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The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
5,358 backers pledged $938,771 to help bring this project to life.

Product Shipment

Posted by John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria (Creator)

Hey Backers,

It’s been a very busy past few weeks. We have been working on getting all kickstarter orders out to backers. We are pleased to say that all orders (except Canada and Australia/Oceania) have shipped. If you still have not received your order, please give it another week or so, as some locations take longer to get to. Some orders had address fields entered incorrectly and we had to fix them manually. All these orders have now been completed and the units should be on their way out.

All Canadian orders shipped late last week. Canadian backers should be receiving them this week and next week.

All Australian orders shipped late last week and finished up just today. Shipments in Oceania are still being processed, as there are some restrictions due to the Li-Ion batteries on the product. In any case they should be shipping within the week. We expect all Australia and Oceania backers to receive their units by the end of next week. Also, as this order fulfillment center is not affiliated with Shipwire, they are not sending an automatic notification to backers that their orders have shipped or delivered. Again, please give them a week or two to arrive if they haven’t already.

Social Networks
We have been receiving some great photos of our backers using their HiddenRadios around the world on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We love seeing these photos, keep them coming. Here are a few that have been posted.

Product Reviews
In order to assess how well we are meeting our backers’ expectations we recently sent out a survey to understand how well the product is performing, how we are responding to any issues, and whether you would recommend our products again.

We received a very high response from you guys and thank you so much for the feedback. The survey is still active and we continue to ask you to complete it as you receive and use your HiddenRadios.

We were overall pleased with the results with around 4 out of 5 of you recommending our products to friends and family. We know we can do better on our customer service but we are working on it and have reduced our response time down to 48hrs. We also are aware that some people may not have been completely happy, but we are doing our best to rectify your issues. Please be patient while we solve them for you.

In addition, we are also personally reaching out to backers to get first hand opinions on the products backed. We deeply appreciate your feedback and will continue reaching out to understand how well our products are doing over time.

Thank you again for supporting us and should you have any questions please contact

John + Vitor


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Camacho on

      Where is my product? I've been waiting anxiously for this and I still have not received it. It's getting extremely frustrating. please respond

    2. Ake Kittiraweechot on

      me still haven't received the hidden radio as well!!! sigh

    3. Hesham Tomoum

      I did not receive the unit nor I received an answer to my 3 messages inquiring about the unit or the tracking mail.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Wilson on

      I'm going on three days now that I've been waiting for *any* response from the support email address about where the hell my units are.

      This isn't rocket science - just *reply* to the email and give me some details. All in all this has been a pretty terrible experience and really sours me on the whole Kickstarter process.

    5. Nicholas Low on

      Still yet to receive a shipping notification on the device.

      After being told to wait 7 days by and to contact them should I not receive any, I emailed them exactly 7 days after not receiving any word. Its been more than a week since and I've heard no reply.

      Its been 20 days since my first email. I'm still waiting for a response.

    6. Missing avatar

      DStokesNC on

      The Hidden Radio looks beautiful, has a solid build... but that's about it. I was VERY excited about this product. While it's not "horrible" it doesn't live up to the hype. Here are some of my gripes:

      1. Very difficult to turn up the volume on certain surfaces. I have to pick up and use two hands to turn up volume. Certainly not the end of the world.. but it's not what I was expecting and kind of defeats the purpose.

      2. I'm no "sound guru" but the sound is muffled unless turned up pretty far. Overall it works for me but again... it's not what I expected.

      3. Last but not least... the Bluetooth! It drives me NUTS! I have to turn on and off over and over again. 5 minutes ago I had to turn it on and off to get it work 4 times. (Not exaggerating.) It's not easy to switch between my wife's iPhone and mine or our Macbook.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Wilson on

      It's almost the middle of November and I'm still waiting for mine to arrive.

    8. Julie Harris on

      Still waiting here in the US for my order...and for a reply to my email. C'mon guys. Get our act together. I've gotten better response from someone I've funded for $10. And you got $449 of my hard earned money!! Julie Harris

    9. Michael Buchino on

      After about a month of use, I have these two bits of feedback:

      1. It turns the wrong way. It's opposite opening and shutting a jar. It's not just unnatural or abnormal; it's wrong.

      2. The battery dies awfully quick. I'm assuming that's because I haven't been turing off Hidden after I shut it. Why should the user have to switch off the radio or bluetooth after shutting the speaker? When Hidden is shut, it should be off. Period. No battery drainage.

      I appreciate the work that went into this concept, but will not recommend again.

    10. Nicolas Ibarra on

      I still don't get mine and it should've arrived by October 22. Its November 7th and what really disappoints me is the fact that nobody is answering my emails. Don't know what to do now, I paid $450 which in my country is a lot of money, it took me quite a while to collect the money and now they don't reply to my questions.

    11. James Mansfield on

      Got my hidden radio the other day guys and love it. The only thing for me is that the direction of the twist is wrong - anti-clockwise should open it (as a tap does) IMO.
      Great work and look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Hirsch on

      My 2 gadgets arrived in time here in Thailand, sweet packing, looks great. After using both units for many hours now I am satisfied in general, however, attaching the USB wire for charging is a very troublesome activity and I do not understand why someone can design such beauty without looking at easy solutions. The charging is an essential part of the radio and the Mini USB should be placed in a way that attaching rthe wire is easy. But it seems that the developers find it normal to find such a small rectangular connection in a round bottom.
      Since I wish to keep the speakers for a while and attaching the USB wire involves the high risk of destroying the socket I decided to leave the cable attached.... does not look smart like in the product pictures but it gives me peace instead of regular frustration.

