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Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
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    1. Missing avatar

      James C
      on June 2

      I like that you guys are at least responsive. That does instill SOME level of trust.

    2. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on June 1

      You are all right, the refund should not take this long.

      We asked the same question to our manufacturer and they provided us with A letter from their accounting firm:…
      In the letter they specify that they have to transfer the money to the same account they received it from in the first place. The issue is that as we closed the business, we moved from Germany and closed the operating accounts as well. Now we need to fly back and open the account there to get the money.
      Again, we are committed to get your money back as soon as possible and working on it every day.
      We will be in Germany on June 20th to re-open the account and hopefully this will all be resolved soon.

      Thank you for your patience.

    3. Missing avatar

      James C
      on May 30

      Any update on how much we're getting back? Seems to be taking an awful long time for an accounting.

    4. Anthony Elias on May 18

      Anybody get a refund yet?

    5. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on April 21

      Hi @Anthony Elias, No one is running with your money. We are here and we keep on sending updates whenever we have news to share. Yes it takes a long time and we are trying to get things done and refund your money as soon as possible.
      There is a big difference from building a working prototype to mass manufacture it and we learned it the hard way.
      When you start a project at Kickstarter you have a dream and a vision in mind but sometimes things don’t go as planned. As first time entrepreneurs we did a lot of mistakes along the way that maybe an experienced entrepreneur wouldn’t do but this is the risk and also the beauty of the platform.
      We are sorry that you are sour about our project and also understand the disappointment but pleased don’t throw accusations and paint us as thieves.

      Hi @Peter Frey, Once we receive the money from the manufacturer, we will use Paypal as the most efficient way to distribute the refund. If there is an issue with that we will deal case by case.

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Frey on April 21

      Any insight as to how refunds will be processed. Will the credit card we used be refunded? What if our credit card information has changed since the initial transaction last year?

    7. Anthony Elias on April 20

      This product along with the Kado wall charger have soured me on kickstarter. People put time into creating these cool videos to show you how everything is going to work (while most of the time the product looks completely finished) and then they just hightail it and run with the money. The Practix guys may be on the up and up when its all said and done but this is taking a very long time and we havent heard back from these guys in a while.

    8. Anthony Elias on April 19

      Wheres the money guys?

    9. Missing avatar

      Niklas Gareis on April 14

      I'd like to second James' and Tom's request

    10. Missing avatar

      James C
      on April 13

      Any update on refunds?

    11. Tom Monroe
      on April 12

      Can we get an update on the status of refunds, please?

    12. Missing avatar

      Glenn Menein
      on March 14

      Sorry to hear that the challenges that developed were insurmountable. We were appreciative of your communication during the product development and were really pulling for you to find a way to accomplish your dream. We're also impressed with your willingness to do the right thing for your backers. Please keep us up to date with pertinent information as you move forward. Best Wishes - The Menein family

    13. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on March 12

      @Cédric M. Campos,
      We are talking to the factory almost every day, they want it done as much as we do. The traction document are handled by lawyers and banks so it takes time.

      We want to finish this as fast as possible, give the money back and move on.

      Thanks for the patience.

    14. Missing avatar

      Cédric M. Campos on March 10

      Any updates on the refund?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lothar Kottnig on February 20

      Oh Mann, das ist ja echt blöd gelaufen. Das war bzw. ist echt eines der besten Kickstarter Projekte und ich hatte mich schon voll auf Frühling im Park mit den Practix gefreut...
      Ich hätte jetzt auch kein Problem 30-50€ mehr zu zahlen, aber das wird euch wenig helfen, fürchte ich

    16. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on February 20

      @Maren, thanks so much, it helps allot !

      @James C
      We know that is sucks, big time, and I hope we will be able to make the product some day. I will contact all the people that want the product when that day comes.

      We have nothing to hide in regard of the expense, all the money went for product development and different camping fees with the records to back it up. We do try to get as much as possible from the factory to give you the money back.

      Thank you for your patience.

    17. Missing avatar

      Maren B. on February 19

      Dear Practix-Team,
      I was quite sad reading your latest update as I was really looking forward to your product. Nevertheless, it is perfectly understandable given these difficulties and obstacles you had to face or are still dealing with. I hope you will revive the project some day as I still think that your idea is great!
      Wishing you all the best,

    18. Missing avatar

      James C
      on February 18

      Not to mention that their listing says they had two prototypes already, so hard to believe it could be R&D expenses.

    19. Missing avatar

      James C
      on February 18

      Soshike, per Kickstarter's TOS, they would have to demonstrate what the funds have been used for and in what amounts, then refund the difference in proportion to amounts pledged.

    20. soshike on February 18

      though the money raised from the project could be treated as R&D investment, at least delivery cost should be fully refund because no product was delivered to us.

