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An enchanting Adventure/RPG set in a magical realm. Master spells, battle foes, and quest forth in this full-length game.
3,157 backers pledged $125,174 to help bring this project to life.

Private Backer Forums Now Open!

Posted by Himalaya Studios, Inc. (Creator)

Hello, hello initiates! We trust that you’ve had a chance to rest up after the big celebration on Friday night! Once again, a big resounding THANK YOU from us! We were floored by your amazing support, and while the campaign was not an easy endeavor, you certainly made it a lot of fun!

Private Backer Forums Open!

With that said, it’s gotten quiet and lonely in here! So without further ado, the private backer forums are NOW OPEN! Here’s how you get started: 

1) Register for a forum account here using the same email address used to make your pledge, whether it was with Kickstarter or PayPal. We need to match the address used to register with the address in our backer reports.

2) Send our forum administrator, Sean, a PM stating you’d like access to the private forum. His username is navynuke04.

3) Upon verifying your email address, access will be granted!

If you’ve already registered with us before on a different email address, just drop Sean a PM and tell him the email address you pledged with.

Help With Failed Pledges & Pledge-Upping

We’re also happy to say that it looks like a vast majority of the pledges came through on Amazon, so far we’ve lost less than 1% of our grand total to card errors. However, we did get a few messages from folks whose pledges failed and wanted to correct them. Amazon policy is that you have 7 days to fix failed pledges, which often entails calling your bank/credit card issuer and authorizing the transaction or updating an expired or stolen card on your Amazon account.

If you’ve passed the 7-day window and your pledge has still failed, don’t fret, just give us a shout and we can set you up again in PayPal.

Also, if you’d like to raise your pledge and didn’t have a chance to, fear not, we got a Donate button where you can enter any amount (be sure to add the correct amount for shipping if outside the USA.) Be sure to include the tier you are upgrading to in the Note section, as well as a shipping address if your new pledge entails physical items!

Well folks, the party’s over and we’ve got to get to the grind on getting Mage’s Initiation out, and making all the splendorous extra content that you generously funded come to fruition. We’ll be keeping you up to date at least once a month on the game’s progress, and status updates on the reward items/head’s up for when you’ll get your tier’s survey. Thanks again so much for your generous support! 

 The Himalaya Studios Team 


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    1. mike smith on

      @Blake - yes, I tried yellow, and also typed "STAR backwards" - the verification system has no sense of humour.

    2. Himalaya Studios, Inc. Creator on

      Christian, I'd estimate maybe 2 months to be on the safe side? This is because we're placing our resin figure orders soon, and it'll be maybe another 2 months to complete the art/design work for some items after factoring in their production and shipping times.

      We just want to make sure we hit a happy equilibrium where we have enough for everyone's pledges, extra to sell, but not so much extra that we literally got space for nothing else!

    3. Christian Garner on

      How long will the option to "pledge-up" be available?

    4. Russell Deitch on

      What color is a snow? I hope someone proof-reads in-game? :)

    5. Chris J. Breisch aka Balinaeri on

      @Blake - Yes, I ran into a similar problem, as I've been watching Once Upon a Time with my wife. #DarkSnow

    6. Sean Nichols (navynuke04) on

      I'm working through the requests for forum access. I've got a TON of them, so give me a day or so after you PM me.

      My email inbox is being spammed by the forum informing me of new PM's. it makes me feel popular! ;)

    7. StromIV on

      Amazon should send out an email if the pledge fails or succeeds.. Should. I checked my bank account and the payment went through, but I didn't receive any email from them. If you haven't received an email, check whatever account you made the payment to, and also check your 'Backer History' that show what you have backed, and the pledge amount. The Backer History will tell you if your payment has failed or been collected, and when it was collected.

    8. Blake on

      Apparently answering that snow is "Sometimes yellow" when registering is the wrong answer.

    9. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Thanks for the heads-up for the backer forum. I just sent a PM to gain access.

    10. Missing avatar

      Snake2715 on

      Glad you are allowing the donate to upgrade.. depending on the next few weeks I may jump up a few tiers.

      Thanks again for the hard work here, and on previous games. I have been on the forum since 2006, so sent the PM off to request private backer access.

      Thanks again and really looking forward to it.

    11. William

      I believe if a pledge failed, amazon should have sent an email about the issue and how to fix it as well.