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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 5 2014
CA$ 25,208
pledged of CA$ 30,000pledged of CA$ 30,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 5 2014

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DICETINY Just Went Full Release on Steam!

Posted by Fakedice (Creator)


Hey guys,

We are happy to announce that Dicetiny just went full release on Steam!  We want to thank you for your support because, without it, this wouldn't have been possible. 

We had our ups and downs ever since we started this project, and we now feel a lot more relieved to get the full game out.  However, we're not going to stop here; we will continue to improve the game moving forward. 

Meanwhile, in celebration of the release, we made a full launch trailer, which some of us at Fakedice think is based on a true story.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

 Alright guys, thank you again, and see you soon!


Dicetiny on Steam

DiCETINY is fully launching on Steam July 22nd!

Posted by Fakedice (Creator)

We're happy to let you know that, after being on Early Access for almost 9 months, we're finally fully launching on Steam July 22nd!

Over the course of our early access journey, we added more characters, stages, and developed unique game mechanics. We had our ups and downs on Kickstarter, but we want to thank you for your support and hope to continue this journey with you guys. 

We made a full launch announcement trailer. (This video is not the official trailer and is just for announcing the date. We will make another trailer that shows more details.)


Here are some images of some of the things we've worked on. 

Beer Holder 



 New Stages 



 New Enemies 



 Alright, guys! We hope we will see you guys next week!


Dicetiny Steam Store Page

Update is Now Live!

Posted by Fakedice (Creator)
Hi guys, 

The latest update is now available, and here you can read the full patch note.  I will just quickly highlight here what have been added to the game.

New Features

We added the new features covered in our last Kickstarter update, and they are World Map, Campfire, Relics, Card Storage  You can Read the update preview number 1 here.

New Enemy Characters

There are total of five new enemy characters added to the game, and one of them is T-alek, a robot character inspired by Dalek from Dr.Who.  Would you care for some tea?

 The New Steam Banner

Along with this update, we were planning to change the banner as well just to fresh things up.  We came up with a few candidates but couldn't decide which looked the best and would stand out the most.  So we ran a poll on Steam Community Hub a couple of days ago to decide which banner was the best.  Here's the poll.   It was very exciting for us to see so many comments, and made us think maybe we should do this sort of thing more often in the future.  Oh btw, here's the winner.  Don't forget to click on it when you see it on Steam. =)

 Alright guys, have a jolly weekend, and hopefully we will see you guys in the game!

Mike "The People's Community Manager"


New features we are working on!

Posted by Fakedice (Creator)

Hey guys!

How are you guys doing? We just had a long Lunar New Year break, and now we're back working hard for our next update. For those of you who haven't followed us on Steam, we're introducing new features through this update, and today we will briefly look at those features.  

The update by the way, will come very soon.  Probably sometime next week or the week after that, so please stay tuned!

Here's a video of me talking about the new features.

World Map

First World Map. inspired by the maps from Super Mario, you can challenge the stages that are currently unlocked in any order you wish as long as they are unlocked, however we're currently considering to make this a linear progression for most of the stages. Some stages are locked at first but clearing stages with a castle will unlock them. The goal of the game is to clear all the stages within a certain number of days given (In this case, 28 days) with each stage costing 1 day if you play it, which means if you die in a stage, that counts as 1 day, and retrying it will cost another 1 day. If you fail to clear all the stages within 28 days, the world is doomed, and will be ravaged by the ruthless force of Dead Serious.


Campfire is where you can buy minion/spell cards as well as relics with the GEMs you earned by clearing stages. You can also manage your decks and relics. Entering Campfire costs 1 day so think carefully before you make that decision.


Relics are passive skills that are triggered if your dice show a certain number. Each relic is assigned with a number, and the relic's skill is activated when that your dice show that number. You can unlock relics by clearing stages, and can equip up to three of them to your hero.

Card Storage

Let's say you have 2AP, and there's this card that costs 2AP but don't want to use it now, and save it for later. Then all you have to do is place it in your card storage slot (storing the card in the slot costs 2AP in this case), and use it when you think is the best time to use it. This will avoid putting that card back to your deck if you draw a card when your hand is full. This new feature is surprisingly fun and addictive, so give it a go guys.

New Office

RENT IS TOO HIGH!  That's what we said last month when we found ourselves in a position where our contract was about to run out and we had to find a new and cheap, place to move in soon.  Luckily our prayers were heard.  A game company called Smilegate rents out office space for free to indie developers here in Korea, and we were lucky enough to be selected.  Here's a video that shows the small office. The place is alright. There's a gym downstairs and even a coffee machine. Only problem we have is that they have super tiny toilets and the cleaning lady rarely empties our garbage bins.

New Animation Effects

Lastly, here's us checking out the new animation effects for lightening from the latest build.

Alright guys, have a great weekend!  

Mike "People's Community Manager"


The latest update on Dicetiny. Steam Early Access.

Posted by Fakedice (Creator)

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