    21. Missing avatar

      James C
      on February 18

      Just got your update.
      1. That sucks because I was really looking forward to this.
      2. What does "refunding AS MUCH AS WE CAN" mean? We are entitled to full refunds. Nothing was delivered.

    22. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on February 17

      Hello everyone,
      Our apologies for missing an update, we will post one tomorrow.

    23. Missing avatar

      Binaifer Kadwa on February 16

      Please update us, there’s been no communication for two months like others have commented.

    24. Missing avatar

      Russ Doiron on February 16

      Hello Sivan and Assaf,

      After monthly updates through 2017, your updates on the progress on this project have now stopped. There has been nothing for two months. Is there going to be an update on the progress of this project soon? If not I will have to request a refund.


    25. jack sneed on February 14

      Sivan & Assaf,
      Is there an expected ship date yet? I will be moving countries in the coming months and need to know how to get my order etc.

    26. Anthony Elias on February 13

      Last update was almost 2mos ago. Whats going on guys?

    27. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 30

      Hey Sam, I totally understand your frustration and am sorry that you feel this way. Please be advised that personal issues like refunds is much more efficient to contact me in private message, this way it has much faster response.
      In our current situation, to be fair to everyone, we don't issues any refunds till we get expense estimations and finish negotiation with the factory.

      Please contact me on private if you have more questions.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sam on January 30

      Hey there, any response to my comment on the 22nd Dec? 4 months overdue now. Sam

    29. Anthony Elias on January 24

      Any new updates?

    30. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 14

      @ Einar,
      Hey, thanks for the support.
      The app with the sensor is piloting right now and we are improving pretty fast.
      Our focus in on the weights right now, that is why we dont release much information regarding the smart functions. Currently we can automatically log about 20 exercises with good accuracy. The design is a bit different from the idea because of engineering challenges but has the same functionality as described in the campaign. You can see it in action here :…

      Have a great day

    31. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on January 14

      How is work on the app and tracker coming?

      I'm still very much looking forward to getting the final product and understand delays. Hang in there and get us the best product possible.

    32. Brian D. Ferguson on December 30

      Still looking forward to your product. Keep at it!

    33. Missing avatar

      Sam on December 22

      Hi there, this has now dragged on way too long and I would like a refund please. Delay after delay even if they are someone else's fault has left me feeling like I have wasted my money on backing this.

    34. Karen Li on December 19, 2017

      Hi there! Any news for us with the new team or manufacturer?

    35. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on November 26, 2017

      Thank you, I totally understand why people go dark in that moment, Its so hard to post a post like this. We promise to update on every move as we did so far, hopefully they will be positive updates :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Glenn Menein
      on November 25, 2017

      Your continued communication and transparency helps to mitigate the disappointments and makes your challenges understandable. Thanks for not going dark as many before you have. As long as you keep your head I to will continue to cheer you on.

    37. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on November 22, 2017

      Thank you for understanding.
      Even with a "bullet prof" plan and 4 month of preparations you still get thing that snick up on you.
      The light in the end of the tunnel will come, its just a mater of keep on going.

    38. John De Tuerk on November 21, 2017

      One of the hazards of backing a Kickstarter project. I expect the schedules to slip. Hopefully there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    39. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on November 21, 2017

      @ Anthony,
      I understand you, please contact my in private and will see what i can do.
      Again, apologize.

    40. Anthony Elias on November 21, 2017

      Given the newest update, i am now requesting a refund of my money. I am now longer interested in going on this journey with you as there are too many delays for a non electrical product.

    41. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on November 18, 2017

      Any idea on the updated timeline?

    42. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on October 30, 2017

      Hey David,
      I will post an update shortly today. Thank you for your patience.

    43. Missing avatar

      David Li
      on October 28, 2017

      Any new updates?

    44. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on September 30, 2017

      @Anthony Elias, Yes we will post an update tomorrow (Sunday).

    45. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on September 19, 2017

      @JIMBEAUX, You are right, we are couple of days late on the update. The reason for that is that we are waiting for the latest update from the factory and we dont want to publish an update that is not 100% accurate. There will be September update for sure, apologize for the delay.

    46. JIMBEAUX
      on September 18, 2017

      Any updates?

    47. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      on July 1, 2017

      I waited for my "Albert Clock" with a 11 month (!) delay and got the BEST product in the world and never seen any frustration or bad talk because as long as we get frequent updates with pictures or/and videos, I'll be happy to see where my money goes :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Mathias Röhricht
      on May 24, 2017

      Thank you!
      I'll add a notice for that in the survey =)

    49. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on May 24, 2017

      @Mathias, Since you ordered a double set you can choose two different colors, one for each M45. Please mention this in your backer survey. However, within each M45, all plates will be of the same color.

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