Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker

by John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria

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    1. Elijah Nicolas on

      It's a little hard to properly discern the different between the two devices but nonetheless, I'm excited for it as I don't have either device.

    2. Tom Vranas on

      I believe!!!!!

    3. Daniel Beerse on

      I took me about five times through, before I figured out which one was playing. It isn't obvious until the very end which selection controls the Hidden Radio. But YES, it does sound richer than the Jambox. Can't wait to get it! Keep up the good work!

    4. Steve Robertson on

      Very nice! Keep up the good work.

    5. Missing avatar

      swes87 on

      Sounds great!! Can't wait to put one of these outside my shower lol! As far as a comparision goes.. download a $2 app called Audio Tool. I used it to prove that my speakers sounded better than my friends :p

      Test songs from a couple different genres! Make sure to start at the same point in the song for for both devices for more accurate results.

    6. Fernando Teixeira on

      WOW that really looks Apple branded, you are doing a very good work and I'm proud of being one of the backers for it. Keep it coming and thank you very much!

    7. Missing avatar

      Joassart Edwin on

      i can't wait to test it :)

    8. Mark

      Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker team, the sounds very good and I can't wait to get my little grubby (okay, will try to keep my hands clean for this piece of art) hands on the system. Excellent job. I look forward to your next project.

    9. AJACs on

      I already have a Jambox, and I have paid for one of these... that said, are you showing the Jambox using the software expanded software turned on and off. For the enhanced pseudo 3D sound, (which is awesome) it gives up on loudness. It is much louder and robust when that capability is turned off. I'm glad to have both, but I want to make sure it is an apples to apples comparison as much as two smaller stereo speakers to a mondo mono speaker can be.

    10. AJACs on

      "software expanded sound turned on or off"

    11. Rae O'Kane on

      Beautiful!!! So glad for the update. I am so excited to get my speaker and take it out on the deck. Great job, guys!!!!

    12. Alexander Danling on

      Sounds great :)

      I like the sound of the device when you closed and "locked" it. Sounds smooth and solid.

    13. IDKU on

      Awesome, def beats the hell out of Jambox. Should have ordered more than 2!

    14. Missing avatar

      Thom Dean on

      very nice. I have decided to bypass the "comments" section of this project as the whinning and complaining has just gotten too distracting. Having been in, and continue to be in, the mechanical design industry, this process is not always predictable nor foreseeable for delays. Glad to hear the sound demo and am looking forward to my new speaker. Chin up and keep moving ahead.

    15. Viking White

      I can't wait to do my own demo because I own a Jawbone Jambox. To be fair, for the price point until Hidden radio, Jawbone Jambox wasn't too bad. Until you see and hear a superior product. Believe it or not I am looking forward to how low the volume can go and still hear the music. I'm in a cubicle situation and I can't 'rock the house', but I can play a music at say level 2 or 3 depending on the type of music. Normally, I play smooth rather than straight-ahead jazz to calm the savage beasts around me.

    16. Debbie on

      sounds great. hope we get it soon.

    17. Neil on

      Thanks very much for the update! Sounds awesome in comparison....great job.

    18. Missing avatar

      Karl Beck on

      From what you provided there is a definite improvement over the Jawbone (I own one) and I really like the satisfying "click" as you turned it down and then off. Please send more updates and I can't wait to do my own testing on my own units.

    19. Josh on

      I believe based on looks/sleekness alone the HR definitely trumps the jambox.. sound quality wise i wouldn't say either one is better as they both have their strong points.. but nonetheless, i believe the HR is definitely a keeper.. hope to get more updates soon.. and hope to get it in my room sooner! =) have a good trip guys.. still glad to be a backer..

    20. Ralph Baard on

      Wow! Totally awesome. I could hear a huge difference. Already have a jambox so very excited to do an in person comparison when mine arrives. Congrats! Great product. Loved the ending with the volume tuning down then a click and silence.

