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Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
Combining an adjustable kettlebell & dumbbell into one compact product to allow versatile workouts without sacrificing floor space
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mathias Röhricht
      3 days ago

      Thank you!
      I'll add a notice for that in the survey =)

    2. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator 3 days ago

      @Mathias, Since you ordered a double set you can choose two different colors, one for each M45. Please mention this in your backer survey. However, within each M45, all plates will be of the same color.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mathias Röhricht
      3 days ago

      I ordered the double M45 Set and I wanted to have different colors - would this be possible? it's easier to see if you have different weights on it.

    4. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator 4 days ago

      @Ali, Thank you for your continuous support!

    5. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator 4 days ago

      @James C, This is not a problem, I sent you a private message.

    6. Missing avatar

      James C
      4 days ago

      Hi. Great idea, and very fast on production / fulfillment so far. I really like that.

      I already mentioned this on the survey, just want to be sure it gets noticed.

      I ordered a Single M45 and an extra barbell handle (€154 + €20 shipping). If possible, I would like to instead order a Double M45 (balance due €95 + additional shipping if any).

      Please let me know if this change can be made.

      Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      5 days ago


    8. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      5 days ago

      Survey done :)) Can't wait the end of the year; THANKS :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      on March 15

      Thank you for the Update and the details :) Good to know to have frequent updates in future :)))

      Warm regards from Germany,

    10. Karen Li on March 3

      Hi again, any news on the pledge change? Thanks! I can't wait to receive these.

    11. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on March 3

      @Garcia, Thank you! We will manufacture in Turkey. Our manufacturer has an ISO certificate that ensures there are no harmful materials. Nevertheless, We will double and triple check it ourselves and make sure there are no cancerous materials in the weights before sending it to you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Garcia on March 2


      Where they will be made?

      I have others weight and in some there is a warning that say it contain something that can cause cancer. So wondering about that
      Will they have a chemical that can cause cancer like other weight?

    13. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on March 2

      @Karen Li, I sent you a personal message.

      @Einar Wulfsberg, Thank you Einar! Our first backer :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on March 2

      Congratulations on funding.

    15. Karen Li on March 2

      Hey there, is it still possible to change my pledge?

    16. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on March 2

      @Mr. Larsen, Glad you found us :) Both lb and kg will appear on each plate

    17. Missing avatar

      Mr. Larsen
      on March 2

      Hey, just noticed you guys project today and made it in time to pledge. I noticed that in the computer generated pictures you have lb as a measure and kg on the demonstration models. Are you going for one or the other or will it be possible to choose later? As a European I would love to have kg as measure on my set. Thanks

    18. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on March 2

      @Phong Ngo, It is not final yet but the double M45 will sell for $299 and the double M25 will sell for $199.

    19. Missing avatar

      Phong Ngo
      on March 2

      Any idea what the regular retail prices will be?

    20. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on February 2

      Hey Serge,

      I love how you have taken the product to another level, thank you for the thought and the creative ideas that you put here. Some of them we could test in the near future, making the handle water proof by charging it without the USB connector inside the kettlebell base is a great idea.
      As you said the standard battery charge is enough for 4 hours of workout and we can double it by adding two batteries so time between charges is not a problem. This means you could technically test solar charging, but I don’t believe we will include that in the upcoming product. We would definitely test that on our next model.
      In regard to filling the weight with different material like water or send for mobility, it’s a challenge. The biggest problem with that is the weight to size ratio. Iron is around seven times heavier than water for the same volume, this means that we will need to increase the size of the product by 7 to remain the same weight range. We believe that our product is perfect for people that travel with cars as it can be compactly stored in the trunk for your car. Maybe in the future, we can do a design that can be refilled to increase and decrease mass for people to take even if they travel with a plane.
      Thank you for your cool ideas.

