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The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
The simplest, most powerful radio and wireless speaker for iPhone + iPad ever in a compact form. Lift the cap, the louder it gets!
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    1. Call Me Sizzle on

      I have two "brand new in the box and wrapped" Hidden Radio 2s if anyone is interested. Contact me.

    2. Charles Jacobina on

      I purchased the speakers 2012 for $229 I never received them since I've moved several times. I contacted the company and they told me that I would not receive a refund and I could not apply the 229 to the new speakers. Don't do business with this company you'll regret it. I find these business practices unacceptable.

    3. Charles Jacobina on

      I don't know honk I received mine

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      More like a gimmick brand, not a luxury brand:
      Bought two of the HR1s. Long wait, poor communications but they finally got here. Great for a short while then the charge cords wouldn't work anymore. Support told me they would send a replacement within 30 days. They didn't. They didn't communicate but when I asked where it was (twice) they said they couldn't find anymore and they were really sorry but I'd have to find my own charge cord. I bought a new charge cord and charged the black HR1. When I plugged in the silver HR1 it started to smell hot and it ruined the charge cord I had just purchased. Now, support says they can give me a discount on an HR2. I expect so much more when I pay near the top of the price range for a product.

    5. franc6 on

      Enjoying my 2 new HiddenRadio2 and still enjoying the HiddenRadio1 too.
      Of course the latest model is better, more functional and improved in many ways.
      Congrats to you guys and thank you for this concept.

    6. Missing avatar

      Katy Mckillop on

      Getting great use out of my Hiddenradio. Really enjoy using it in the office and still get great comments on the design. The twist mechanism still works great.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I really love my original hidden radio and even if the new one is much superior, I still use gen1 in my bedroom. Great for podcasts!

    8. Theo Macris on

      Not really a fan. More design then function. Sound quality was marginal at best. Mine stopped working all together after about 40 hours of use. It looked good while it was alive though. Now it props up some of my books.

    9. Missing avatar

      André Barriault on

      Unit has never really been great, Bluetooth is terrible as audio goes up and down, same for FM. Bought a Canz 808 speaker for $20 and it works a million times better than this oil filter of a product. I should have complained when I first got it 2 years ago. The product is so bad, I spammed their emails when they were looking for Hidden Radio 2 backers. Just wanted to share.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jesse Birbach on

      HR v1 battery just died for good, and it won't run off cable power. Used it on and off for about 24 months. Sadly disappointed. Customer service offered me an HR2 discount, but I think I'll just try to tear this one apart to see if I can repair it. Hopefully, for HR2 buyers, the new model doesn't share the same design flaw.

    11. frank on

      Another person seduced by the great marketing video for the original kick starter campaign. Didn't complain about the massive delay getting them out there or poor communication doing so.

      After less than maybe 4 hours of total use over last year and a half (I was flooded out of my place in hurricane sandy and hasn't been back to a place until recently) the unit randomly drops Bluetooth connectivity like the battery has gone. Needs to either be hooked up to power to work or switched from Bluetooth to FM back to Bluetooth, repaired and music restarted. The companies response wasn't about diagnosing it - they offered to replace it with the pool of leftover white and red units sitting in the US. Nice offer but I still had to pay shipping and I find the quality to be questionable at best - sound, build (you cannot actually raise and lower volume by moving it easily up and down. Especially up), and obviously longevity are a concern. So to even put another dollar into the product is a concern. I would rather put it towards one of those pill speakers or the myriad of louder, better quality Bluetooth radios now all over the market. Don't buy the hype.

    12. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Hi Hmo, thanks for the feedback. We have a support desk set up to deal with this issue which can usually be fixed fairly easily. Please drop an email to and we'll rectify it asap. We'll also help you out on the bt stuff too. Thanks again for being a supporter.

