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A war vet, a misanthrope and an illegal immigrant seek salvation in a pair of inexperienced drug dealers staked out at a desert motel.


THE GATEWAY is an exciting ensemble film that tells the stories of several people whose lives intersect in an explosive way at the rundown desert motel, The Gateway. Equal parts crime thriller and modern western, the film highlights the chaos that plagues modern time and has a similar tone to the films of the Coen Brothers. The story is an inspired continuation of the characters George and Princeton, central figures in Little Odessa, our award winning and internationally distributed short and our self-released comedic web series, The Stooges”.


Chris, an Iraq war vet, has taken up residence at the Gateway Motel, hiding from his ex-wife who’s threatening to take his son to Phoenix. His only friend Zack, the assistant manager of the motel, is an ambitious young man stuck in a place that has little use for ambition. 

Among the peculiar group living at the motel is Chad, a slovenly manager who uses his minimal power to sleep with the maid. There is also Fred, an ancient janitor with no other place to go and Lupita, an opportunistic beauty with penchant for nice things.

The dysfunctional balance of the motel is shook up with the arrival of George and Princeton, novice drug dealers from the city trying to set up a deal with a group of teenage Asians. On their tail is Ken, a slick oddball hit man assigned to make things right one way or another.

Despite their best efforts to keep to themselves, George and Princeton get sucked into the drama of the motel and the regulars soon begin to see them as a means to a better life. 

Stories begin to intertwine when Chris and Zack decide to steal from the drug dealers, though they’re unsure exactly what they’re stealing. Ken falls for Lupita, clouding his judgment and challenging the patience of Chad who’s desperately trying to maintain the status quo.

When the drug deal turns bad, an accidental gunshot starts a chain reaction changing everyone’s lives for the good, the bad, and the indifferent.


We plan to film THE GATEWAY in early 2013 in the deserts of southern California. We have assembled a production team of industry professionals and are in the process of putting together a cast of recognizable talent on the rise. 

Our current cast includes ERIC PUMPHREY star of the popular web series "The Online Gamer", RAWN ERICKSON from his hit YouTube Channel "Hiimrawn" and LUKE EDWARDS who has starred in such films as THE WIZARD, NEWSIES and LITTLE BIG LEAGUE. 


Our budget is quite small by Hollywood standards, but making a feature film is a giant undertaking.  It takes enormous time, effort and money to make dreams into reality.  While we are still raising funds through multiple avenues, the funds we raise on KickStarter will help our production run as smoothly as possible. 

Some ways your money will help are...

  • Paying, feeding and housing our amazing cast and crew.
  • Production costs including equipment, locations and props.
  • Post-production costs such as sound mixing and color timing.

...and countless other expenses that go into creating a film.


Our internationally distributed short film LITTLE ODESSA gained awards and praise playing many prestigious film festivals including The Palm Springs International ShortFest and winning Best Film at the Edgemar Short Film Festival. We also produced and distributed the web series THE STOOGES featuring cast members of THE GATEWAY.



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NATAN MOSS (Writer/Director) is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, photographer, and editor. A native Californian, he spent two years in the Middle East working as a photojournalist before moving to New York City to pursue graduate work at Pratt Institute. After receiving his MFA in video art, he began showing photography and his work is currently represented in the collection of Agnes Gund; president of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In 2004 he returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry initially working as an assistant to director Liz Friedlander on her film Take The Lead. Since then he's worked as a visual effects editor, editor, assistant editor or second unit director on such projects as Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live") and Evan Almighty starring Steve Carrell. Most recently he edited a yet to be titled project for the producer of Mullholland Drive and The Ring.

Natan founded his production company Amnesty Pictures in 2003, and began making narrative films. Since it’s inception he has made four short films each having traveled the film festival circuit. The most recent, Little Odessa, gained awards and praise playing many prestigious film festivals including The Palm Springs International ShortFest and winning Best Film at the Edgemar Short Film Festival.

LEE SACKS (Producer) is an independent film producer based in Los Angeles. He is a seasoned production professional who has worked at Red Wagon Entertainment, the production & management company Anonymous Content, Tower of Babble Entertainment, and assisted Director Joe Nussbaum on Disney’s PROM. Lee has produced a number of projects and films including Little Odessa, Dilf, Dear Babushka, and the web series “The Stooges.”

LUKE EDWARDS (Producer/Actor) began his career in the industry as an actor at just seven years old. After booking a handful of commercials and small TV appearances, he got a break when he was cast in the critically acclaimed NBC mini-series "I Know My First Name is Steven." Soon after, Luke landed the title role in The Wizard. He portrayed the son of Robert DeNiro in Guilty By Suspicion, became the first teenage manager of the Minnesota Twins in Little Big League, and he sang and danced alongside Christian Bale in the Disney musical Newsies. 

 With a rich film and television background under his belt Luke is now currently focused on production. He co-founded a cine gear company and produced a handful of spec spots for Heineken, Adidas and McDonalds as well as a range of web shows including "The List", "The Stooges" and the forthcoming "Lying for a Living".


I believe in the power of hopeless dissatisfaction…in it I see an unlimited wealth of comedy, sadness, joy and reflection. 

With a background in fine art and a love for popular entertainment, I appreciate artists who are able to find a balance both of depth and commercial viability. Preston Sturges, Sam Peckinpah, Woody Allen, Billy Wilder and the Coen Brothers are among a few obvious examples, but there are many others less famous producing work within this tradition and my goal is to count myself among them.

We believe The Gateway is the type of film that can straddle these two worlds. It is a Thriller/Comedy modeled after our award winning and internationally distributed short film Little Odessa. An intelligent story with a complex set of characters and a fully conceived narrative, The Gateway combines suspense and humor forcing us to both fear and laugh at this ensemble cast of malcontents.

My vision for The Gateway most closely resembles what happens when characters from a Tarantino film show up to a motel run by David Lynch. Sweeping vistas, a mouse farm, free cornflakes and a pool filled with bleach – The Gateway is a film that borrows heavily from many film genres but in essence falls into none.

Natan Moss


The team behind THE GATEWAY is made of driven professionals who know how to create amazing projects on tight budgets and under difficult circumstances. Everyday we work harder and inch closer to making this film a reality and with your help I know we can accomplish our goal to create an amazing film.

We thank you for taking the time to read our KickStarter page and hope you feel confident enough to give us your support.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are many challenges in making a film and we know that we inevitably will come across such hardships. Money falls short, the weather doesn't cooperate, equipment breaks and time runs out.

One of biggest hurdles is financing. $15,000 isn't going to put us over the edge to our budget goal, but it does go a long way to helping us move closer. That being said the timeline on our project is dependent upon financing, cast availability and other practical production concerns. While our hope is to begin production early next year, in time to complete the film by the Fall of 2013, it is difficult to predict with certainty.


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