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An enchanting Adventure/RPG set in a magical realm. Master spells, battle foes, and quest forth in this full-length game.
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Pre-Halloween Update

Posted by Himalaya Studios, Inc. (Creator)

Greetings, Mages in training! This is just a brief update to keep you informed about the latest happenings with the game's development.

The Story Thus Far

We've continued to make excellent progress, slashing our way through the combat-related bugs and issues, since bringing our new programmer on board! We've completely eradicated the combat spell-specific bugs from our list now. To give you an idea about the magnitude of this accomplishment, there are 4 playable character classes in the game and each has 6 combat spells, which makes 24 combat spells in total. Each combat spell had approximately 20 bugs associated with it (initially). So, that's 480 issues, just for the combat spells! We fixed all of those, but new bugs kept creeping in with nearly every fix, due to the intertwined nature of the battle system. Whenever we fixed one bug, it would cause another (sometimes 2 or 3) to take its place. For a while there, it was a case of taking one step forward and two steps back, but we eventually got on top of the bugs, got them under control, and ultimately, checked everything off. I don't even want to hazard a guess at how many spell-related bugs we've addressed over the past couple of months, but it's easily over 1,000!

Seriously, our combat bugs list is so large, that we even have it sorted into sections where different types of combat bugs are categorized. For example, there's a spells section, and each spell has a sub-section, listing its bugs. There's a monster section, where each monster has its own sub-section. A boss section, a GUI section, a loot section, and a general issues section, and so on and so forth. Having resolved all of the entries in the spell-related section, we have most recently turned our attention to the monsters and boss battle sections. 85% of the monster-related issues have been resolved and approximately 80% of the boss battle bugs have been cleaned up. Things are definitely getting closer to completing the combat system now. Though new bugs still manage to creep in here and there, so we need to be vigilant.

Truthfully, it's difficult to write an interesting update when the entire time since the last update has been spent polishing and refining the combat system. We're working away at it, every day, including weekends, yet it's hard to convey in words the amount of progress this constitutes, since there's only so much that can be said about it. Some of these bugs have been so elusive that a few have involved 14 hour sittings just to track down and fix a single issue. in any case, there you have it - an accurate outline of what we've been working on.

Since we haven't finished fixing the combat bugs yet, we still don't have an estimate for when the voice-less beta will release. However, If progress continues at the current rate and the bugs behave themselves, we'll certainly get there sooner than later.

Latest AGS Game Assets & Stats

The latest AGS engine stats for Mage's Initiation, fresh from the editor:

Total sprites: 19016 / 30000  

Sprite folders: 865

Total views: 782

Total GUIs: 72 Inventory 

Items: 300 / 300 (Since the game uses a dynamic inventory system, we have over 300 inventory items)

Characters: 213

Dialog topics: 393 / 500

Upcoming Events

If you're in or coming to NY or NJ, you'll definitely want to check out some events that Himalaya will be participating in!

This one is awfully short notice, but here goes: tomorrow, October 22, Rachel will be showing Mage's Initiation at the Playcrafting Fall Expo held at Microsoft's Times Square office, conveniently located across the street from Port Authority. The expo's very reasonably priced and there'll be over 75 other games plus free pizza!

And if you're in the area December 1 which is one just one day after Playcrafting's November demo and play night, Rachel will also be teaching a class all about taxes for indie developers.

Himalaya will also have a booth at Gameacon which is going on in Atlantic City November 20-22nd! Stop by and say hi if you're making the trip!


Here are a few shoutouts to some adventure game Kickstarters:

The Journey Down : SkyGoblin have been making quality point & click adventure games for a long while now. Having previously released chapters 1 and 2 of their polished, African-inspired title "The Journey Down", the fellas are now reaching out on Kickstarter to fund the 3rd chapter.

Memoranda: Memoranda is an interesting point-and-click story-driven game based on a series of short stories involving everyone from a WWII survivor to an elephant trying to become human and the game looks like it's going to be an amazing surrealist experience!

And as the Mages' Tower bell rings, signalling the end of "spelling" classes for the day, this, in turn, brings a close to this edition of the Kickstarter update. We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Until next time!  

The Himalaya Team


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    1. Chris Warren on

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Was traveling!

      @jorlinn on Linux: Well, I'm a pretty thorough tester, so I try to make sure that everything is fixed on our current to-list before moving onto the next sub-section of tasks. And I frequently revisit older issues that have been fixed some time ago to make sure they're still working. Sometimes, I actually do find the occasional old bug that resurfaces, but they're typically pretty fast to resolve again. As to the cause of these bugs, it really depends. Some of them are common, while others are completely independent of any other factors. Sometimes a bug can be as simple as a typo in a numerical value which causes wildly different results than what's intended.

      Anyhow, once I have personally tested the combat system thoroughly and feel it's stable, and no new or old issues are present anymore, that's when we'll release the beta version and see if testers can break anything. Only when the beta testers can't find any more issues, will we release the game. That's why the whole process takes such a long time. I mean, were the layperson to play-test the combat system right now, it would probably seem perfectly functional and the bugs non-existent. But that's only because I'm aware of where all the obscure little game-killers are lurking, which can still be triggered under very particular conditions. During the later stages of alpha testing, these are kinds of bugs, the ones that cause game-halting fatal crashes, that we're trying to flush out and fix.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Jones on

      I appreciate the update. It is good to hear that work is continuing at a steady pace!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dasselaar on

      Thanks everyone for your hard work and persistence! :_

    4. ShadowNate on

      Thank you for this update.
      Keep us posted!

    5. Otter

      Thanks for the update.

      Killer work!

    6. jorlinn on Linux on

      Nice update. I'm curious though how you have eradicated all those spell bugs and you are confident that not any more will pop up. did they have a common cause?

    7. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    8. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Congratulations on making great progress on this very ambitious project. And thank you for always providing informative status updates! :-)

    9. Blake on

      Cures for the stress addressing issues include: Bacon. All forms of alcohol (Wine. It's 'Win' with an e), Mario Kart. Good luck, folks.