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Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a dark and challenging, turn-based RPG where you play as an evil necromancer escaping from prison.
586 backers pledged $23,316 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You All For The Support!

Posted by Iratus Official (Collaborator)

The past couple days have been very exciting for us! We appreciate everyone that has backed our game so far and we are so happy to hear that many of you are really enjoying the demo.

Since launching the start of the campaign, we’ve grown our brand new Discord server to over 250 member, which is really exciting! If you would like to join our growing community and gain access to our new demo, you can do so via this link:

We’ve also had many people play the demo and have gotten some awesome feedback. This makes us even more excited to launch the closed alpha on July 1st.

We wanted to quickly announce that our early bird rewards are only available for another 24 hours, so if you intend on backing us, you still have a little time left to save some money.

Also, we have some really cool stuff to show off tomorrow ^__^ That’s all we can really say about it for now, but you should definitely try and make it back here tomorrow…

Thanks again to everyone for supporting us. We are on pace to make it to our goal, but it’s looking like it’s gonna be a close one. If you like our game and are interested in showing us some love, it doesn’t have to come via funding. If you have any friends, family or even a favorite streamer that you believe would enjoy our game, spreading the word goes a very long way.

Regardless, you are all the bomb and we look forward to the rest of the campaign.

Till next time! (aka tomorrow ^__^)


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    1. Mavrick on

      Thats not entirely true, the vampire and the human females i've encountered have been armored / clothed. As far as the overall style of the game there seems to be a balence and nothing outlandish...especially with games of 2018.

    2. Interstellar Marine on

      will all the female armors be boob armors or will you hvae some functional designs as well? looks kind of stupid the way they do now.