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An enchanting Adventure/RPG set in a magical realm. Master spells, battle foes, and quest forth in this full-length game.
An enchanting Adventure/RPG set in a magical realm. Master spells, battle foes, and quest forth in this full-length game.
3,157 backers pledged $125,174 to help bring this project to life.

April Antics

Hello, Backers!

There’s not a whole lot to report since our last update, but we figured it was time to check-in and let you all know that we’re still alive and that progress on Mage’s Initiation continues to move along at a steady pace.

Development Days

We’ve been continuing our development strategy of tackling one act per month. Unfortunately, Chris’s PC unexpectedly went down in the middle of scripting Act 2 and he decided to kill two birds with one stone and (finally) do a system upgrade from XP to Windows 7, in light of the rapidly approaching end-of-support date. This took a while to straighten out and ended up setting things back by half a month. Not too bad, really, considering how far development has progressed since our January summit meeting. Everything is still in good shape. We’ve also recently got the final forest layout mapped out and traversable. We can happily report to you that Act 2 has been competely finished, and we’ve just commenced on scripting Act 3 of 4! But don’t get too excited yet -- there’s still an obscene amount of combat and RPG code to link to the main gameplay, and a lot of stat/XP balancing to test and finetune. This all means that we still have no solid timeline for the release, but as we’re sure you all understand, we really want to take our time to make a good, non-rushed title, reminiscent of the Sierra classics that you’ll enjoy playing - and replaying!

Swag Stories

The “Art of Mages Initiation” books are being designed and put together as we speak. We’ve also just finished up the character trading cards and will soon be researching foil packaging options (and designs) for them. That should be a lot of fun! The Demon’s Deal card deck designs have also been completely finished but we have yet to have them manufactured or printed.

Art book concept pages
Art book concept pages

Tax season means that Rachel, our CFO/accountant gets busier than usual with non-Himalaya duties, so we’ve had to put the swag manufacturing on hiatus until things settle down on that front. But on the plus side, this has allowed for a more solid focus on development for the past month or so. Slowly but surely, the swag items are being checked off the list. Of the physical items still needing to be produced, there’s the Art Prints, T-Shirts, Posters, and Game/DVD boxes… that’s about it. Not much to go, and definitely manageable. No doubt, we’ll have more to say about these items in future updates.

(Note: One of our Severed Head " Augurer" backers has not yet replied back with reference photos - we've sent you an email, so please get back to us when you see it.)

Greenlight Status Update

Himalaya’s Adventure game, Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine, has hit position #76 of the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight out of 1,606 total games in the system. Looks like we’re in the home-stretch now and have a high chance of being greenlit within the next month. If you haven’t voted and left a comment yet, remember to do so while there’s still time, and you’ll be automagically entered into our contest to win any 3 Steam games of your choosing. Thank you!

Shoutout: Dead Synchronicity

Here’s a shoutout to a very interesting-looking 2D adventure game on Kickstarter. Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is just over 50% funded with a week remaining on the clock. The script features dystopian overtones, and the game pays homage to classic adventures (The Secret of Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle) but revolves around a more mature theme, along the lines of games such as I have no mouth and I must scream or Sanitarium. They could use some help in reaching their goal, and the art style looks quite distinctive and unique.

In conclusion, we’d like to once again say thanks for your support, votes, patience, money, feedback, and anything else we’ve left out! We’ll be slugging away at Act 3 in the meantime and will continue to keep you in the loop. Happy spell-casting!

The Himalaya Studios Team


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    1. Chris Warren on April 6, 2014

      Yeah, that's what really put me off, too - the Metro UI and having to install 3rd party applications just to get Windows working how it should have worked in the first place. It's just peculiar that MS attempted to cater so heavily to smartphone/tablet users while eschewing their core PC customer base with this release, and I suppose the lackluster sales of Win8 speak for themselves. They seem to get it right every second OS, so hopefully Windows 9 will take all of the negative feedback into account and turn out closer to an improved Win 7.

    2. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on April 5, 2014

      Win7 is the only version that I've recommended from launch (and I've used everything from DOS 6.22 on up). It was the smoothest release of an OS that MS has ever done. Win8 I won't touch, however, due to the Metro UI. I know there's Start8, and similar free programs as well, but I don't like having to run a third party application to essentially restore functionality to Windows.
      Viva la Start Menu!

    3. KSimms ✵ ✵ on April 4, 2014

      XP has been my favorite Windows version. I still have it on a desktop at my home.

    4. suppafoxe on April 4, 2014

      Thanks for the update :)

    5. Jeremie Lariviere
      on April 4, 2014

      Thanks for the update

    6. Tomimt on April 4, 2014

      I actually do prefer Windows 8 myself. The same rig I used to run Windows 7 is noticeably faster with Windows 8.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott
      on April 4, 2014

      Glad that the upgrade was straightened out. I've done those XP -> 7 upgrades and even one very similar to your scenarios. They're a beating, but it's so nice to have it done. Trying to switch from 32 to 64 bit doesn't help, either. You should have been able to get a "downgrade" license and bits for Windows 7, though. I know I've seen those around and MS does do it, though more for companies than individuals.

      And Windows 8 isn't as bad as a lot of people make out. It's different, but not horrible. If you get in the habit of hitting Start (win key, whatever), then typing the name of your app instead of digging through a start menu, it's pretty similar to 7 in that respect. I started using that more often to get to my most used apps and it was faster. If you're die-hard on that start menu, get Start8 from Stardock, but I rarely used that even in Windows 7. :)

      I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the project. Looks like it's going pretty well and I'm excited about it.

    8. Chris Warren on April 4, 2014

      I've had this XP installation since 2001, and even that was an upgrade from Win98, so there was a lot of clutter on my system. Yet, I had to be certain that all of my settings and files for all my game development programs would transfer across (e.g. Photoshop, Flash, 3DStudio etc.) so that I wouldn't experience much downtime with having to reinstall programs and so forth. I used a program called PCMover to handle the transfer of all my files, programs, and folders. It was good, but it didn't transfer everything 100% perfectly. Plus, I was also upgrading from a 32-bit system to 64-bit, so that presented a few hurdles, too. A bit of time was spent afterwards tweaking, reinstalling, and cleaning things up. And I initially wasted a week or so trying to salvage my old XP installation. Also took me a while to find a copy of WIndows 7 for sale, as Microsoft don't sell it anymore.

    9. Sin Huan Chan on April 4, 2014

      What could possibly happen to cause a 2-week delay? Upgrading from XP to Windows 7 shouldn't take more than a day.

      Keep up the good work! Windows 7 is great.

    10. Himalaya Studios, Inc. Creator on April 4, 2014

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing with the crash. At first I thought the learning curve would slow me down somewhat, but Win 7 has actually increased my productivity in a lot of ways. (Didn't want to touch Windows 8, though!)

      Joost Brouwer (AKA PaladinValiant) is the backer who still hasn't supplied is with his photos. We've sent him emails, but they've all gone unreplied. He used to work on the Hero6 project, so I already knew him from there. Perhaps other people who used to be associated with Hero6 might still be in communication with him?

    11. Dave, Shadowrunner on April 4, 2014

      Take your time and do it right. While we'd all love to have this game completed soon, no one wants a rushed game that is buggy and unpolished.

    12. Dablue
      on April 4, 2014

      Who didnt reply yet? perhaps one of us has him or her on twitter so we can bombard them with "reply!?!?!?!?!" messages

    13. Dablue
      on April 4, 2014

      I am not a religious man.. but some force greater then us has crashed your XP machine.... all hail windows7 ! ;p