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The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
5,358 backers pledged $938,771 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update

Posted by John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have an update on the shipping of your units. All units have now just cleared customs and arrived at their order fulfillment centers.
Once the warehouses receive the units, they still need to scan and upload them to their system, so to redirect each order, with quantities and color choices, to each backer.
Canada and Australia may take a few extra days as the units have just been delivered today to their warehouses.
Anyhow, we expect all units to ship out within the next few days.

We are extremely excited to get you these units and we want to hear your thoughts and feedback about them. For this reason, we will send out a survey in a couple of weeks. We hate filling out surveys as much as you do. That’s why we’ve kept it under 60 seconds and will provide a special discount code at the end. We deeply appreciate your feedback.

While we are setting up a support service to handle our online store, we still prefer a closer contact with our backers. And, as mentioned on the last update, we have setup a dedicated email only for Kickstarter backers:
We saw there are already a few emails there, but we have been crazy chasing and learning how to clear customs and dealing with the airfreight company these days. Anyhow, we haven’t forgotten and we will reply to all of them shortly.

Lastly we would just like to show again our side-by-side comparison with the market leader Jambox. We think we’re a good competitor but of course we’ll let you guys be the judges of that ☺

Thank you and we can’t wait for your units to arrive on your doorsteps!
John + Vitor

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    1. Chris Khouri on

      i was so ready to love this product. i was so looking forward to placing the 5 units in each room and enjoying music and handsfree calling...
      but i cant get over the bad sound quality, the crappy bass, the distortions and... the lack of speakerphone

      the video shows the mic, the conference calling... but the final product does not even have it.

      i feel we got punished for supporting a nice design trusting that it would be more than pretty.

      it's pretty alright... but does not serve its initial function.

      waist of 500 dollars!!!! (please dont tell my wife!)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stojan Karlusic on

      I am from Australia and have also received my two speakers. They work beautifully!

    3. Missing avatar

      Luc Maris on

      Received an email on Oct 11with shipping date Oct 15. Received it on Oct 16 early morning. I'm in Belgium: understanding that it was dispatched from UK you would expect it sooner than rest of the world, but I'm glad I have this wonderful peace of design and so far it works as a charm. I'm using it on iOS devices.
      The sound quality out of the box is not at all warm, but strangely enough over time more bass is added. If that is what the developers mean with ' broken in after 8 hours' I'm fine with that. Speech is still remarkably louder than other frequencies. There is little distortion when playing load house music. Also I hear a small hiss during silent periods. It decreases when moving away my iPhone, but some hiss is still there. This is never disturbing nor distracting. The pairing works very well and no drop outs, etc. The radio works well, I have no issue how to operate it however this will not replace a full featured radio.
      The battery seems to hold a long operating time, it's playing for >8 hours now at the moment I'm writing this feedback.
      One thing I have to get use to: the turning direction. It seems to turn in a opposite direction than my logic. May be in the southern hemisphere this makes more sense ;-)
      Overall I'm very happy and satisfied to be the owner of this unique device.

    4. Garry on

      James Prendergast and other Australian backers - I'm from Sydney and got my speaker yesterday without receiving any email. I received it from Australian Post.

    5. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      I am in the U.S. should I have received a notice by now ?

    6. Eugene Tong on

      Perth backer here... still no notification either.

    7. Johnson Page on

      @Jonathan Mackay - I'm in the same boat. Brisbane and no notification yet.

    8. Jonathan Mackay on

      @Heath Marshall.
      Excuse me Heath, what was the shipping company that delivered your unit? Im in Brisbane as well and I haven't received any notification at all

    9. Missing avatar

      James Prendergast on

      I'm also still waiting for my unit to arrive in Sydney, Australia and I haven't received any email confirmation about shipping - how can I trace my shipment?

    10. Ryan Nai on

      Still waiting for my unit to arrive in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. :(

    11. Heath Marshall on

      In Aus, Brisbane and finally arrived. Very impressed. I think the comments about the USB connector are exaggerated, i have chunky fingers and it slid in fine. The radio side of things is OK. No major hassle, perhaps a suggestion of having an array of 8 leds to help centre tuning manually on the base opposite to the status led, and double it as a wattage indicator / signal strength when not in radio mode? Who knows, but very happy with it and the sound quality for something like this is great, and gladly not tiny. Well done chaps!

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Bulger on

      In Canada mine arrived on Wednesday.
      I echo surprise that other have stated regarding usability of radio and difficulty of plugging in the charging cable. But, I can leave with it.
      The real problem I am having is that the battery is a dud!
      Charge lasts about 30 minutes then dies. So this is not really a wireless speaker as I have to use it plugged in to the laptop or wall.
      Sent email to and I hope response time is better than what others have indicated.