    21. Pasha on


    22. Joseph Binotto on

      Wow, I agree. You can hear the difference. I am sure in person it is even better. Now I am getting excited!

    23. Jonathan Brown on

      Boom! Nice job gentlemen.

    24. Brian Dimarucot on

      Sweet. You can clearly hear the difference.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      I have listend to the video on headphones AND a home theatre. I can't believe that people can't hear that the Jambox has better bass. The Hidden Radio is clearly louder but the quality is very tin-like. I know its only recorded through the camera mike but even with that recording I can hear that the Jambox has more boom in the bass. Maybe it will sound better when i hear it for real.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Hirsch on

      I agree, it seems that bass is a bit weak

    27. Christophe Tauziet on

      I strongly prefer the sound of the Hidden Radio on this video. Much clearer, much crisper. Well done! Can't wait to test it :)

    28. Adeiko on

      Bass on the Hidden Radio really seems to suck... Are you guys Monster Headphones buyers or what?

    29. Mark Pettit on

      Sounds great (pun intended!)

    30. Missing avatar

      J S on

      The sound on the hidden radio was definitely richer sounding overall. Can't wait to have it on my desk. Great job guys!

    31. Shoji Kawano on

      The sound feeling depends on each person's prefer.
      The release date is most of our common interest.

      You will decide your goal and announce the release date, first.
      Hidden radio never be in our hands, if you enjoy to be making only prototypes.

      Work seriously for us, not your interest and hobby.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kenji Tasaka on

      Sounds fantastic! This will be great for my study!

    33. Yi Wen Li on

      nice!!! the sound from the hidden radio is so much richer and crisper. Can't wait!!!! lucky that i decided to buy two!!!!

    34. Eve Curtis on

      It really does sound much better. Thank you for all the effort to make the Hidden Radio a really great product.

    35. Andre Ochoa on

      You can definitely ear the difference. Great sound!!! Eagerly expecting to get my hands on that...but take your time to make it a great product!! The all community is count on it...

    36. Mariquel & Gaston on

      This looks great! thanks. Hope we have them soon

    37. ZippyFund Inc. on

      iPhone loaded with music... Need speaker to enjoy it...

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      AND I ALMOST BOGHT A JAMBOX! hidden radio, you are the hidden dagger about to stab aliph lololololol

    39. MOKU on

      The Jambox sounds terrible in this side by side test.. http://kck.st/JcAHFO

    40. Shawn Lafleur on

      Do we have a solid and concrete shipping date? I am thinking of getting a refund and buy a competitor if it doesn't show up soon or we are given an update as to the ETA.


    41. Missing avatar

      John Burland on

      @ Shawn Lafleur
      Refund? This is Kickstarter. You're angel-investing/ funding a project. Your reward is a Hidden Radio. This isn't Amazon.

    42. Missing avatar

      LJ Legnon on

      Hello Vitor + John,

      Looking forward to the delivery. No refunds requested here, but the anticipation really grows when we see cool demos like this. Will we see them by summer? I'm thinking conference calls by day and scotch/cigars on the patio after work with mine.....

    43. shen mai on

      when will i get mine~? can't wait~!

    44. ZippyFund Inc. on

      Realize the kickstarter concept, funded several including big ticket but we are now over 90 days from estimated delivery...

    45. Missing avatar

      Salud Mendoza on

      Hello Vitor + John,
      How can I change my shipping address since I will be moving to another State in a couple of days? Looking forward to the delivery. I can't wait!!.. thanks :)

    46. H Ismail on

      Hello V+J,
      I'm curious. What happens after spin-shutting the HS down? Does the audio from the iPhone go to next available AirServer speaker, music pauses like when you unplug headphones or does it defaults back to the built-in speaker/headphone? Assuming that if I were to listen to music in bed and slapped the HS down to sleep, will iTunes still continue on playing til device battery's dead? Or do I still need to stop iTunes manually too? - Best regards, rastAsia