    13. Missing avatar

      HMO on

      It certainly seems the "I can't charge my device" is a common problem and I, too, cannot charge my HiddenRadio. I have two HiddenRadios - one won't charge & the other will not pair with my iPhone any longer.
      On a more positive note, I was happy to hear you have made the new model able to use/pair two HiddenRadios to the same source……this was a real shortcoming of the original HiddenRadio design that, as an owner of two HiddenRadios, I identified as soon as I took them out of the box!

    14. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Hi George, please drop an email to so we can help you out.

    15. George Barber on

      Where can I get replacement battery for original Hidden Radio? Can it be replaced?

    16. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Lannon on

      Definitely a big hiddenradio lover here! I still use it every day. It really is the right size for my apartment and doesn’t take up much space at all. I generally keep it in the one spot in my bedroom to give me tunes while I work. Most often I stream Pandora and just have it running in the background throughout the day.

      I do also travel a fair bit for work so I will often throw it in my bag. It’s really nice having something to listen to while stuck in a hotel room.

      My brother just a few months back bought one as well based on my referral and he’s been using it outside while doing BBQs or getting away camping.

      Also well done on the new Hiddenradio2. It really looks amazing and thanks for listening to all our feedback. I’ll be backing it shortly, probably at the color level ☺

      All in all I’m really happy I found this project and stoked you guys are coming along well.

      All the best in 2014!!

    17. Missing avatar

      M Lukas on

      Dec. 19, 2013..see todays New York Times, Technology section, for wireless speakers article, before you buy the Hidden Speakers. Don't be seduced by the Hidden Speakers slick design and sales pitch as their are much better offerings out there...quality and price wise. Bought two hidden radio speakers....weak sound, poor volume....ok for podcasts but don't bother for music.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ricky Onsman on

      You have a lifelong HiddenRadio fan here. I ended up with two units and they complement each other beautifully.

      One sits on my desk, plugged into my desktop and giving me fingertip control over music from iTunes, Pandora, my turntable, my radio and all other PC-channelled sound. It’s well locked on to my (physical) desktop sitting in between mouses, phones, hard drives and whatnot. It’s a tool that my hand reaches for automatically and using it is as intuitive as adjusting my spectacles.

      The other is connected by Bluetooth to various devices around the house on an as-needs basis. It travels from office to bedroom to kitchen to living room to kids’ rooms to backyard to garage and delivers brilliantly in all contexts. We’ve taken it to the local swimming pool, the beach, parties … where we connect it one of our phones and have instant music. The look and functionality never fails to blow someone away (yes, I give them a link).

      Honestly, between the two of them they are literally among the best investments I’ve ever made.

      There are less than 100% positive aspects, such as the wired connection being very fiddly to manage. I deal with that by avoiding the issue: one is pretty much permanently wired to one connection and the other connects wirelessly. No problem.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I came from the original HR1 project. I’ve had my device for a while now and I’m still getting great use out of it. I travel a lot so it really helps to boost the sound while watching a movie in my hotel room.
      I also bought a couple after on the pre order campaign to give to my husband as well as my uncle who is an old school engineer. It was cool to tell them about the whole process. My uncle really liked the semantic relationship of the mechanism. Everything these days is so digital and cold, I think what we like most about the HiddenRadio is that there is some tangibility of the function of the product.
      Great to see the new product coming. It’s also good to see the new features, I’m sure this will make it a big success. Hopefully you guys will ring the bell of wall street one day heheh (one can dream I guess).

    20. Missing avatar

      M Lukas on

      I bought two of original hidden radios and have been using over one year now. The sound is ok, but not at all as described by inventors, with volume mediocre at best, not able to "fill a room...annoy your neighbors..". I see the latest generation of these speakers changed the location of the charge port to correct a near inaccessible port on original. It is not clear how two "engineers" could design something with such poor and difficult access to the charge port. I am not an engineer, but such an oversight seems painfully obvious to me. Their smooth new video suggests this is quite an advancement on their part (??!). These two things should tell you that the makers of these speakers are not entirely honest in their description.
      Before buying the Hidden Speakers, be sure to check the many, many competitive offerings out there...a lot to choose from at competitive prices and quality. Don't be sold by the look alone of the Hidden Speakers (as I was). Hidden Speakers...not the worst for your money...but certainly not the best.

