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United in Anger is a feature film about how a small group of men and women came together to fight AIDS, and save each other's lives.
United in Anger is a feature film about how a small group of men and women came together to fight AIDS, and save each other's lives.
285 backers pledged $27,801 to help bring this project to life.

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A short, but much needed update

Hello everyone,

First, let me apologize for not doing this sooner. Our little office in downtown Manhattan was knocked out of commission by Hurricane Sandy and we just got our internet and phone services back today. Luckily, our equipment is fine and we can now resume a regular work schedule.

All of the Kickstarter incentives had been sent out long before the storm so you should have received your items by now. There were a few returns with "bad address" and we will be contacting those people very soon to resend their order. Also, if you responded to our survey within the last month, we have not yet had a chance to process your order.

If you have received your items and there is some defect, like a cracked or broken disc, skipping, etc... We will work with you on replacing the defective item.

If you haven't received your order by now, or if your item is defective, please email my assistant at and he will handle your concerns.

Thank you all again for supporting United in Anger and Happy New Year,

Jim Hubbard

Update 6

Hello Friends,

      I’m back with another update, albeit a little later than I originally intended.

      Since the film’s premiere, we have been receiving requests from educators who want to use United in Anger as an educational component in their classroom. We are now very pleased to tell you that the United in Anger study guide is nearing completion and we are now accepting preorders for the Educational DVD. If you would like to reserve a copy for your institution, please email my assistant, Dan ( to begin the order process. Please put “UIA Preorder” in the subject line.
      Most of you should have received your autographed posters and Limited Edition Kickstarter DVDs already. We’re still working on shipping out the International orders, but they will be very soon. If there are any problems with your order, i.e. faulty or broken disc, or you didn’t receive your package, please email Dan (see above) and we will work on correcting any problems. Just a note, because of the complications of producing them, the $200 incentives and the $50 archival interviews have not shipped yet and we apologize for the delay.

      As always, please continue to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and our website for the latest news about United in Anger.

United in Anger update #5

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since our last update but I can tell you that this will surely be worth the wait.

Since its World Premiere back in February, United in Anger has shown at over 25 amazing venues all around the world (check out our blog for more info and photos). Thanks to you and others like you, United in Anger is able to reach audiences on a global level. So thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts.

The mission of United in Anger is not only to record and disseminate the history of ACT UP, but also to bring attention to the efforts of those who died. After every screening, audience members approach me to extend their congratulations to tell their own stories and to offer gratitude. Some lived through the worst of the AIDS crisis and lost many friends, while others are too young to know what Kaposi’s Sarcoma really looks like. From the film's inception, my goal was to portray ACT UP in ways that would help younger generations understand the actions and motivations of ACT UP and I am extremely gratified by the positive response United in Anger has received thus far from people under Thirty.

I know many of you are patiently waiting for your own copy of the film, so I’m pleased to inform you that the Limited Edition Kickstarter DVDs of United in Anger are in their final stages of production. They will be delivered to our office next week and once they are, our main priority will be to send them out as quickly as we can. I'll be sure to post another update before we send them out, along with some photos of the finished product. The posters are fresh from the printers and I've already signed a bunch of those as you can see from the attached photo. If you are receiving a poster at the $25 level, your incentive will ship early next week. For those in the $200 category, your posters will arrive along with your other DVDs in a few weeks.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next update in the coming weeks. And thank you for helping us put United in Anger into the world.

Thank you,
Jim Hubbard

P.S. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest United in Anger updates.

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We did it!

Thank you! Thank you!

We've exceeded our goal and still have 12 days to go! Thank you to everyone who has contributed and supported United in Anger. We are overwhelmed by all the support we've received from everyone. Thank YOU!

We're thrilled that we've reached and exceeded our goal. Any additional funds that we raise over the next couple of weeks will ensure that the film gets into colleges and universities all over the world, and that we can develop a study guide to help inspire more young people with the legacy of ACT UP.

Tremendous thanks to all of you! 


Wow! We've almost reached our goal!

Dear backers,

Thanks to YOU we've almost reached our goal. Only $457 left to go! And we really couldn't done it without you.

We've been busy these past couple of weeks. I showed the film at Yale, and posted links and pictures about it over on our blog

                                     Our wonderful Yale audience

Of course, the Kickstarter is going great, and due to high demand, we've just released more DVDs at the $50 level. 

If we hit and exceed our goal, any extra money raised will help distribute United in Anger far and wide, and help us travel to festivals with the film. We have some really exciting festival announcements coming next week!

Thanks so much for your support,