    13. Missing avatar

      300rwhp on

      Here in Canada and got my radios. What numbers are people gettting on the individual numbered edition? i got 64. Overall I am quite happy with the product. It is a little loose when the cap is turned all the way up which I dont like.

      Thanks guys.

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Brøndberg on

      Hi guys

      I've sent you an email 8 days ago.
      I pledged 229 dollars to get two radios.
      My package only had one radio in it.
      When can i expect the other one?
      Please answer my email.
      I used this email adress:

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Chiu on

      @ Marc Djan, We are in the same boat. No Reply what so ever !! Piss me off !!

    16. Jonathan Mackay on

      finally got an email back, apparently the Australian units are being shipped tomorrow

    17. MARC DJAN on

      I really believe those guys have design tallents but they have no production or company management experience at all . they are 9 months late in production witch already is a joke but on a top of this they are totally unable to put a simple address on a box and ship .... THE WORST is they don't even answer emails .
      This is very bad and doesn't show to much respect for the backers and neither kickstarter website or even other team who would like to be back in the future - John and Vitor have to stop right away what they are doing and start immediately to answer our emails or move and make them self the shipments

    18. Jean-Philippe Cyr on

      Hi Guys, I received mine in Canada Today.

      My first impression was a good one. The Bluetooth pairing was very easy and work flawlessly. The unit arrived with a very low battery level, so I did recharge it. As many other owners have said, it was a bit difficult to insert the USB wire and make sure you do not damage the unit.

      Of all, I must say that the bottom part is really the most unfinished one. It almost feel cheap. Compare to any Apple products which you can turn in any sense and see a well design finished unit, the HIDDEN radio is a bit failing in this area. I understand you did your best, but the bottom could be improved.

      The FM radio controls are truly not easy to use and it is very difficult to know where in the FM spectrum you are. Probably having use a beep sound or using the front light would have help in some way. I know it is part of the name, but I would even suggest to remove the FM radio. Most smartphone now has Radio app with thousands of stations.

      I was also under the impression the unit was in brushed aluminum, but this is probably because of the color name "Metallic Silver". My mistake.

      The sound is good, not great, but for that size, I consider it to be good.

      Overall I'm happy with the product and to have participate on KickStarter. The updates surrounding the experience were fascinating.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Chiu on

      very very disappointed with these people.

      First , shipping confirmation with incorrect address
      Second, send email to them regards to incorrect address but no reply
      Third, Goods arrived to incorrect address but can't do a jack about it. they told me to email them the correct address but no reply ever since...WTF !!

      I'm gonna dispute my charge with my CC company !!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Campbell on

      I received an email from HiddenRadio today asking me if I would provide customer feedback but I have not received my reward yet. I do hope they eventually arrive.

    21. Missing avatar

      Swaroop C H on

      Got my unit a few days ago in India. Works fantastic! Loved following the journey of the making as well as using the final unit :)

    22. Michele Dabergami on

      Got my two radios on Tuesday, 2nd October, in Italy.

    23. Tze-Meng Tan on

      Got my unit last week here in Malaysia, thanks !

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      From the comment section:

      "1. HiddenRadios that still haven’t reached their backers:
      As we mentioned on our previous comment and on our previous update, the units from Canada and Australia were the last ones to be processed. Canada already started shipping last week, while Australia will start shipping likely this Monday. Each backer will be notified via email when his or her unit(s) will be shipped out."

    25. Missing avatar

      Ivan Vanderbyl on

      Another Australian, can we get tracking numbers for our deliveries?

    26. Jonathan Mackay on

      How long shall we be waiting in Australia to recurve the unit?
      Who is the shipping company that will be delivering them?

    27. John on

      China here. Haven't received any notification

    28. Sherwin Huang on

      Australian here. Haven't received any notification.

    29. Missing avatar

      Todd Bridge on

      Think the whole concept of the speaker is great. It feels like it is high quality made.
      Adjusting the FM radio to me is not much of a concern with all the apps for radio stations.

      I am not real impressed with sound quality. When I turn the sound just above half way
      I start to get distortation. I thought it would sound a lot better. This is my biggest disappointment
      with speaker.

      I also wanted to use it as a speaker phone, but It disconnects the bluetooth when making
      a call. If someone can tell me how to get it to work, I would appreciate it.

      Shipping and the packaging was excellent.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stefano Monaco on

      Just received my party pack in Milan, Italy.
      It's amazing!
      thank you

    31. Missing avatar

      Louis van Dort on

      First of all THANKS THANKS
      When I recieved the shipping info I was shocked there was a mixed up with teh delivery country. But after a e-mail it was all re-route and I recived the parts yesterday.
      The package was in a very good quality like the Product it selves. After un packing teh speakers it was in easy startup and I was very very pleased with the sound.


