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Dr. Moorehead's Fun Box is a party game designed for grownup sensibilities that is fashioned like a Victorian Era parlor game.

The Fun Box is a simple comparison card game with a bawdy sensibility, guaranteed to turn a humdrum gathering into a mirthful and merry event.

How the antidote works...

The game is comprised of three separate decks:

1) Ailments (Usually a noun or active verb i.e. “Walking in Someone Else's Sleep.”)

2) Treatments (Usually a category or adjective i.e. “A Chapter in My Autobiography”)

3) Doctor's Orders (A directive or challenge to be performed by the players)

-Each player draws five Treatment cards.  Here are some examples...

-One player is selected to draw the first Ailment card and places it face up for the other players to read.  Here are Ailment examples...

-Players choose a Treatment card based on what they feel best fits the selected Ailment and hand them face down to the player who drew the Ailment card. Players then draw another Treatment card, as they will always keep 5 cards in their hand.

-The player with the Ailment card then chooses which Treatment card s/he feels best suits the category. 

-Here is an example of what a potential match up may be...

The Ailment (category) card may be...

The winning Treatment card may be...

-The player who submitted the winning card earns a point for the round.

Doctor’s Orders cards hidden throughout the Ailments deck give players the option of performing the challenge posed on it.

If the challenge is met it enables that player to submit a bonus Treatment card in any one of the subsequent rounds, thereby improving their odds of winning that round.  A few examples of these tasks to be performed if the player wishes to are...

The game is finished when any one player garners 5 points, or when your neighbor complains about all the noise.  

In the spirit of Victorian era “snake oil” medicinal products, Dr. Moorehead's Fun Box has a retro,1800s throwback feel, complete with unique period style illustrations on each card that will provide a sharp and humorous contrast to our often strange (and even more often) very inappropriate cards.

Funds will go in part to create the original 555 unique illustrations for the cards, the packaging design, and an initial small scale run of our finished product.

We have tested our current prototype extensively and the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we are confident that this party game will find its way into every discerning board game cupboard in America. Possibly even the friendlier regions of Canada!

Your help is vital and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. To your health!


  • Once we have the funding, we will immediately hire our artist and graphic designer to create the images for each card the design the Victorian Era theme for the game. From there we will have it printed and packaged. The research we have done shows that the funds will basically be divided evenly between these two phases.

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  • Once we have the final product, it will be available on our website which is currently under construction. We also aim to have it in stock at other popular online retailers and business fronts.

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  • As soon as possible. We have set Summer of 2013 as our goal, but with the approving hand of fate, even earlier.

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  • We project that it will retail in the $20-$30 range.

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  • Dr. Moorehead's Fun Box is designed to be enjoyed by 3-15 + jovial players.

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  • No.

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  • The game, at times, has a twisted sense of humor, can be offensive, and sometimes uses colorful language. However, it is not pornographic or mean spirited.

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  • There is no additional fee.

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