    21. Chanakya Shah on

      These are my observations and feedback:
      Beautiful design, and quality stamped all over it. Love how the entire mechanism works to turn on and to increase it's volume. The battery life is adequate and lasts me enough for my satisfaction. The suction pad is well made and stays firm on any surface. I wish Red color was introduced at the time of my pledge on Kickstarter, it looks so sexy ! The charging cable is tough get around with. Especially for my parents who aren't that used to gadgets but have been taken over by the "Simplicity" that Apple has brought to their lives. My mom loved how it looks and I remember her saying "No wires !!!!!" I have "Hidden" one in my temple at home to play holy chants !
      I hope to see more beautiful products from you and your team. Simplicity is everything!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Henderson on

      My hidden radio still gets use regularly; either taking music into the back yard, or taking it around the house. I only have to charge it about once a month with our current use as well. Been very happy as a backer. This project brought me to Kick Starter and I've backed half a dozen innovative products since.

    23. Missing avatar

      William James on

      The Hiddenradio continues to perform as well today as it did a year ago!The ability to move the speaker throughout the house and beyond, then to be able to fill the area with music is a super feature. Lucky I purchased two at the beginning!!

    24. John H. Stassen on

      I am a two-packer, also, and I love my Hidden Radios. Work perfectly, great sound, seamlessly connect to my bluetooth devices, and never disappoint. Keep them coming! And thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Anderson on

      I was one of the original backers on Kickstarter. Our HiddenRadio has become a part of our furniture and daily landscape in our house. We keep it on the counter in the kitchen near where our boys study so that we can grab it at a moments notice if we are going outside and want some music or noise. I use it out in the garage working on projects where I can leave my phone or iPad in the house on the charger at the end of the day and take the speaker with me outside.

      I really like the ease of adjusting the volume. If I am doing something and someone comes out to talk with me and I have the speaker going, I can quickly and easily reach over and twist down the top to reduce the volume.

      Overall the HiddenRadio has a really nice look, so we don't mind keeping it out on the table or counter. It isn't "another piece of electronics" on the counter creating clutter. One of the top projects I have backed on Kickstarter!!

    28. Olya on

      As an original backer from Kickstarter... I love it and use it daily at home!

      HiddenRadio impressed a LOT of my friends in cottage trips this summer; was my companion through a 4 week solo trip through UK and Spain (which was lovely - loved sitting on the terrace, drinking wine, and listening to music - pure luxury - it also worked as an in-car speaker as I couldn't connect my iPhone to the historical audio system... and even survived all the bumps that 1500+ miles of road provided); and at one point provided me with the reputation of being a hipster. :-)

      It's still sitting on my desktop faithfully charged - I love it and plan to use it for the coming years :-)

    29. Robert Rendos on

      As a original backer here on Kickstarter I can't be more pleased with my 3 Hidden Radio's. Great sound and a unique design that always gets noticed when friends stop over. Probably the best product I've gotten so far out of the 15 I've backed.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Hung on

      My device also stopped charging and I sent an email to A replacement unit was sent to me but it came with full retail value so I had to pay duties and brokerage charges to the tune of $75.00. Not what I had expected. So now I have a working unit but in fact have paid almost $200.00 for it. The design for the charger has not changed so I expect this unit to fail again. Will not complaint because if they replace it I will be out of pocket for another $75.00 again. Good sound, nice design (except for the charging component) and VERY expensive for what you get. I do not recommend purchasing this at all.

