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Guard Duty is a classically styled Adventure Game featuring a unique story where past events influence those of the distant future.
Guard Duty is a classically styled Adventure Game featuring a unique story where past events influence those of the distant future.
Guard Duty is a classically styled Adventure Game featuring a unique story where past events influence those of the distant future.
322 backers pledged £4,422 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Hey Frodo, we put out an update just over a month ago which you can find here:

      Regarding your second question, there's no way for us to give a definitive release date at this point, being our first commercial game we're forever discovering new things that need to be addressed ready for the release, unfortunately these things often take longer than expected.

      Rest assured I am working my butt off trying to get this finished up, money is very tight at this point but we'll get there!

    2. Frodo

      Hey there. Can we have an update please?
      Is there a new release date?

    3. h3nk on

      cool, thanks.

    4. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Hey Rhofer, thanks for getting in touch. We are indeed overdue another update! We've been so busy working on the game, trying to get to a point where we can give you all something solid in regards to an eta. In short: We're gradually making the move over to the more business focused side of the game's development. That means working out a safe and reliable way of handling the beta testing,updating our website and incorporating a bug tracking system, preparing press kits and promotional material, booking convention dates, talking to PR specialists - basically lot's of things! We're internally testing at the moment (playing, finding bugs, fixing, repeat.) and I'm happy to say the game is now playable up to the final cutscene with around 90% of the assets in-game. There's still a lot of work ahead but I'm really excited about where this is going. You can expect a more official update to come this month.

    5. Rhofer on

      Any update?

    6. Jordan Moyle on

      yes looking forward to getting my hands on this game :P..hope 2018 is going well so far.

    7. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Haha, 'creator of worlds' - I like that! 2018 is going to be a big year for me (and hopefully lovers of adventure too!)

      Looking forward to showing you all what we've been working on, here's to 2018, cheers!

    8. Beard Daggers on


      It’s gonna be a new year soon and that means we are one step closer to the unveiling of the Guard Duty saga!

      Enjoy 2017 while you still can Creator of worlds.

    9. Bente on

      Wow, I realised I never thought of searching GD on youtube :D Cool, thanks for the quick answer. The speedpainting of the wooden lair is also worth to watch imho. Well, I think I got to speed up Thimbleweed to be ready for GD!

    10. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Hey Lisa, great to hear from you again. I recently played Thimbleweed too :)

      Guard Duty does indeed have an inventory, a small pouch woven with infinity string. You can see it in action in our gameplay preview:

      We're always updating and improving elements of Guard Duty so it may look slightly different in the finished product (hopefully better!)

    11. Bente on

      So I was playing Thimbleweed Park the other night and I'm wondering if there is any inventory in GD (and if so, what may be the design)? :)

    12. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Hi Lisa, good to hear from you. Things are going well. Currently in the process of moving house and working the last months at my non-gamedev job to raise a few more pounds for the move to fulltime.

      We released a lot of content along with the Kickstarter so are being cautious as not to give away too much, but I'm planning on running a fairly regular dev blog once the house move is over :)

      For the meantime you can follow me on twitter @Chicky___ (three underscores!)

    13. Bente on

      Hi, so how is everything going? Any new gifs as a preview maybe? :) Looking forward!

    14. Stuart Forbes on

      Congratulations on s successful campaign, Chicky. All the best bringing this game to life.

    15. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Success!! Thank you all so much!

      What an exciting month, it's certainly been one that we will never forgot :) I'll put an update out once I've got my head together (not sure what else to write other than 'thank you' over and over)

      Your support has been invaluable and incredibly heart warming, we can't wait to get the game finished and in your hands.

      @Stu_1977_SEmelb: We don't have the option currently, we may be too far into development to offer the option now but I'll have a word with Andy and we will certainly look into it.

    16. Frodo

      You did it! YIPPEEE! ( :

    17. SkyGoblin on

      CONGRATULATIONS, guys! :D Gonna be great seeing this made! Godspeed with development. :)

    18. Stu_1977_SEmelb

      G'day, Nathan and co.. Nice looking game (and campaign); congrats on the success thus far.

      My question: Will this game have an option to turn off the speech bubbles?

      My apologies if you've already covered this, but I did look, and couldn't see an answer.

    19. Beard Daggers on

      I had a good chuckle at the pie chart; all the spending and creating colours are bright and vibrant; then TAX! Black and morbid looking in contrast. Keep up the great work as y'all near your second stretch goal! Woot!

    20. Roland on

      @Nathan Ahh now all makes sense. Cheers for the reply :) Now on to goal #2

    21. Anaxphone

      Adventure Game Renaissance Movement

      Also, congrats on that first stretch goal!

    22. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      @Roland Thanks!

      I was wondering when a question like this would crop up, I'm happy to answer as I'm sure you're not the only person who's wondering. I'll try not to get too personal, or lengthy!

      Full time is something I've been planning for a while now, I've been saving alongside my job whilst working on Guard Duty in my spare time. Had a bit of a rough time growing up, I inherited a house which I've been living in since. I'm currently in the process of moving into my friend's spare room and leasing the house.

      With rent coming in and my savings behind me I can support my own living expenses, work on Guard Duty all day and maybe get the occasional evening back :)

      The Kickstarter funds will help massively when it comes to marketing the release and managing the QA testing, whilst also contributing towards full time development. I wasn't planning on switching to full time just yet, but with the Kickstarter funds I can now bring this forward.

