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Update #24

HiddenRadio2 Is Here!


Hey Guys,

It’s been a little over 2 years since we announced the HiddenRadio. Since then we’ve been listening to our backers and the community, to what they wanted most out of a portable speaker. You asked for it and here we have it, welcome HiddenRadio2!

We originally planned a soft launch for Saturday night but that didn’t really happen. We blasted through our goal in only 4.5 hours. It’s been amazing to see a lot of backers from HiddenRadio1 come and support HiddenRadio2. If you haven’t checked it out yet then jump over to the link above. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest news in real time.

Thanks again for supporting us!
John + Vitor

Update #23

Six Months On: Design Awards and Other News


Dear Backers,

It’s been a little over 6 months since we shipped out all the HiddenRadios to you guys. We want to share some updates with you as well as share what we’re up to since shipping the units to you guys.

Firstly we were incredibly humbled to receive a 2013 iF Design Award for the audio category. The iF Award is one of the most important design awards in the world and is judged by a series of professionals from BMW, Philips, Nike and the list goes on.

We could not have done it without you, and we must really thank you guys for supporting us and we hope you all take some pride in the award as well! Click here to see the iF Online Exhibition.

In addition, the HiddenRadio is now available in the San Francisco MOMA. We’ve always browsed their cool products and dreamt of one day being there! To see it on their shelf is a huge reward. All purchases made at the SFMOMA go back in to the community in the form of education programs, so please help support them; they do some really great stuff.

We’ve also been listening to you guys and what you would like next from us. Many of you asked for a red version of the HiddenRadio, so we listened and here it is:

It is a limited edition of 500 units in Metallic Red available now. Check it out at our website. We are also offering free global shipping to our Kickstarter backers, just enter the following code: RED500

Lastly, we distributed over 10,000 units to our backers and as with any technology company there will always be a small percentage of products that don’t meet the high standards set for them in the field, or sometimes something just goes wrong. We are still honoring our policy and replacing all defective units for Kickstarter backers. If you are experiencing any issues please email us at so we can resolve your issue.

Thanks again and we wish you all a great week!
John + Vitor

Update #22

Product Shipment

Hey Backers,

It’s been a very busy past few weeks. We have been working on getting all kickstarter orders out to backers. We are pleased to say that all orders (except Canada and Australia/Oceania) have shipped. If you still have not received your order, please give it another week or so, as some locations take longer to get to. Some orders had address fields entered incorrectly and we had to fix them manually. All these orders have now been completed and the units should be on their way out.

All Canadian orders shipped late last week. Canadian backers should be receiving them this week and next week.

All Australian orders shipped late last week and finished up just today. Shipments in Oceania are still being processed, as there are some restrictions due to the Li-Ion batteries on the product. In any case they should be shipping within the week. We expect all Australia and Oceania backers to receive their units by the end of next week. Also, as this order fulfillment center is not affiliated with Shipwire, they are not sending an automatic notification to backers that their orders have shipped or delivered. Again, please give them a week or two to arrive if they haven’t already.

Social Networks
We have been receiving some great photos of our backers using their HiddenRadios around the world on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We love seeing these photos, keep them coming. Here are a few that have been posted.

Product Reviews
In order to assess how well we are meeting our backers’ expectations we recently sent out a survey to understand how well the product is performing, how we are responding to any issues, and whether you would recommend our products again.

We received a very high response from you guys and thank you so much for the feedback. The survey is still active and we continue to ask you to complete it as you receive and use your HiddenRadios.

We were overall pleased with the results with around 4 out of 5 of you recommending our products to friends and family. We know we can do better on our customer service but we are working on it and have reduced our response time down to 48hrs. We also are aware that some people may not have been completely happy, but we are doing our best to rectify your issues. Please be patient while we solve them for you.

In addition, we are also personally reaching out to backers to get first hand opinions on the products backed. We deeply appreciate your feedback and will continue reaching out to understand how well our products are doing over time.

Thank you again for supporting us and should you have any questions please contact

John + Vitor

Update #21

Shipping Update

Dear Backers,

We have an update on the shipping of your units. All units have now just cleared customs and arrived at their order fulfillment centers.
Once the warehouses receive the units, they still need to scan and upload them to their system, so to redirect each order, with quantities and color choices, to each backer.
Canada and Australia may take a few extra days as the units have just been delivered today to their warehouses.
Anyhow, we expect all units to ship out within the next few days.

We are extremely excited to get you these units and we want to hear your thoughts and feedback about them. For this reason, we will send out a survey in a couple of weeks. We hate filling out surveys as much as you do. That’s why we’ve kept it under 60 seconds and will provide a special discount code at the end. We deeply appreciate your feedback.

While we are setting up a support service to handle our online store, we still prefer a closer contact with our backers. And, as mentioned on the last update, we have setup a dedicated email only for Kickstarter backers:
We saw there are already a few emails there, but we have been crazy chasing and learning how to clear customs and dealing with the airfreight company these days. Anyhow, we haven’t forgotten and we will reply to all of them shortly.

Lastly we would just like to show again our side-by-side comparison with the market leader Jambox. We think we’re a good competitor but of course we’ll let you guys be the judges of that ☺

Thank you and we can’t wait for your units to arrive on your doorsteps!
John + Vitor

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Update #20

Mass Production Update

Dear Backers,

We are very pleased to announce that all units have finished manufacturing and are now on their way to their fulfillment facilities around the world. It’s been a big effort though we are also very happy that every single backer will receive their units at the same time (depending on local postage speeds).

As we mentioned they will be sent by air freight to each fulfillment center and then sent locally from there. The company we have been working with on this has been Shipwire. Their service has been incredible in helping us set up 7 order fulfillment facilities in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. This has allowed us to navigate all the import duties and potential issues that could arise with sending out thousands of units. Moving forward, it also allows us to get units to customers quickly and efficiently no matter where they are located in the world.

The basic time line for the units is as follows:

Units leave Hong Kong – 12th September
Airfreight arrives in local countries in order to pass customs – 15th-20th September
Units travel from the airport to their local fulfillment centers – 21st September
Units packed out into shipping boxes ready for delivery – 22nd – 25th September

We have made all adjustments to address changes received up until last weekend. Therefore all units should arrive as per the addresses you provided to us. Naturally some places take longer to deliver than others, therefore please allow ample time for delivery before emailing us with any problems.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having you all along side us on this entire experience. We deeply appreciate all of your support and suggestions that have helped us make a great product.

We will be also sending you all out a survey about a week after you’ve received your unit. We personally hate filling out surveys, for this reason we’ve made it under 60 seconds to complete. This will allow us to analyze your impressions and feedback of our product. In return you will receive an extra discount code upon completion of the survey.

We also setting up a dedicated email address for Kickstarter backers. This is the quickest way for us to answer any questions related to your Kickstarter rewards, shipment or any technical questions:

Lastly, we’d just like to give a round up of some quotes from our beta testers to whet your palate:

“When I took it out of the box it just worked! I lifted up the cap and it when in to pairing mode, linked up with my phone and I was going, couldn’t be easier!” Stephen

“The 360 sound really fills up my room” Mark

“I wasn’t sure my phone would find it as I have about 6 BT devices on my cell phone though as soon as I lifted the cap it connected, nice” Mary

Thanks again,
John + Vitor

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