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A Minimal Fountain Pen Designed to Distill Writing to its Finest, Most Essential Form. A Seamless Link Between Mind and Reality.
A Minimal Fountain Pen Designed to Distill Writing to its Finest, Most Essential Form. A Seamless Link Between Mind and Reality.
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Update #3

Posted by Trilogy (Creator)

Last update we had writing components on the way and expected the pens to arrive to us by now. We have received our nibs from Germany and our Schmidt converters. Packaging has been sorted out and is scheduled to be delivered soon. Unfortunately, there have been a few substantial delays in the manufacturing process of the pen itself. We failed to account for a long factory-wide holiday which delayed the order from beginning manufacturing. Furthermore, we discovered very minor issues with the second generation prototypes. We were faced with a choice of between taking a 15 day delay to get final production prototypes to ensure the problems were fixed for mass production, or risk the mass production run being wrong and potentially being unable to fulfill our promise of a perfect pen and being forced to deliver sub-par product. We chose the former option. Factoring in holiday delays, prototype delays, shipping time, and production time, we expect to have the pens in our hands and being fulfilled April 26th at the latest. The factory has said they will do everything they can to speed up the process, but will not sacrifice quality. We apologize deeply for the delays and are learning great lessons to improve our work. We would like to thank you all again for taking the plunge to be the first adopters of our pen. Because of you and your support, we will be able to share this design with many others in the future. This has been a far more turbulent fulfillment than we ever expected, and we appreciate your understanding and support. As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you. 


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    1. Alex VM on

      thank you for the update

    2. Missing avatar

      David Landman on

      As a pen lover and collector - I would rather have a perfect pen. So thank you for the dilligence and the update.
      Having said that - the delays are begining to feel a bit frustrating. I hope this would be the last of them. If it is not - may I suggest that yhe next time you state a date which you can actually meet, manufacturing problems notwithstanding. I am finding it very hard to recommend Kickstarter in general and your company in particular to others.
      Hoping for a better result.

    3. Scot Kane on

      I appreciate the update. I too would rather have the project take a little longer and be right than rushed and substandard. Like most of us, I understand a delivery estimate is just that. Estimates change and you are communicating both the reason for the delay and a realistic change in the ETA.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Stein on

      Thank you for your transparency. I got this pen on a bit of a whim so I'd rather have a perfect pen late then risk a shoddy product. I've been burned on quality on other crowdfunding products that were rushed to market.
      See ya in 6 weeks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I appreciate the update, but this is not good. I understand things happen, but come on. So, what free gift will be included in our 2-month late order?