      We're at a point in development where most of the complicated coding work has been done by Andy, a lot of the remaining work is stuff I need to do, with Andy helping out where necessary.

      Anyway, I hope that clears things up a bit and thanks again!


    23. Roland on

      Woohoo! Congrats on reaching the first stretch goal!
      I've been kinda wondering about one thing, (and I completely understand if you don't want to get into details here) how is it possible to develop a game full time with a £2000 budget? It just seems that compared to other campaigns you guys ask for a comparatively small amount...

    24. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      @NightsoN ...and thank you kindly for your support! :)

    25. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      @Anaxphone I'm not sure what AGRM stands for... I had a google and came up with the 'Association of Gospel Rescue Missions' Haha, I'm guessing that's not the one :) I've contacted a few people which should help us in these last two weeks.

      @NightsoN The Big Box Special Edition will be in the same style as the classic video game 'big boxes' from the 80s/90s. We've not locked down the specifics but expect something with a sturdy construction and high quality print, housing the game on CD in a jewel case as well as the Signed Poster and Postcards. We're considering adding an additional something special in the box for each backer that has pledged for this tier, along the lines of original concept art/illustrations.

      Hope that clears things up a bit!

    26. NightsoN on

      Sorry for the typo. Hit the post button before I noticed it.

      The game looks quite interesting. Could you elaborate a bit more on the contents of the big box edition?

    27. NightsoN on

      Games look quite interesting. Could you elaborate a bit more on the contents of the big box edition?

    28. Liviu on

      Game looks great! Would love to see the last two stretch goals achieved!

    29. Anaxphone

      I'm not the best for that, as I'm a social media hermit.

      Someone in the AGRM proper, like Serena, Riggo, or Big D would be better positioned to help. Blackthorn's really knows his stuff on promotion and makes good games to boot. It might not hurt to politely ask him for tips.

      Rock Paper Shotgun has been good at looking closer at promising adventure games in the past and talking them up.

      Sorry that is all I can think of off the top of my head.

    30. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Certainly! Any suggestions on how to go about this? I've sent out a batch of emails on a few occasions throughout the campaign and we've been featured on a few Adventure specific sites, but no mainstream exposure, yet!

    31. Anaxphone

      Approaching the halfway point. Probably time to get your name out in the press some.

    32. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Many thanks to our recent backers! Your support is really appreciated. We're already half way to our first stretch goal, which is bloomin' brilliant.

      Cheers guys!

    33. SkyGoblin on

      Looks cool! Best of luck with this! :D

    34. Brendan on

      Game looks GREAT! Hopefully we can smash the stretch goals <3 :D

    35. Tim Cozens on

      Good luck on your project, fellow Bristolian!

    36. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      @Michael Thanks for your input, is looking like a good option for us at the moment.

    37. Michael Stein

      At least I can confirm there are some people who don't use Steam at all because of their DRM politics and prefer DRM-free downloads. It's not easy getting on GoG, as they only accept games they really like, but is a pretty nice platform that could serve well.

    38. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      @Anaxphone: No problem, thanks for the feedback. It's good to hear different people's experiences, something we'll consider when looking into the matter.

    39. Anaxphone

      @Nathan Hamley, thanks for the answer.

      I was just wondering because I've gotten burned more than once by beta access that's Steam-only, even on projects where the creators stressed that they wanted to keep things DRM-free as much as possible. I don't want to pledge for a level that I can't use, after all.

    40. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Thanks guys! :)

      @Anaxphone: We're currently looking into how's best to distribute the Early Bird Beta Access reward. We'll be able to provide more information on this closer to the beta stage.

      @Timmy Petersson: Porting to mobile isn't on the cards at the moment unfortunately, we're focusing on the PC and Linux release first. That said, I would love to see Guard Duty on mobile platforms and it's something we'll look into after the games initial release.

    41. Roland on

      Congrats! I knew it wouldn't take long :)

    42. Michael Stein


    43. Nathan Hamley Creator on

      Thank you all! We're so happy to have reached our goal, it's been a fantastic 4 days!

      We're currently finalising the stretch goals and will be putting out an update soon, we're being mindful of our proposed release date and don't want to offer anything that would significantly delay development.

      We will be addressing some of the your questions in due course. Watch this space and thank you again for all of your support, you guys are amazing!

    44. Anaxphone

      Thanks for emphasizing your support for a DRM-free game. Will the Early Access to the game be Steam-only, though?

    45. Ahenobarbus on

      We need stretch goals now :)

    46. Ahenobarbus on

      It`s funded, Congrats guys!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Timmy Petersson

      Hey guys!
      Neat to see the campaign progressing that fast! :) One thing I've been thinking about asking, I noticed on your IndieDB page that you're doing this in AGS. Does that give you the ability to port to formats other than PC and Linux? I tried snooping around a bit on the AGS page but couldn't find much about it (though the AGS Wikipedia article mentions that, in 2015, they seemed to look into porting for different formats), just a bit curious to hear what formats this might end up on in the future. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Phil Hardy on

      Wonderful! Gunna be class! x

    49. Wojtek Sal

      Hiya, friends.

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