    21. Serge Ecoiffier on February 2

      Just thinking out loud :

      Although it would involve more than just changing the handle of dumbbell, you could have solar panels on the top third of the kettle base (around its handle) wired down to the dumbbell handle storage area. This would allow the monitoring dumbbell handle to self recharge while sitting on shelf or whatnot in a (sun bathed) living room, ... The sensor module could then be waterproof, more like sweatproof, without holes (just contacts at opposite ends. They would friction fit w/in handle, itself having an other set of contacts at opposite ends to friction fit in kettle base which connects to the solar panels. charge control electronics can be in sensor module anyways.

      The biggest challenge will be to make it all look as good as the existing models. Solar panels to follow the curves of the kettle, trying to even keep the color pattern (minimal permanent decal ?)

      Sensor module should be able to work on low voltage/amps ... like a fitness bracelets, etc. The solar panels can be just enough for a slow charge through the day (say 6 good hours of sun). It could charge the sensor while in the handle while in the kettle base while using the kettle, out in park during sunny days ... Battery charge being good for a few days of use anyways, right ?

      Could have a separate base to charge sensor with a regular wall charger, just in case bright sunlight becomes rare (ex: in dorm room). Charger could be stored in the kettle base, even dumbbell handle itself since chargers can be so small these days... Snap it out of handle to connect the handle to wall outlet, turning it into a charger for the sensor module.

    22. Serge Ecoiffier on February 2

      For the ultimate travellers out there, have you thought of making a Lite' (or 'Travel') version with hollow kettle and plates ? Each could be filled with water or sand once at destination. It would make for lighter travel (they charge by weight more than by size) keeping the exercise level high enough on the go. Just fill it to the rim, twist plug back on and exercise ...

    23. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on February 2

      @Kyla Curtis, Since you pledged for the early bird M45 which includes beta testing of the smart handle and you are a Backer club member, you can adjust the current pledge you have to the price of a double set (249 Euros) instead of purchasing an additional Single M45.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Thank you!

    24. Kyla Curtis
      on February 2

      What if you wanted to add on an extra full M45 package. I see where you can add on plates and handles but what about the kettle bell base? Could we just add the price of the single M45 (159Euros)?

    25. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on February 1

      @Carlos A, Yes there will be an option to order individual plates after the campaign through our website although the price will be a little higher.

    26. Missing avatar

      Carlos A
      on February 1

      After the kickstarter campaign will we still be able to purchase individual plates?

    27. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 27

      Hey burnt_chilli
      What you saw on update #1 is our “Minimal Black” color option. This one resembles the classic weighs coloring the most, black rubber with grey colored handle and buttons. If you have something else in mind, that can suit your living room, please comment on our Facebook page (link below) or even better, post a picture of a product/color you like. Cheers

    28. Missing avatar

      burnt_chilli on January 26

      On Update #1, I saw a complete black Practix. Are you guys going to offer an all black one? That would really go well with my monochromatic living room. Thanks.

    29. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 26

      @Elton Dias and @Ali Demir Thank you guys!

    30. Elton Dias on January 26

      Thanks for the swift reply congrats on the funding! let's bring this bad boy to live :D

    31. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      on January 26

      Funded = Celebration = Congrats!!!:)))

    32. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 26

      @Elton Dias When we designed Practix this was one of our focus points. In order to prevent the forearm/wrist pain, the touch point has a thicker rubber coating and a smooth round figure. Just like any kettlebell, without a wrist guard you will feel some pain when doing cleans and snatches, but after testing our design with multiple trainers I can confidently say you can do all these exercises and not hurt your forearm/wrist.

    33. Elton Dias on January 25

      One of the exercises I find most painful (around the wrist area) with the kettlebell, is the clean and press. On the kettlebell turn over before pressing, the kettlebell tends to hit the wrist/forearm. Would your design cause any further pain or damage due to any exposed bolts/shafts? Thanks.

