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By Josh Bennett
$10.00 pledged of $1,600 goal


If you like the story, funding Herman in the Moonrain means there will be more to come.  Much more.  You can read the introduction poem here for free below, and if you'd like to see a full fledged novel and receive some really cool artwork too than please fund my little project!  Thanks for looking.


Herman in the Moon Rain
Herman liked the morning time
The Sunrise beaming down made life come alive
All the people outside bustling
The noise of traffic in the street beeping and hustling
Everyone taking their early morning rides
A sunny day made Herman feel mighty happy inside

And there was also something to be said for a rainy day too
A rainy day made time for different kinds of play
He could listen to the sound of big wet drops make music on the old barn roof
Drip, drup, dropping, plink, plank, plunking, plitter, platter, & sploosh
Rain sparkled grass and leaves
the dry ground going piff paff poof
Not to mention all the muddy mud puddles to splish & splatter

And even in the winter when the snow would drift
There were sleds to slide
And snowmen to tip!
It was daytime so it did not matter
There was fun galore!
Daytime meant he had all day to explore

Herman liked the daytime
He could take a walk to see the train
He might bake a cake or swim in the lake
He might be pain and get grass stains
He could fix up old cars and drive big trucks
He liked to chase doggies, and kitties, and ducks
He might build a whole city made of sand
He might make music in a rag tag band!

Herman could dig in the garden with his Momoo and Gagoo
He might get on the bus for a trip to the zoo
There was a lot of stuff for Herman to do
He had his crayons and paints to color his day with
He had all his best friends to run and play with
Herman even had a little green buggy lizard he called Mr. Jiff

Mr. Jiff liked peanut butter

Herman did not like the night time quite so much

Watching tv was only a little bit better than snoring
Doing the same old nightly chores could get pretty boring
Eating garden peas was just OK, better than beans tho, any day
Brushing & flossing wasn’t all THAT great
And his parents hardly ever let him stay up late
The night time meant it was time to be quiet
“Time to slow your roll,” said momma
Daddy would said, “Little man, it’s time to put down that riot.”
There might be fun at night, Herman thought,
But he had yet to try it, and so probably not.

Then something happened
After a whole summer of nights and crummy old slumber
Something new happened that made Herman wonder!
Just as he was getting into bed
Just as he was getting ready for sleep
The glowing light of a gigantic Autumn moon rise - into his room did creep
Herman had seen the moon before
of course
But never before had he felt such a force

Just as Herman crawled out from under his sheets
Just as Herman was going to the window to sneak a peek
Old Gaggo burst in thru the door, and whispered quite loudly,
“Come on Henry! Get Up! Let’s go catch some Moon Rain!”
“Moon Rain?”, wondered Herman aloud
“That’s right,” said his Gaggo, “and I’ll show you how.”

“What is moon rain?” asked Herman again
“Moon rain is magic,” said Gaggo with a grin
“When the moon is full in the autumn night sky
Hanging low on the horizon where the night birds fly
If we make our minds very still and unfocus our eyes
we might catch some Moon Rain
as the night time flies by.

Herman and Gaggo got into the jalopy
And buzzed down the highway flap rattle clap cloppy
They pulled off onto an old dirt road
Then stopped where a small silver stream flowed
They walked up a trail where trees and rocks were a glow

Herman heard Gaggo chuckle under his breath
The trail broke left & suddenly gave way to small clearing
Herman was hushed and he felt his legs go stiff
Below them was nothing but a sheer faced cliff

Then Gaggo said “Herman stand still, breathe deep, then do a spin, close your eyes slowly, and then open them again”

Herman did just that
closed his eyes and opened them
and looked all around
The Moon was just peeking from behind a cloud
His could hear his own heart it was beating so loud
And something was different
They weren’t standing on ground!

Herman gripped Gaggo’s hand very tight
Gaggo and Herman had embarked on the strangest of flights!
They crouched down amidst a ruffle of feathers
They soared thru the night
This is some ride eh Herman? WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Gaggoo whooped and grinned so wide
That Herman lost his fright
And began to enjoy the ride
They swooped thru the clouds and into the stars
They flew over rooftops and mountains, buildings, and cars

The great bird that carried them then leveled out
Gaggo sat up & took a book from his pocket that was beaten up and worn out
He thumbed thru the pages and said “aha, here it is...”
then he leaned towards the birds head and said this...

“Ring or rang we have been and we have sang.
We have joy and we have pain,
and tonight,
we will catch us a few drops of Moon Rain!”

Herman felt the rush of speed in his gullet
as the bird tucked it's wings
Tears streamed from his eyes
and they flew like a bullet thru the starry night sky

They headed straight for the moon
Gaggoo & Herman whooped with delight
They burst thru the layers of silvery moon light
They were soaked to the bone with all of the magic of night.

Dripping with glistening silver moon rain
Herman knew the night would never again be the same

As they drifted on a dream back to the trail
then down to the car
Herman realized he had underestimated the night by far
And he fell asleep fast in his Granpa's warm arms

The next morning Herman awoke in his bed
“It must have been a dream,” he said
He stumbled out of bed to breakfast downstairs
Got his cereal off of the shelf
And sat down in a chair

He was a little dazed and feeling funny
The morning light cheered him tho
and the smell of bacon made him hungry
“Have a good sleep honey?” asked his mom all sunny
“uhumm, Why is your hair all sandy?,” asked his dad sort of blandly

Herman ran his fingers thru his hair and shook
Shimmering sandy light particles fell onto a book
from under a newspaper his dad had just snook
it was old and beat up and had a strange sort of look
Herman had seen this old book before
He had seen this old beat up book for sure

He poked at the book and it pages riffled with light!

Herman would always love the day
And all the fun that the day brought his way

But now he did not mind at all when the day turned to night!

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