    31. Eddie on

      For what's it worth, i was using my first Hidden Radio for about 6 months, it was cutting in and cut intermittently and was quite annoying. This was addressed and i was very pleased with the after sales support. So now i'm using my second unit and its flawless, i use it every day at work and i get complimented on it every time someone sees it for the first time. They are usually surprised how loud and how good the clarity is for a such a light and wireless device. Loving the aesthetics myself!

      Great little unit, but the charging port could be in a better location (not too sure where tho, because of the design), i often have trouble plugging in the charging cable so now its constantly in while playing.

    32. Missing avatar

      TennJim on

      Like the comments below, my device will not charge. This is the SECOND radio this has happened to.

    33. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Hi Michael,
      we're sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. Please drop us an email at so we may resolve this asap. Thanks!

    34. Michael Matusek on

      Sure looks neat.., Oh wait- Isn't sound supposed to come out of this thing? I've been able to use this twice since I got it months ago (other times I went to use it my jambox charged, powered on and worked within seconds while just waiting on something to happen with this silver dust collector) and now it does a whole lot of nothing. Red light blinks when plugged to charge but it appears as if it never charges and won't connect via bluetooth. Rather disappointed to say the least...

    35. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Hey Jim,
      sorry to hear that! Drop us and email at and we'll help you out asap.

    36. Jim Daxner on

      Hi Guys, Love my speaker, but maybe not enough! Haven't used it for a couple of months and getting ready for a trip and plugged it in. Nothing happens. Have left it plugged in for an hour now. Checked the charger and other devices charge fine. Any ideas?

    37. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Lannon on

      Nice work guys. Been using mine for over 6 months now and its a great little speaker. Overall it suits all my needs, yeah there could be a little more bass but I'm happy I backed it and think it was well worth the money. Look forward to some new stuff!

    38. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Hi Laura, this should not be a problem. Please drop an email to

    39. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Hey guys I lost my pouch while traveling in Singapore last month. Wondering if there is any way to get a new one? :) Love traveling with it and hitting the road again soon.

    40. Missing avatar

      jack on

      This minimalist speaker looks and works great. Customer service outstanding, dropped and broke mine, the guys at Hidden responded right away to replace it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Katy Mckillop on

      Hard to tell in a store with all the noise but man thats ugly! Still would go for my Hidden Radio :)

    42. Craig Girard on

      Listened to this speaker at Best Buy yesterday, sounds a billion times better than Hidden Radio and is 1/6 the price.…

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      This product and these guys are great. I was really happy with my Hidden Radio, then I had a mechanical problem with it. But the customer service response to get it replaced was phenomenal. Now I'm an even bigger fan. Keep up the great work guys.

    44. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      Thanks Chris, sounds interesting, stay tuned ;)

    45. Missing avatar

      Chris Thomas

      This may be of interest to those with two Hidden radios:
      A new Kickstarter project is "Vertus", which splits a Bluetooth signal and sends it simultaneously to two speakers, creating stereo. I wonder if this might improve the functionality of my speakers even more.

    46. Heath Marshall on

      Hi guys, it's been a while since owning these and I think they are super. Your service has been fantastic with an issue with one item, but they have performed well, still with great battery life even though they are charged more than 3 times a week. Sound quality is brilliant compared to other devices at the same price. I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting this to take the plunge. The twist mechanism is still as new, that proves impeccable design and manufacturing techniques.

      I'm really looking forward to future versions and other products you plan to release.

      A big ask, but it would be lovely to see Airplay baked in one day.


    47. Alex Weyermann on

      I've got 2 Hidden Radio's (Black & Silver) that I'd like to sell, these have been used (albeit only 3 times) .. I ordered 4 but simply dont need this many.

      If anyone is interested, contact me on (Located in Melbourne, Australia).

    48. John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria 3-time creator

      I'm sure we can help you fix that real easy. Please drop an email to Generally it just requires reseting the BT on iPhone along with the HiddenRadio.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sam Polsky on

      Can't pair iPad! No problem with iPhone 5...tried everything.

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