    34. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 22

      @paulpatchell Thank you for backing us and for the kind words about our product!
      Several backers approached us about adding a barbell. We think this can be a great addition and we will try to include it as part of the campaign add-ons.
      Since it is practically a new product, there are still some things we need to solve from an engineering point of view to ensure maximum safety and we hope we can figure it out by the 39 days left to the campaign. In any case, the barbell option will definitely be available after the campaign through our website.
      Thank you and have a great week!

    35. Missing avatar

      paulpatchell on January 22

      Hi guys,
      Great looking product, have you thought of a barbell extra as an add on? i'd be very interested in that...

    36. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 22

      @Andy Taylor Yes, You will be able to do so. We are currently working on add-ons that will include spare plates and handles. Once we confirm the shipping prices for each of the individual parts we will send an update with all the details.

      It is important to note that you will not be able to use a 7.5lb plate on top of the M25 kettlebell because the kettlebell base is too small for it.

    37. Andy Taylor
      on January 21

      Is it possible to buy the M25s then later purchase additional plates to boost the maximum weight on the them?
      Will there be an option to buy spare plates, so we can load up one handle with just 7.5lb plates to make heavier Dumbbells?

    38. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 20

      Thank you so much for the interest, we are excited as well to continue the development of the smart features with our yearly backers. We will update on the development as is progresses.

    39. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on January 20

      @Creator Thanks for the update and clarification.

    40. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 20

      Hi Einar Wulfsberg,
      Yes, the early bird double M25 will have a chip for each handle.
      However, It's important to clarify that The smart functions are now in development stage in collaboration with Potsdam university and are not expected to be ready by September (estimated delivery date). Once ready we will send the new handles to you by mail so you can start exercise with the smart functions and provide feedback.

      Thank you,

    41. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on January 19

      Will the early bird doubles come with two chip handles? Probably should have asked a bit ago. My Wife and I are looking forward to beta testing the smart functions. Two chips would be good for excecises using both hands.

    42. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 19

      Hi Kyla
      VAT for European countries is not included in the price. However import and custom duties ARE included in the and backers will not be charged additional fees for them.

    43. Kyla Curtis
      on January 19

      Is VAT included for European backers?

    44. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 18

      @Lad Ty We will ship the rewards to all European backers from our warehouse in the UK so you are not expected to pay additional import fees.

    45. LadTy on January 18

      Hi, I would like to ask, will this be manufactured in/shipped from Germany or from somewhere like China as with many other KS products? So I know what will the final price be, if I should add something like 36% additional import fees to Czech Republic on goods outside of EU?

    46. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 18

      @Einar Wulfsberg

      We weren't aware of this option but it seems like the best solution for those who want an additional handle or plates. We will create a detailed guide on available add-ons and will update about it once ready.

      Thank you for the pro tip!
      It's always good to have some superbackers in your community :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on January 18

      @Creator You can always do add-on's for components like extra plates or handles.

    48. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 18

      @Ka Cheuk

      That's a great question!
      If you'll add to your pledge 15 euros we can send you an additional handle with your M45.
      Please make sure to mention this also in the backer survey.



    49. Ka Cheuk on January 18

      It looks good and i am looking forward to hold these~ Just a request on may one M45 come and design with two handle to facilitate the training. Really appreciate all your effort and hard work, thanks.

    50. Sivan Entelis & Assaf van Trienen Creator on January 17


      Viele Grüße aus Berlin!

      Thank you for the kind words and for backing us! Inventor’s video is no problem, we will upload it in the coming week.
      Since our product is complicated to manufacture we did not want to promise an unrealistic over optimistic timeline. We wanted to take the time needed to do a proper quality control before we send it to our backers and make sure everything is as promised.

      The plates are cast iron and they are rubber coated to prevent any floor damage. The dumbbell handle and the locking mechanism are cut from steel treated with black oxide to insure safe locking and durability. Kettlebell handle is also steel covered with paint.

      I hope this answers all your questions.



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