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The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
5,358 backers pledged $938,771 to help bring this project to life.

Mass Production Update

Posted by John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are very pleased to announce that all units have finished manufacturing and are now on their way to their fulfillment facilities around the world. It’s been a big effort though we are also very happy that every single backer will receive their units at the same time (depending on local postage speeds).

As we mentioned they will be sent by air freight to each fulfillment center and then sent locally from there. The company we have been working with on this has been Shipwire. Their service has been incredible in helping us set up 7 order fulfillment facilities in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. This has allowed us to navigate all the import duties and potential issues that could arise with sending out thousands of units. Moving forward, it also allows us to get units to customers quickly and efficiently no matter where they are located in the world.

The basic time line for the units is as follows:

Units leave Hong Kong – 12th September
Airfreight arrives in local countries in order to pass customs – 15th-20th September
Units travel from the airport to their local fulfillment centers – 21st September
Units packed out into shipping boxes ready for delivery – 22nd – 25th September

We have made all adjustments to address changes received up until last weekend. Therefore all units should arrive as per the addresses you provided to us. Naturally some places take longer to deliver than others, therefore please allow ample time for delivery before emailing us with any problems.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having you all along side us on this entire experience. We deeply appreciate all of your support and suggestions that have helped us make a great product.

We will be also sending you all out a survey about a week after you’ve received your unit. We personally hate filling out surveys, for this reason we’ve made it under 60 seconds to complete. This will allow us to analyze your impressions and feedback of our product. In return you will receive an extra discount code upon completion of the survey.

We also setting up a dedicated email address for Kickstarter backers. This is the quickest way for us to answer any questions related to your Kickstarter rewards, shipment or any technical questions:

Lastly, we’d just like to give a round up of some quotes from our beta testers to whet your palate:

“When I took it out of the box it just worked! I lifted up the cap and it when in to pairing mode, linked up with my phone and I was going, couldn’t be easier!” Stephen

“The 360 sound really fills up my room” Mark

“I wasn’t sure my phone would find it as I have about 6 BT devices on my cell phone though as soon as I lifted the cap it connected, nice” Mary

Thanks again,
John + Vitor


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    1. William Barnes on

      C'mon guys, WTF is the deal?

    2. Missing avatar

      tcww on

      Have they shipped, and will we get tracking info?

    3. YYzSimon on

      If the units left from HK on Sept 12th, I should be able to receive them in Shanghai (China Mainland) by now, correct? Do you provide tracking numbers?

    4. William Barnes on

      Any updates? Stuff was supposed to have shipped by now right?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jose Maria Volio on

      have the units shipped? are we getting tracking info?

    6. Fares Fayad on

      So no reply by email and no reply here...

    7. Fares Fayad on

      You mention the following address to contact you and get the quickest reply regarding shipments: it has been exactly 12 days (same day as this post) since I emailed you and I'm yet to hear back!!!

    8. Shoji Kawano on

      Please tell me your schedule updated.

    9. Ryan Mathe on

      Question --

      I have changed addresses since purchasing this. I have changed my address with the postal service, but since I'm not sure how you guys are shipping these, I am a little worried it might go to the wrong place... any help?

    10. Horace Tsang on

      Just got email reply from John and Vitor, they said the unit will be shipped out on 24-Sept as shown in this update. Well... I have told them I am living in HK and it seems there is no difference and all units must leave Hong Kong anyway. Well, let's see.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on


      Read the timeline given again.

    12. John on

      Hey Guys~

      why I haven't received the product yet?

    13. Horace Tsang on

      I am in Hong Kong but why I haven't received the product yet?

    14. Missing avatar

      elPiotr on

      very very good ... can't wait to take them with me at flycamp to fly my heli with music :-)

      PS. will be possible to connect two of them to a single iphone ?
      thank you

    15. Krista Leigh on

      you guys are really really awesome and handle all communication extremely well. grateful for all that you've done! soooo excited to receive your product :)

    16. Trung Lac on

      Awesome work! Looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with in the future.

    17. Zach Magoon on

      Way to go guys! Looking forward to cranking it up! All the best.

    18. IDKU on

      Darn - I'm going to be out of the country when this ships and will only be able to envy you all for a little while.. ;)

    19. Rae O'Kane on

      J&V - congratulations on your success!!! I'm totally pleased with how this went. Thank you for making sure we get a solid product and for keeping us informed. I can't wait to see this waiting on my doorstep. Great job!!!!!!!

    20. BarryG on

      so glad you took your time with this project.. I've backed too many that rushed the product to the backers and they broke or were of inferior quality.. Can't wait to get mine and see this out to retail after.

      Thanks for the great update...

    21. appfreak on

      Really happy with the management of this project. One of the most pleasant Kickstarters to follow of the ones I've backed

    22. Adeiko on

      Well, it seems everything is going great! Will everybody recieve a tracking number or it will be coming to our house unnoticed?

    23. Gustavo Santana on

      "set up 7 order fulfillment facilities in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia."
      I thought there was going to be a fulfilment center in São Paulo (South America)

    24. williamli on

      Units leave Hong Kong – 12th September...
      any idea how the units will arrive back to me in Hong Kong?

    25. Torje Øivand Olsen on

      Wow. Really professional. Can´t wait to get it! I hope you will have lots of success with this product on the open marketplace outside of kickstarter as well. You deserve it.

    26. Marcus Puchalla on

      Can't wait to give them a try :)
      Thanks for the update.

    27. Tom Minton on

      Sweet! Can't wait!

    28. Henry Wong on

      Dear John and Vitor,

      Will all units leave Hong Kong and then ship to the address that we gave you before ?
      I am just a little bit concern because i am living in hong kong and the shipping address is also Hong Kong LOL ?!