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The Eta Clock shows you where the people in your life spend their time. Stay informed without prying with a beautiful, analog display.
The Stata Clock shows you where the people in your life spend their time. Stay informed without prying with this hand-crafted, analog display.
The Stata Clock shows you where the people in your life spend their time. Stay informed without prying with this hand-crafted, analog display.
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    1. Rhiannon

      This is the Weasley Family Clock from Harry Potter! I love it <3 I can't wait to give my parents the gift of knowing where my sister and I are at all times.

    2. DC Creatives Creator on


      Yes! We will be utilizing BackerKit after our campaign ends and will have all of our clocks available as add-ons as well as some other fun things we have in the works!


    3. Brandon Wright

      Hello, will we be able to add more clocks after the Kickstarter closes, perhaps as add-ons through Backerkit or something?

    4. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Sarah,

      The Eta Clock mini only has two hands - due to its small size, there is not enough room to fit the mechanisms for 4 hands. If you would like to stay connected to 4 people, our full size Eta Clock can hold up to 6 hands.


    5. Missing avatar

      Sarah Waddoups on

      Is it possible to get 4 hands on a mini size?

    6. Preston Collins on

      And I was the last donation to make this project fully funded! Congratulations Guys!

    7. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Elijah,

      Thank you for your suggestion of making an LCD display. However, the Eta Clock is designed to be an analog device as we feel it provides a more unique experience. We love nostalgic engineering and believe there is something truly special about combining modern capabilities with mechanical representations.

      The "lost" location is only triggered when a user has had no geolocation updates for more than 5 days. This is a rare scenario when either the user's phone has been turned off for more than 5 days or the user removed the app from their phone more than 5 days ago. In both cases, it is impossible for us to know where the user is located and therefore impossible to track.

      We have designed the Eta Clock to provide people with peace-of-mind and the ability to stay connected to one another - however, it was not designed to take the place of good old-fashioned communication. If someone on your Eta Clock appears "lost" and you have not heard from that individual in more than 5 days, the clock could simply be a gentle suggestion to reach out to the person and reconnect.

      Thank you for your suggestions and comments!

    8. Missing avatar

      Elijah Anderson on

      Please! Make a small LCD or LED display. If lost it shows last position, maybe if they are lost allow that person to be tracked. I would personally freaking out if all the information I got on my child was "lost"

    9. Autonomous Smart Office on

      Not only is a physical representation of location more experiential and revealing to how we spend our time, but I also find it helpful for managing my free time more efficiently. Great idea and good luck on the rest of your campaign!

    10. DC Creatives Creator on


      In order to be considered "at a destination" and not "in transit", you need to stand still for more than 10 minutes. In transit is defined as moving more than 4 miles per hour. We have tested the transit feature in NYC traffic and it does a very good job determining that you are still moving, albeit slowly. Most of the granularity issues we struggled with in the past were limitations of the mobile operating system as Apple throttles geolocation updates in the background.

      We are still investigating incorporating other devices into the ecosystem - so stay tuned!


    11. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      I like the api support. I can for example say when my phone is connected with my car I am traveling. Or maybe use other possibilities beside my phone to let my people know where I am. When I am logged in to my work computer I am at work :-)

      Just a funny thought how long do you need to stand still till you are "out" and not "traveling"? For example when I'm in a traffic jam I'm still "underway" and not "out of town", but when I park my car by for example a park I'm "out" and not "underway". Same with a subway. When I need to change train and waiting for my next one I'm still traveling

      I'm really looking forward to the product :-)

    12. DC Creatives Creator on


      In the event something dreadful happens and our company can no longer support hosting the location tracking service - we will provide each of our clock owners with instructions on how to setup their own host, thereby open-sourcing our code. After seeing how much people love our device in their homes, we can't imagine ever taking that away from them. Rest assured, we will always find a way to keep you connected!


    13. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel on

      Since your location is communicated via your proprietary cloud, I am concerned that I'd have a $400 paperweight if you decided to stop supporting it for whatever reason. Should I be?

    14. DC Creatives Creator on


      We do not currently offer the clock internals without the clock face, but our clock faces are easily removable and exchangeable. You could therefore make your own face and exchange it for ours once you receive your clock. If you would like, we can ship your clock without a face and provide you a small rebate after production.


    15. DC Creatives Creator on


      Locations are defined per user. If your wife visits you at work, she will appear "out" and you will appear at "work".

      We do not currently support the example of you both appearing as "family" when you are in proximity to one another as we do not keep any information that would allow us to deduce that you two are, in fact, family members. You could be friends, colleagues, etc. Your wife could store your work address as a "family" location and then she would appear as "family" when she is visiting.

      Very interesting idea about gaining access to our server-side API! We have not opened our API yet, but we are open to that idea in the future and look forward to seeing what other ideas people have for their data.


    16. Critfailure on

      Is there an option where we can get the components of the clock without the face? That way, we could make our own face?

    17. justwes on

      @Creator For clarification:

      Are the locations defined to an icon and whomever is at that location is therefore at that location? If my wife is visiting me at my office, it will show her as being at work along with myself and we'll both be marked at work?

      Or is it defined per user? If my wife visits me at what I have tagged at work it shows her as "lost" or "transit"?

      Also another thought, can you define a location as being another user's location? There is a family icon, if (in the above example) my wife is visiting me at work it shows her as family, meaning she's with someone in the family, and shows me at work.

      Dang, another thought: will there be API support so that we can tie other stuff in, such as IFTTT, or even tie it to new services? It would be cool to tie the server side component into a GTD/Time tracking app so that I could see how long is spent somewhere etc...