    32. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Geo Scott on

      While I haven't really tried out the radio/speaker, no don't be shocked, I felt the need to comment about the shipping. WHAT! Yes, it's true.Having participated in a few projects, I was so impressed with your packaging and shipment. I have never received a product so well and beautifully packaged. I will comment further after more experience.

    33. Lucas Simon Phai on

      hey guys receive my shipment in singapore good job done, pair them up and works like a charm.

    34. Lishen on

      I got mine two days ago! i love the design! Expected better sound quality though. The volume covers a huge area so that's good too. I get disturbances and that's probably due to bluetooth.

    35. Missing avatar

      David on

      When can we expect them in th US?

    36. Missing avatar

      Emma Collett on

      Are we still out of the loop in Australia? Anyone heard anything? Does anyone know who is shipping it in Oz?

    37. JP on

      Love the design, even though I also have the slippage when turning issue. Can live with it...
      Sound is Ok, but had expected better based on latest video update, acceptable though.
      But...I also have the BT sound bumps occasionally.

    38. Ignacio Alonso on

      Hi guys,

      MY SPEAKERS DOESN'T WORK! What can I do? :(((((

    39. John McCormick on

      It could do with a tone control. A bit flat on the highs. Turns the opposite way I'd expect for increasing the volume. I have not tried the radio. BT to iPhone 4S and MBP working just fine otherwise.

    40. Missing avatar

      DalmaPalma on

      I received mine too...I was a little bit scared after reading all comments. Fortunately it looks amazing. Also the production quality is as expected. BUT....the FM radio part is a mess. I could not believe that you payed attention in every small detail as closure of the unit etc etc etc, but missed totaly to adapt the radio unit to todays standards. Two small buttons only for searching stations without any indication which station or frequence could be found? Really you should pay more attention also to that instead of loosing time with other things. Yesterday I tried to search for stations...Every other radion unit will find about 100 stations. Hidden Radio could only find 2 and the unit was next to the window. After closing the Hidden Radio, it lost the station. Aweful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      To be honest, now it's more less nice to have, but not really useable for me.

    41. Missing avatar

      elPiotr on

      received mine .. not bad at all :-)

      working perfectly from mbpro ... from iphone4s sometime there is a small jump in the sound
      maybe will be fixed in future firmwares
      (is the firmware upgradable ? )

    42. davdonline on

      Really nice job - excellent product. The care in production is clearly evident in the product shipped.

      Thank you.

    43. Missing avatar

      Rod Smitherman on

      I received my Hidden Radio today, but I'm sad to say I am having a sound quality issue in bluetooth pairing mode. When at maximum levels it does not sound all that loud. In reading other people's comments, it appears others are having this same issue. The volume lid also does not close fully. I've emailed my issue to the support email addy on website. Hope to hear back soon on how to return. :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Russell Lewis on

      I received my hidden radio a couple of days ago. I have to say the design simplicity is amazing.
      It's easy to set up and use and it sounds great in my office. The power cord placement is a little tricky
      but overall I'm impressed with the quality. It was worth the wait.

    45. Gary Boyd on

      Received my 2 Hidden's this week in the UK, all I can say is Brilliant!! Well worth the wait......


    46. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I agree with the comments on the placement of the USB port -- and I too have small fingers. Really takes some twiddling to get it to go in properly.

      I wish the *radio* were easier to tune; fortunately I usually want only one particular (local) station and I found it OK. But I won't be doing any station-switching, that's for sure, unless it's an emergency.

      I like having a "real" radio as an option instead of having to listen to it over internet. And besides, what if the power goes out??

      Sound seems OK to me -- maybe I'd like some things to be able to be louder but that may be too much to ask for in a *battery operated* speaker (I don't know).

      I'm still getting the hang of the off/on/vol, but at least I've realized it's turned direction-wise like a volume button not a faucet. :-)

      The Hidden itself is lovely & fits nicely on a shelf, is easy to move around, etc.

    47. wesley chang on

      Got my party pack last night and love it :) When's the launch party?

    48. Tamok on

      Hey guys,
      I live in France and just recieved Hidden Radio today. This product is amazing and I really like how a concept became a finished product with a beautiful (and well-thought) packaging.
      Sound is marvelous. Can't wait to show off to friends ;)

      Thank you all pledgers for having made this possible, and you Hidden Radio team for your work.

    49. Chris Lim on

      Hi guys,

      I'm from Singapore as well, and like Carter I've yet to get the lovely Radio at my doorstep. Please note that we changed our address previously, but it was confirmed by PM. Hopefully that didnt affect it?

      Please advise the status if it's possible, can't wait!


    50. Marco Scala on

      i got mine today!!!!
      I was really excited to see in my hands something that I also contributed to create and to turn from a brilliant idea into a smart product! i opened the parcel in the office and immediately a couple of colleagues were very interested and amazed by HiddenRadio! You got new customers guys!!!