaho need these books!

Hello, folks! My name is Jake Stone and I'm a blue collar guy transitioning into the world of writing children's books. I've been a creative guy my entire life andwas always a very good student. However, after high school I was naive and thought I was ready to start working full time and that college could wait. Jump ahead 12 years and I have a wife, two small children, a mortgage, car payments and a job I find completely unsatisfying. It's simply a paycheck to me. I want to use my creativity to etch out a career for myself. It's what I feel I was meant to do. My job is so physically demanding and my body is deteriorating at a rapid pace. In the last year, I made the decision, at the urging of my wife, Nicole, to stop dreaming about being an author, and actually do it. I'd come home from work every day and complain about how bad my day was at work. I became miserable. I was literally only happy on the days I wasn't at work. Even Sundays weren't enjoyable because I knew that I'd have to go back to work the next day. I couldn't take it anymore. My family are all HUGE Oregon Duck football fans. I made the promise to my toddler daughter, Braelyn, that I'd write a Ducks book for her....Jumping ahead several months, I'd written the book, "The Oregon Duck: Pride of Autzen Stadium." It officially was released in January of this year. It's sold well and garnered some media attention. I had a full newspaper article written about me as well as a tv news feature. I began work on my next two books, "Ute Thunder: University of Utah Football" and "Bronco Blue: Boise State Football." I chose those two schools because both have rabid fan bases but no children's books about their teams for young fans to enjoy. Skipping ahead to now, Both books are near ready to print. The method I used to publish these books is a hybrid form of self-publishing, where I pay for the printing, illustrations and for the services of the publishing company, and in turn, they basically deal with the details of it getting made and getting to market. I had planned to use profits from the Oregon Ducks book to pay for these two books, however the funds that I thought would be available just aren't there. I am hoping to raise $9700 to complete these two books. I've factored in costs for shipping rewards, etc.

Currently, I'm enrolled in college and having begun the journey to gaining a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing/English with a focus on fiction, and am also Minoring in US History. I still have the same job, but I use it as motivation to push forward to realizing my dreams. Once these two books are published and on the market, I will focus completely on writing childrens educational fiction and pursuing it through traditional publishers.

I hope you see the value and noble effort behind my projects and can see it in your heart to jump on board and get these books out there to the kids!

Thank you,

Jake Stone


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