      I'm happy with backing this project and excited about what the Clock has to offer. I'm just asking questions as they come to me so I can explore the possibilities, sorry for all the stuff.

      Thanks for the awesome project.

    18. DC Creatives Creator on


      Yes! We currently allow up to 20 different addresses to be associated with each icon type.


    19. justwes on

      Will the icons allow multiple locations for a user?

      Example: one family member has two jobs, or multiple office locations, and the work icon would track both locations.

    20. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Stacia,

      Yes! We will allow a user to belong to multiple clocks - each configurable independently - for example a user could share their work location with one clock but not another. We want to give users maximum flexibility!


    21. Stacia Kilpatrick on

      Can a person be tracked on multiple clocks? We'd love to get one for our home and my partner's mom, so she can also keep track of us, but we live in separate homes.

    22. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Giacomo,

      Sure - We have now added Italy as a shipping country. Thank you for your support of the Eta Clock!


    23. DC Creatives Creator on


      My apologies - I didn't realize you had already purchased! You should be able to update your shipping location to the Netherlands now.


    24. Giacomo

      I'm in Italy... is it possible for you ship here?


    25. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      I see only Australia, canada, Germany, Singapore, turkey, United Kingdom and United States. I have super early bird

    26. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      Thanks. I'm feeling a lot safer now!

    27. DC Creatives Creator on


      We have added the Netherlands to our list of shipping countries. Feel free to choose whichever country you feel most comfortable with.


    28. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Chimaera,

      The users of our app will never have to pay a fee - if their clock owner chooses not to continue using our service, we will no longer track their location but will not disable their account. They may choose to stay in the Eta Clock community and join another clock at some point.

      In the event something dreadful happens and our company can no longer support hosting the location tracking service - we will provide each of our clock owners with instructions on how to setup their own host. After seeing how much people love our device in their homes, we can't imagine ever taking that away from them. Rest assured, we will always find a way to keep you connected!


    29. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      I live in the Netherlands. Don't know what the shipping costs will be? I have friends in America. So I can also let them send it to me...

    30. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      Thanks for the quick response. I believe the users who use the app to sent their location to my clock don't need to pay? What happens when the annually users stop paying (for example they don't use the clock anymore)? Do you have a solution for that? I'm sorry but I had bought more products that is useless now because the service is stopped.

    31. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Critfailure,

      If you choose our top reward (Custom Eta Clock), you can customize your hands to have a hole in the middle. One of our stretch goals is to allow backers to choose a shape, image, or letter to be cut or engraved into each hand, thereby giving you the ability to add your own image - let's hope we get there!

      While we plan to offer customizable hands in the future, we are not releasing them to the public until they are perfected.

      Thank you for your support!

    32. Critfailure on

      How customizable is this clock (depending on the reward you choose)? Can holes be made in the hands to put in pictures?

      I am looking for a Weasley Clock and want to know how close you all can come.

    33. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Chimaera,

      Thank you for your question about our service and its potential costs. In the future, we do anticipate charging clock owners a small yearly fee to maintain the location service. However, for Kickstarter backers, we are are offering free lifetime service. I have updated the rewards section of our campaign to clarify this point.

      If there is a specific location in Europe you would like us to ship to, please send us a message and we would be happy to work with you!

      Currently, our app does not support using a configurable IP address. There are a few reasons for this, but the main reason is that our server does many things besides relay geolocation data. It also relays location information for saved addresses, handles user membership (who is invited to your clock), etc. While we completely understand your concern about data privacy, we would not be able to create a fully-featured Eta Clock with a customizable IP address. Please see our privacy policy ( for more information about how we use and store data. Hopefully this addresses some of your concerns.


    34. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Gina,

      Thank you for your support! We have absolutely been considering creating removable icons for exactly the reasons you have mentioned. We love the idea but the engineering will take a bit more to perfect. We hope to offer it as an upgrade option to our Kickstarter backers once we are funded.


    35. Missing avatar

      Gina Milone on

      This idea is absolutely amazing! I would love to see a more affordable and customizable version in the future. Maybe it's made out of recycled materials where the icon spots are notched out so you can buy icons that are pertinent to your life and can pop em in and out when life changes. That way you're not out $500 because little Timmy decided baseball sucks and he'd rather do gymnastics. Maybe even a plywood or heavier plastic could be an option. The etching just feels way to permanent for a busy and changing lifestyle. This also opens the door for more revenue
      if you have different icons and styles to continue to sell over time.

    36. Missing avatar

      chimaera on

      I really like this idea just because I'm a Harry Potter fan and this idea is copied from Harry Potter (this clock is also visible in the house of Ron Weasley). There are a few drawbacks... I don't like that I'm dependent on your service. What happens when you can't effort the server costs anymore? Will this product become useless? I don't like that I don't have my data in control (my GPS is send to an American company). Maybe also add shipping to Europe?

      Can you change it so that I can use my own ip in the app? And host the server (close sourced) by myself?

    37. Kyle

      Great, thanks for the speedy reply :)

    38. DC Creatives Creator on

      Hi Kyle,

      Our Very Early Bird special will be disappear in a few days but other rewards will open. I have enabled our full-price Eta Clock reward to help clarify our tiers.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    39. Kyle

      Your reward tiers are very strangely set up...

      I don't understand how you can think to reamove two of your most popular pledge options in 5 days time, and make your goal of $30,000. While only offering coasters, and another option that only the wealthy can afford.

      Just food for thought.