      When increasing the volume I have to hold the unit, otherwise it turns, maybe I am the only one who feels that the unit is not that easy to turn (to increase volume) as I expected.

    13. Stefano Rossi on

      Dubai, U.A.E. shipment sank in the persian gulf??? Where are my units? It seems units arrived all over the world, here nothing moves.... as nothing moves in my email inbox after emailing you guys....

    14. Missing avatar

      David Y Kim on

      Anybody will answer my e-mails ? I bought the white one (my third one). After fully charging. it doesn't turn one. Sent e-mail for support 2 times and no answer. I'm filling a complain with my C/C company and do the charge back, if it's no answer until tomorrow.

    15. Missing avatar

      Darren Mc Adam on


      Finally got my hands on mine today in Sydney. Apparently the courier service delivered it on the 17th but did not leave a collection notice so maybe that's why some peoples are late? I am very happy with the speaker though, it has very smooth turning, great sound and worked straight out of the box...

      Well done!


    16. Missing avatar

      William Brooks on


      Can you tell me how I can see which shipping address I had the device sent to? I haven't received it yet and don't remember which address I was getting it sent to. I am in Western Australia.

    17. Boyard Engels on

      Morning Team,

      Been waiting patiently for a while now... it is the 26th of October here in AKL New Zealand and I have still not received anything... Any updates you can share would be much appreciated.


    18. Sherwin Huang on

      Ordered 2. One was dead on arrival, the other didn't last past 3 hours of play. :(

    19. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Hey, Till -- our American screws open/close the same way. Once I realized the turning was a *volume control* not a screw or jar-top, I had no trouble with turning-direction. Our volume-controls go clockwise for on/louder; so do those in my Swedish car.

    20. Missing avatar

      alistair briggs on

      it's pretty, definitely.
      the bluetooth connection is easy enough to set up.
      unfortunately, the radio won't tune to any station cleanly, and the bluetooth connection cuts out (without fail) after approximately three minutes. not booming, really

    21. Trinidad Swinburn on

      Hello!! and what about Chile?
      Mine was supose to arrive until today.... and nothing :(
      I want to cry... haha

      Do you have any information of when is it arriving?
      I really want to use it :)


    22. Jonathan Mackay on

      Ok finally received my 2 units in Brisbane and first impressions are not very good. The sliding mechanism (which was apparently the major feature of the unit) is very clunky and not smooth at all. On my 1st unit, is that bad that when at full volume it slides down about 1/4 of the way, this same units volume is very poor too. As the volume does not seem to change at all, its still extremely loud when turned towards the off position. The quality of sound is scratchy and there seems to be an echo as well.

      My second unit seems to be a lot better, but the sliding mechanism is clunky and rough to operate. But at least the volume actually gets softer when turned towards the off position.

      On both units radio's, the signal is poor and scratchy. There seems to be a lot of distortion even with the signal lead plugged in.

      Overall this product looks good, sounds is less to be desired and there seems to be 'no quality control' what so ever (as what the makers seem to promote heavily).

    23. Glenn Horner on

      Appreciate the update for shipping in Australia. I very much look forward to receiving mine!

    24. Ken's Lil' Sister

      @Mike Hubbard, I agree and with the way they are treating their initial backers, they are going to start getting a lot of bad press. I just looked at the review at PC magazine and not one person who backed this had anything good to say. Seems to me that you need to spend more time on fixing these problems. Everyone knows bad news travels faster and further then good news.

    25. Mike Hubbard on

      Ugh,... well guys, I really wanted to like this product, but it just doesn't hold up as a quality experience. I've read the other comments from backers on the web, and I think you know what your investors really think.

      The sound quality is really sub-par at best. The bass response is horrible, bottoming out on every deep note. You billed this device as one that would fill a room with sound, which this thing most certainly does not. I think you will have a very hard time selling any of these to anyone who has a chance to hear before they buy.

      I would suggest stopping your manufacturing now and either going back to the drawing board, or scrapping the project and doing something else.

      Good luck out there, its gonna be rough....

    26. Till Gartner on

      Hi guys,

      to be honest, I am a bit disappointed. The hidden radio is not as good as expected, both in handling and in sound. I compare it to my old jambox. The Jambox has a much fuller sound with better bass. The handling has 2 major problems:
      - If the hidden radio does not stand on a proper, flat surface (i.e. glass or plastic) it doesn't stick enough. Turning up the volume doesn't work then. The majority of the tables I have are made out of wood...
      - The volume up/down turn is the wrong side for me: I am from Germany, and our screws turn open left, we close them by turning right. The hidden radio turns the other way round...

      -- Till.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel S on

      No matter how patiently/where I try, I can't tune the FM tuner to a few channels (specifically, my local NPR/alt music station 89.9 KCRW [Los angeles]). On my 15-year old boombox I had since I was a kid (with no antenna mind you, that broke off long ago), the auto-tune locks on to the station no problem, in any orientation.

      I think it would be better if you implemented 100 or 200khz steps per click instead of the current smart tuning method. I don't know if the firmware can be updated via the USB port, but that would be brilliant.


    28. Seung Ryul Lee on

      Hey HiddenRadio Team,
      Thanks for featuring my Keep Calm & Carry On shot :) There is also a instagrammed version of it as you guys requested XD